OCFA Lights A Match

As Fullerton is forced to face our own massive pension debt this year, it’s helpful to look around to see what others are doing. And then aim higher. Much higher.

It all started in one careless moment.

The county firefighters’ union just conceded that new members will have to work 5 more years until they reach retirement age, allowing them to retire at 55 instead of 50. OK, so they still get a ridiculous 90% of pay and will retire at least 12 years earlier than the rest of us. But it’s a baby step in the right direction.

To begin addressing the deficit caused by current employees, union members will also pay their own portion of the retirement contributions, building up to the full 9% of pay as required by state law.

Both of these concepts could be applied to Fullerton police and fire contracts. Of course, they wouldn’t come close to solving our pension problems. But if the prima donnas at OCFA will volunteer these concessions, Fullerton should be able to do better. Much better.

Certainly this sets a new minimum for pension reform in Orange County. With soaring pension costs set to take escalating millions out of our budget next year, we must do something NOW.

Of course, we won’t let anyone forget that several of our council members have promised to tackle the issue.

Did I really say that?

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    1. Gee, you’re right. In fact, Dick Jones will be the only city councilman who’s not on the gummint cheese. That ain’t sayin much for Fullerton.

  1. i dont think la tour ever work for the gummint, hey even if he is a liberal its better then a pension lying, scumbag defendin, bad hairjob, oh wait that guys a supervisor now. LA TOUR FOR THE FOURTH DIRSTRICT!!!

    1. Compton, could you please find one place your mancrush Nelson ever said he would not accept a pension (as opposed to acknowledgement that pensions in general are out of control)? Otherwise, the only liar is you.

  2. Compton’s thing with the Supervisor is creepy. I’m picturing a wall in his room plastered with newspaper clippings and photos of Nelson. You know, a psycho voodoo shrine type thing.

    Earth to compton: Sidhu lost in a landslide. Desperate and hostile will not help your recovery

  3. Travis, I love the bear theme of your post. I do have to wonder how many of our other sharp readers picked up on that.

  4. Travis,
    You are correct. The reduction to 2.5% from 3% is for state safety employees according to PERS. Our local safety squads are still at 3%.

    1. Safety Squad?

      I love it. And the sequels: Safety Squad II – Now It’s Our Turn; and Safety Squad III – Final Judgment. All directed by the Cohens, of course.

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