Levinson Calls for Outsourcing Bids Against All City Employees

Check out this clip of resident Barry Levinson challenging the city council to tackle our unfunded pension liability problem at the February 2nd council meeting.

Once he gets past the dreary numbers, Barry suggests that the city manager obtain outsourcing bids to create a dollar baseline as a heavy bargaining chip during the next set of negotiations with the unions.

The lumbering Mayor Pro Tem, both a recipient and perpetrator of the ridiculous pension scheme, became agitated and cut Barry off several times, but Barry got his point across in the end.

18 Replies to “Levinson Calls for Outsourcing Bids Against All City Employees”

  1. It’s a great idea until you realize it would be outsourced to retired public employees… Then it’s just frustrating.

  2. In the business world, you’re not really negotiating unless you have contingency plans or backup bids.

    For some reason this goes out the window when our cities negotiate with unions. This is stupid and its time to end it.

  3. How about outsourcing the City Council. It’s not like we’d compromise the special care and respect for the welfare of the community demonstrated by the ‘locals’.

  4. Ummm Nipsey, we have an opportunity to outsource the City Council every 2 years, it’s called an election. So let’s get the discussion back where it belongs, on highly compensated, unionized, public employees.

    1. That’s not outsourcing, I was thinking of India. And public employees unions are but one of many worthy topics of discussion.

  5. I feel like we need to get a group together and get time and give it to Barry so he can make his point. Bank is rude jerk! He has forgotten why he is sitting there. It’s time to recall him!

  6. I thought Barry did pretty well for a first time run. He was up against an umpteen term incumbent and an ex- police chief. Tough competition, even if you are right.

    Outsourcing sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, but having a bid seems like a good idea. On the other hand, I do hope we can try to recognize that a better living standard for everyone is not a bad thing. Let’s race to the top instead of to the bottom.

  7. Damn Grandpa interrupting someone speaking under Public Comments!

    Lets outsource the three Grandpas to a retirement Village in Florida!

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