Wolfe and Cicinelli Haunt Thursday Council Agenda

Kelly Thomas Memorial

We told you this was coming.

Former Fullerton Police Officers Jay Cicinelli and Joseph Wolfe want their jobs back. More importantly, these two want back pay stemming from their original termination date. On Thursday, the Fullerton City Council will decide if you deserve to have these two upstanding examples of law and order patrolling your streets, and of course if you do deserve the pleasure of Jay and Joe’s company, you’ll be required to pay for wrongfully terminating their ability to roam the city with a badge, a gun, and of course a taser. . . which in a pinch can be used to “smash the face to hell” of any of Fullerton’s malcontent-ed dirty rabble.

Person Suing You #1
Person Suing You #2

So, do you?  Let’s review what it is exactly you deserve in Fullerton.

Do you deserve to employ an officer who flat out refused to answer basic questions concerning his actions while on duty?

Joseph Wolfe did this not once, not twice, but three times. His superior officer asked him three simple questions concerning his behavior while on duty and Wolfe refused to comply.

How do we know? Courtesy of the Office of Independent Review:

Insubordination is a serious offense for any public official, particularly one that includes the potential to dispense deadly force upon members of the community. But hey, our good and friendly former constable thinks you shouldn’t really mind. He deserves a simple slap on the wrist for telling his boss to sod off. Fullerton doesn’t need cops who obey simple instructions, that’s not what we deserve! That’s not in the rule book, right?.

Awww shucks, Joe. Maybe if you hadn’t participated in beating a disabled person to death, you could have followed three lawfully issued orders.

What about the other one? Do you deserve savagely issues street punishment? We often get a bad rap at FFFF for being anti-cop (which isn’t true). These aren’t our words. From OIR:

Hey now, “thumping the shit out of him”?  That’s just locker room talk. Jay only deserves a slap on the wrist for being a worldwide embarrassment to Fullerton residents and fellow FPD officers. We deserve to have Jay back on the street because we need more savage people willing to dispense real street justice. That’s just how we get shit done, right?

Really though. . . insubordination. . . savage dispenser of reputation destroying street justice. . . these are just metaphysics. . . things you think about the morning after while basking in the ether of a beating well delivered. We weren’t there, we don’t know what really happened, we haven’t ever had to make a split-second decision about life and death. What really matters is how an officer does his job.

Fine. Let’s look at that. How did these officers do when it came to effecting an arrest of one disabled and disheveled human being who had a hard time keeping his shirt on let alone winning a UFC fight against six well armed Fullerton Police Officers?

First, our buddy Joe:

So, he refused to obey a lawful order three times AND he didn’t do his job right the night in question. Interesting. This is what you deserve, Fullerton?

How about our hero, Jay?

Strike one.

Strike two.

Oooooooo, strike three for Jay, one more than knees he delivered to an immobile Kelly Thomas and far fewer than the number of strikes he delivered to Kelly’s face, causing Kelly to drown on his own blood. I guess that means we don’t even get to discuss our hero’s failure to turn on his DAR as required by department policy. Shoot. Jay got canned for not following the rules while he was savagely dispensing street justice, who knew?

Over seven years ago, Kelly Thomas was tortured, beaten, and suffocated to death for the reported offense of refusing to obey a legal order to sit down on the curb. He’s dead. That was his punishment.

This week, former Officers Joseph Wolfe and Jay Cicinelli want their punishment for refusing to obey three legal orders and at least three major violations of department policy reduced. Instead, they want their jobs back plus over $2,500,000 in back pay, because that’s what they deserve.

On Thursday, we’ll find out exactly what our City Council thinks we deserve, too.

Jay and Silent Joe have struck back. When voting for new taxes next year, remember your city council decided these stellar examples of quality service providers are exactly what you deserve.

29 Replies to “Wolfe and Cicinelli Haunt Thursday Council Agenda”

    1. He quietly made a deal with the city and was allowed to resign over termination, without accepting a dime from the city. He now works for another so cal agency.

