Boo Hoo: Chief Fire Hero Decries ‘Vicious Attacks’ Against Union Gluttony

Here’s a new message from Harold A. Schaitberger (yes that’s the head of the International Firefighter’s union’s real name) where he warns firefighters that “attacks on your pension plans are like a tsunami rolling across the country.”

A pension tsunami? Chief, I think you’re a little mixed up. Pension Tsunami is a famous little website that was cooked up right here in Fullerton, CA, and you probably don’t want to be spreading THAT message any further. Oh well, too late.

Our response?

I am hero and deserve.

57 Replies to “Boo Hoo: Chief Fire Hero Decries ‘Vicious Attacks’ Against Union Gluttony”

  1. Hey Hal Shitburger, in case you haven’t noticed, there is no more money left for your money grubbing union. We don’t need anymore millionaire firemen.

    And, by the way, why hell do public employees need a union, Hal.

    You are the king Greedy SOB

  2. That man is a swine. An all out assault on someone who sweet talked his way into your house to steal your life savings? HELL YES!

  3. Dear Mr. Shitberger,

    You are under assault because people are waking from their slumber and beginning to realize what started as a noble profession has become a den of thieves trying to cloak themselves as heroes. Respecting firefighters is not related to creating millionaires retired at the age of 50. You would like to frame the issue that way but the public is on to your scam and they are getting wiser by the month.

  4. The sense of absolute importance is disgusting. This “public servant” appears to believe the Union is more important than the people they serve and count on for their money.
    “The firefighters were made for the public, not the public for the firefighters.”
    Shame on you Sparky Schaitberger!

  5. Her’s a message for Harold A. Schaitberger:

    Your Union’s is as GREEDY as is gets. While some Firefighters (and Police officers) are heroes, it “comes with the territory” and we shouldn’t and MUST not unduly enrich safety workers to the extend it is seriously contributes to impoverishing Private Sector workers that are called upon to pay via their taxes 80-90% of these fat, overstuffed, excessive, unsustainable, and unjust Pensions.

    Get used to it, either these Pensions and Benefits for CURRENT (yers CURRENT) workers are going to be seriously REDUCED or taxpayers will just REFUSE to fund them and all the excessive “promises” (made by your UNION-money- purchased elected officials) will go down the toilet.

    1. Horse pucky. The public pays 19% of pensions. And they paid 18% in 1969. And they paid nothing in 1999 and 2000 and for several more years. And you know it. Quit lying, you are not fooling anyone.

      Public pensions have been the deal I know of since 1969. Quit pretending some obscure thing has happened since then. Nothing of the kind occurred. California pays for what they decided to. There is no lying, stealing or theft here.

      You simply fell for 401K’s. And you got taken by Wall Street.

      So you lost big time.

      That is not my fault. I bet on what looked like a good deal. A DB pension. It was. Quit crying in your pretzels. Your DC pension was stolen from you by the silkhatted bankers of Wall Street.

      1. Public pensions haven’t changed since 1969? Then why does California have $500 billion in unfunded pension liabilities?

  6. Quoting Hollis Dugan…”what started as a noble profession has become a den of thieves trying to cloak themselves as heroes. ”

    WOW, that’s a classic ….and SOOOOO accurately stated.

    Hopefully you won’t mind if I pass your great comment along in future posts !

  7. Been gone awhile. I come back, and what do I see?

    Another post attacking firefighters.

    Once again, you all have your focus on minnows while whales are swimming by.

    No one is getting rich working for the government. They get rich contracting with government or they have a nifty government enforced monopoly like the CEO of PG & E who makes more in one year than any firefighter will make in a lifetime.

    Carry on losers.

  8. 4SD Observer said …”No one is getting rich working for the government. ”

    With very few exceptions full career safety workers are absolutely “getting rich working for the government ” and to the enormous detriment to the taxpayers who must pay for 80-90% of it.

    The pay should be at least 25% less and the pensions should be at lease 50% less.

    4SD Observer is obviously riding this gravy train and doesn’t want it derailed.

    1. The fact that you believe that safety workers are “getting” rich tells me all I need to know about your expectations and perspectives in life.

      Face it. You’re a loser.

      1. Richness is a relative term. To you the chairman of PG&E is rich. To me the “firefighters” are rich. So is Pat McPension who pulls down over $200K a year in pension – a lot more than he ever made “working.”

        Unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of public safety “minnows” in California and they’ve got State and local governments by the throat. Piranha would be a more apt description.

        So, will we be seeing you at the next PUC meeting complaining about the

        1. Another loser. No doubt.

          And complaining about what? Did you lose your train of thought.

          It might be one of the reasons why you consider firefighters rich. They were able to complete a task. You weren’t.

          1. …complaining about the salary of the PG&E chairman?

            What task did they complete? Standing around watching a building burn down? It took 80 of the heroes to watch that structure on Raymond burn to the ground. 80!

      2. There was always some punk in HS who shadowed the bully around kissing his ass and taking free shots at the uncool kids. The biggest loser on campus.

        And I think that pretty well sums you up 4SD: a poor, sad flunky defending the indefensible.

        1. And there was always one kid who was socially rejected and did nothing but ridicule the cool kids who were on their way to doing something useful with their lives.

          That pretty much sums you up.

