Who Does Don Bankhead Blame for Fullerton’s Pension Crisis?

The other day someone remarked that Don Bankhead has never accepted the blame for any of the bad votes he’s made since the beginning of his 23 year reign on the city council.

Twenty-three years at the helm…surely there must be at least one single thing that even the most narcissistic of government officials would accept partial blame for, right? Well, how about Fullerton’s pension crisis? Don Bankhead voted for every single pension and salary spike put in front of him over the last 23 years, and has done absolutely nothing to curb the excesses that have brought hundreds of millions in debt upon the shoulders of Fullerton Taxpayers.

Let’s see what he has to say for himself:

Who’s fault is it? Oh, it’s the stock market’s fault!

Nobody could have possibly predicted that stock investments carry an inherent risk, and that their value may not increase forever, and that by boosting these pension commitments, Bankhead was dumping ever-increasing chunks of risk onto future generations of Fullerton taxpayers.  And of course the unions would never try to talk an unsuspecting buffoon into boosting their benefits at the very peak of a cycle, where smooth sailing into a rich eternity seems practically guaranteed.

Up and down? That theory is old fashioned.

Nope, none of this is evident to the dim bulb who went along with the biggest series of heists in Fullerton history. It’s all somebody else’s fault, and there’s nothing that he can do about it now.

Sadly, nobody has had the heart to tell Don Bankhead that the pain of nearly two hundred million dollars in pension debt will be shared by his very own children and grandchildren.

How’s that for a legacy?

15 Replies to “Who Does Don Bankhead Blame for Fullerton’s Pension Crisis?”

  1. “if the economy had stayed with us.”

    That bozo should be able remember the Depression. Oh wait. He can’t remember what flavor pudding he had for dessert.

  2. Don and his ilk are constantly erasing the past and hoping nobody else will remember. They’ve had a lot of help over the years by lazy, ignorant constituents.

    But Bankhead and Jones can’t hide their incompetence anymore. They’ve been selling us down the river for years with bad developments, subsidies to their cronies, stolen sidewalks, and a pension obligation they can’t even begin to fathom. Their neglect of the city has been damn near criminal.

  3. Come on now, why would anyone ever not vote to give himself and his comrades a raise. As long as the voters don’t see the folly in electing government employees and retirees, there will city clouncils that will go along with their staff recommendations. One great big happy family scratching each others backs.

  4. Good thing they have that 10% reserve they are always talking about. The city can use it to buy a big sign that says “Out of Business”.

  5. This plays into a previous post.

    It’s popular for the REPUG’s and other assholes like bankhead to bash the unions (who are selfish and fucked up beyond repair) but, it was the politicians cowardice that lead to this.

    This is something you should keep in mind before checking that little box next to Chuck DeVore OR Todd Spitzer, two failures on this issue.

  6. In Don’s defense, he’s not the only Fullerton elected who is suffering from some denial about economic reality. It seems that all available moneys are just white hot in the hands of elected officials all over Fullerton.

    1. Norby isn’t a drunk. That is a lie put out by the unions.

      I guess that means he doesn’t have an excuse.

  7. Ban Donkhead!! When he’s not taking a nap due to lack of sobriety, then he’s passing the blame. Hey Don…your village called, they want their idiot back!! And take Dick “useless” Jones with you!!

  8. Who do I blame for the pension crisis? I blame the self-righteous demagogues, douchebags and malcontents that run this blog…..where was the outcry from the public when these benefits were handed out? Where was all the pious whining and sniveling clap trap then? I guess it didn’t matter when you were all working on the assembly line, not bothering to update your job skills….It’s only now that you’ve exhausted your 99 weeks that your vaginas are filled with sand…

    1. Some times white collar crime takes years to uncover.

      Making fun of people who work on assembly line so you can eat donuts for 25 years and retire is not a winning PR campaign. Better Andy Goodwrench do your outreach.

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