      1. What agency does Ramos work for now if you don’t mind me asking ? I live in New England (Maine) no where near SoCal .

  1. The actions of that evening should have no doubt cost these guys their job; However, Dan Hughes misplayed this from the start, and that’s what this is about. Hughes should have placed all 3 on unpaid leave (not let them exhaust their Comp time, vacation time and sick time)…. Instead Hughes changed policy so that those charged with a crime could be terminated. AND he ordered these guys to talk while there was an active criminal case-I’m sorry, but you can’t do that. The arbitrator ruled as such, which in the end will cost the city a lot of money.

    1. 100% correct. Hughes screwed this pooch because it cost him nothing. And look at Hughes backers: Jan “Comeeer Big Boy” Flory, Shitzgerald, and Doug “I like to rip off old folks” Doug Chaffee. And it cost them NADA because we pick up the check.

    2. Actually, if the public employee is given a “Lybarget warning”, the employee has to answer the questions, even if a criminal case is pending.

      1. Agree, but it’s never been done that way, nor is it the norm. And on top of that, the fed’s said they would use testimony for a federal case, which apparently you can, but for the local criminal case the DA would not use that testimony…. either way I would expect Fullerton to be in the news again as this will surely be NEW Case law

        1. I don’t where you got your law degree but no DA that has a brain would even try to use lybarger issue statements On the other hand they can be used in federal court. This is why when things got thick Wolfe very very wisely elected not to talk and the city knew it and still pushed. Everyone knew it with exception of all you dumb asses that rushed to judgement. So if this last statement somewhat describes you then you to helped these two ex officers become millionaires.

  2. Chaffee, Fitz, and Jesus will vote in favor of giving these clowns their jobs back with back pay.

    Really hope that I’m wrong.

  3. BOTH, Wolfe And Cicinelli belong in Prison for MURDER.
    For the sake of Kelly Thomas’ family, don’t do them an INJUSTICE Twice.

  4. None of them should ever work in law enforcement again- they are brutal disgraces. I hope Fullerton residents speak out. No one will be safe with them on any force!!

  5. 1. My brother-in-law was a Long Beach police officer. He said they aren’t allowed to strike a subject in the head at all, for any reason. Once after a long chase and eventual tackle of a gang member, the guy went for my BIL’s gun and in this actual fight for his life situation he did strike the subject in the head. He got in trouble for it.
    2. 2.5M for 7 years? That’s nearly $180,000/year each!?!?! WTF?

  6. Relax everyone, hold your horses. These two are getting paid bcuz Dan Hughes botched the internal affairs investigation… This has nothing to do with the Murder of KT(although it should)…. This is merely bcuz of the incompetence of Hughes, his Cronies and bcuz they lied under oath during the appeals hearing

  7. Something tells me that get the back pay and then will work a year and retire. It will be a meaningless year behind a desk signing tickets but still a year

    1. I don’t like one bit what happen to KT… it should have never happen!! Period!! But FPD, specifically Hughes and his cronies F’d this up from the start, plus the city council. If the city council and FPD mgmt would of shut the F up this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

  8. “On Thursday, the Fullerton City Council will decide if you deserve to have these two upstanding examples of law and order patrolling your streets”
    well….Fitzgerald appologized to the public for any misinformation about the intent of the closed meeting, because everyone was speaking off the agenda topic, which was really to decide if there was any bias involved in the decision to terminate the officers involved. The agenda posted was not clear & this posting was a sort of curve ball.
    “On Thursday, we’ll find out exactly what our City Council thinks we deserve, too.” This part may take a little more time, but Chafee made it clear “No, we are not hiring back any officers.” which i believe was members of the city council had already made clear. but anyhow… it gave every one that needed to a chance to express themselves about this matter. It was disturbing just knowing that Cicinelli was walking in this area on the streets . Next tuesday Wolfe will be in town with his attorney for closed session. This will be another opportunity to put a little heat on, as he has sort of been missing in the public eye up till now .It was enouph to bring out eyewitness news for interviews… and public opinion is important in the outcome of the reasonableness of these union & officers wishes.

  9. So, when will we find out what council decided on Thursday? Seems it’s totally overshadowed now by the Hendricks fiasco.

  10. jay cicinelli works for USPS labor relations now, Tried to sweep up my case under the rug. Still being shady.

  11. I am so sorry for Kelly Thomas and hoping he rest in Peace. These are killer cops who were unstable.
    Rest in Peace George Floyd.

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