          1. 4SD, news flash. Those “cool kids’ were laughing at you as you stroked their egos. They still are!

      3. Did you read Hollis Dugan’s comment above (and repeated for you just below) … I don’t know if you are a firefighter or a Police Officer, but it fits you to a tee !

        ”What started as a noble profession has become a den of thieves trying to cloak themselves as heroes. ”

        1. Yeah, I read that loser line.

          What about it?

          I’ll take those thieves over the Wall Street thieves who just blew an $8 trillion hole in the economy any time.

          Like I said. The fact that any of the losers on this board think $200K is a lot of money says a lot about their loser mindset.

          Wouldn’t you agree?

          1. That statement right there proves two things.

            1. You are one of the overpaid over pensioned trough feeders.

            2. You are completely out of touch with reality.

            Do google search for median income clown.

  9. You know you have won an argument when the chief defendant of an act can only make ad hominem attacks in which he fabricates stuff that he wishes to be true about the other people.

    Or more simply put. YOU CAN’T DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE.

  10. “In short, 4SD Observer was the quintessential intellectual face of the Keller years: sanctimonious, humorless, and confused; but mostly just brainwashed.”


    1. I always find it hard to believe that anyone can that stupid. Therefore I have to assume that he is trough feeders and just spewing crap to try to deflect from the issue.

      The Wall Street stole a bunch of money argument is ludicrous. We all know they did, there are plenty of people fighting that battle all across the country. Therefore out here in Cali we can fight the public unions. Same war, just different battles.

      1. Ha ha ha ha. Which one of you losers is fighting the battle against Wall Street.

        This is a milk through the nose moment.

  11. Oliver Stone :
    That statement right there proves two things.
    1. You are one of the overpaid over pensioned trough feeders.
    2. You are completely out of touch with reality.
    Do google search for median income clown.

    What it really proves is that you are both clueless and a loser.

    The belief that firefighters are greedy only proves they are no different than private sector employees.

      1. Not nearly as greedy as those in the private sector.

        I’ve never not admitted that. Firefighters are human just like eveyone. Except you maybe.

        1. That’s exactly what you admitted:

          “The belief that firefighters are greedy only proves they are no different than private sector employees.”

          Which is ironic because private sector workers don’t get to retire at 50 or 55; they don’t get their employer to automatically contribute to a define benefit plan; they don’t get civil service protection; they aren’t protected from job loss during recessions. Oh I could go on and on about those greedy private sector workers and the sweet deal their greed has gotten them!

          Really 4SD you are in a class by yourself for illogic, obfuscation and deceit. But you’d better pace yourself. We aren’t giving out Fringies until December and you’ve got a long way to go.

          1. 4SD Observer, you are in way over your head. Get back to the shallow end, pronto.

            Also put your water wings back on.

  12. Aw, give the kid a break. 2010 was a bad year for collaborative boohoos. First Pam runs out of steam breaking 4SD’s heart; then her attacks on Shawn Nelson actually help him win by an even bigger percentage!

  13. The issue across the country is not the firefighters, or the government workers. It is the unions themselves. The unions corrupt everyone they touch with the promise of more money, more money, more money. As Thatcher said, the problem with socialism is that you run out of other people’s money. Guess, what? That time is upon us, and the time to bring this back to Earth is right now. The unions are completely out of touch and they need to be brought to heel.

  14. Oliver Stone :
    That statement right there proves two things.
    1. You are one of the overpaid over pensioned trough feeders.
    2. You are completely out of touch with reality.
    Do google search for median income clown.

    This is one of those syllogistic arguments thrown out losers such as yourself.

    Since I’m not one of your loser clan whining like a bunch of little school girls about the pay and benefits of firefighters I must be one.

    This is the same tactic used by idiot conservatives during the invasion of Iraq.

    If one wasn’t 100% supportive of the president, one was considered to be supporting the terrorists.

    You only prove your idiocy by making such claims.

    Not that I expect anything less.

  15. Come on, 4SD Observer,

    When you have nothing of value to say or relevant argument to present, you call your adversary a “loser”

    How MATURE !

    I do believe you are Civil Servant (likely a firefighter or Police Officer) benefiting from the spoils of the cozy relationship between your Union and our corrupt/enabling elected officials.

    But you shouldn’t really be comfortable …. as the cliff is “just round the corner” and you’re never get even close to what you were”promised”. First retiree healthcare will go, then BIGTIME reductions in the Pension.

    Perhaps when the end comes, you can seek out all those past (Union paid-off) officials who approved those rich benefits … demanding they PAY UP?

    Whad Ya Think ?

    1. I think 4SD fits a pretty clear profile: former government worker, probably military (note all the “I am an expert” references) drawing a pension and deciding to promote the cause of good works by government, uber alles.

      Lots and lots of spare time to dedicate to brain-dead boohooism.

      Let’s see who else in Fullerton’s recent history fits this profile?

      Sad. Grendel-like. Classic.

    2. I think you’re a loser who set low expectations for themself and then failed to achieve them.

      It’s obvious.

  16. You wanna piss these guys off…….

    Start posting your freeloading neighbors (aka fireman/policeman/city inspector) day off tales at troughfeeders.

    You’ll be STUNNED by how many there are. Or take a weekend trip to Doheny and look for the “Big Fours” towing the fifth wheelers.

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