Poll Shows “Galloway as #1 Front-runner.” West Virginia Mom Gives Birth to Two-headed Goat Baby!

Greetings! With less than two months away from the June 8th election, our campaign has gained tremendous momentum! Recent polling has "Galloway as #1 Front-runner" in the race as voters of the 4th District have voiced their number one concern, Jobs! Having a strong lead is crucial to reach out to voters with our message. Everyday becomes essential for us to expand our base of support and reach our goals. We need your help to get across the finish line on June 8th!

A friend sent along this pile of tripe yesterday dished out by the Lorri Galloway campaign.

Does Precious Princess really think we are going to buy her line of baloney that she’s the “#1 front runner in the race” in the 4th District to replace Norby as our County Supervisor?

This is clearly intended for those whose reading preferences include stories about alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, and humans giving birth to barnyard animals – not likely to be high propensity voters.

The funniest thing is her foolish “jobs” pitch – an issue that Supervisors have zero control over; and of course her solution is the same as Hide and Seek Sidhu’s – taxpayer funded construction projects!

But you can’t really blame a girl for trying.

An Issue That The Mainstream Media Won’t Touch

When I posted about my interview with former assemblyman Mike Duvall a week or so ago, we got tons of traffic on the site. An awful lot of people wanted to know what was going on with Duvall – even John and Ken from KFI’s popular radio program talked about our post in a lot of detail.

And it was precisely that recognition from non-establishment voices of John and Ken that got me thinking about some big problems we have here in north Orange County that the so-called “mainstream media” just won’t touch, and specifically the growing problem with carpetbaggers – political gypsy moths who are so hungry for office that they move, or pretend to move, into another district to run for office. We’ve spent a lot of documenting the behavior of these people on this site.

If you think about what’s wrong with politics and some of the people who want to get their hands on governmental power, the issue of carpetbagging really starts to come into sharper focus.

Let’s review what’s been going on in north Orange County.

Last year Linda Ackerman, wife of former State Senator Dick Ackerman pretended to relocate from her “top-secret gated community” in Irvine to run for the 72nd Assembly District to replace Mike Duvall. She cooked a phony address at a friend’s house in Fullerton.

I was really just doing you a favor, only you didn't know it.

Then late last year somebody called Sue Perez sent up a trial carpetbag balloon against State Senator Lou Correa. With a little coaxing she has mercifully disappeared.

Now we have Lorri Galloway, who has been playing musical residences in the OC 4th Supervisorial District in order to run in the election to replace former Supervisor Chris Norby. Her real home is somewhere up in the hills in the County’s 3rd District. Her new addresses since have been provided by a big campaign contributor and contractor to the City of Anaheim. How shady is that?

Did Galloway remember to get her renter's insurance?

And then we have the unfolding spectacle of Hide-and-Seek Harry Sidhu, the worst culprit of them all. Here is a guy who simply believes he can buy an election. He believes he’s entitled to do that.

Let me tell you, moving is no fun at all. I really try to avoid it.

This fine fellow is also running in the 4th District election, the latest in a seemingly unending series of political campaigns. His real abode is in the 3rd District, too.

His carpetbagging caused immediate embarrassment for himself. First he created a fraudulent voting address at 2230 West Lincoln in Anaheim:

The Calabria Apartments. The residents do not include rich people.

That’s right: the somewhat marginal pink apartment building behind the pool hall was his alleged home. Coming from an extremely wealthy guy who lives on a big estate in the hills that lie was so unbelievable, that one short month later Sidhu came up with yet another, only slightly more plausible address on Lucky Way:

The sun sets on Sidhu's home #2 in the 'hood.

But this is where Sidhu really lives: a huge estate that sprawls across a wide swath of the 3rd District. It even has an aviary with exotic birds.

Sidhu's real home. Peacocks optional.

And check out the blatant shamelessness of this guy. He actually did a campaign “kick-off” event fundraiser for his 4th District carpetbagging run at his fancy 3rd District estate – “The Sidhu Family Residence.” Damnation, how stupid does this clown think we are? The answer, of course, is very.

Now I ask you: what weird combination of ego, insecurity, lust for power, hunger for recognition, and total disrespect for their would-be constituents animates these people? Whatever that personality mixture is, it’s toxic for politics and accountable government. These are exactly the sort of people that need to be kept away from authority at all cost.

Well, we helped get rid of Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Perez, and we’re doing our best to keep the latest carpetbaggers out of our 4th District. But I see a real trend here, and it’s not good. Carpetbagging success is bound to make it even worse.

And that’s a real story that people need to pay attention to.

The Princess Diaries – Scary Phone Call Edition

The other day I noted how some guy named Dan C-somethingorother at the Liberal OC blog was trying to blame FFFF because some anonymous guy left “harassing” phone calls at Lorri Galloway’s house. We don’t know which house that would be since she actually lives in Anaheim Hills – but that’s a bit beside the point for now. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if the call was made to anybody’s house. Still, Dan says so and Dan is an honorable…oops. Actually the guy’s a self-important prick. But I digress.

I thought it was  pretty bad for Dan C-somethingorother to blame FFFF for the actions of someone not connected to our blog – as if ridiculing the vapid, carpetbagging airhead that is Lorri Galloway would make us responsible for anybody calling her. Dan and his pal Chris Prevatt (no, I will not inflict that image on the Friends anymore) love making fun of people they don’t like – such as Chris Norby – whose marital status has been a point of humor for Dan. Would he accept responsibility for calls to the people he ridicules? Of course not.

Anyway Dan C-somethingorother has helpfully posted a youtube clip of the horrible harassment so that we can all share the horror.

Actually it turns out there was one phone call. On February 16th. The second message of March 2nd is obviously a call back to a number left on the dude’s phone – Galloway must have dialed the guy’s original number and left a message! He says he recognizes her voice. Good for her. Dialog! Now maybe she can use that interpersonal skill in her lame videos.

You will soon receive some bad news...

Comically, Dan C-somethingorother tries portentously to amp up this episode ’til the end – referring to the “series” of phone calls when really there was initially only one. And then subsequent return of a Galloway call by the mystery man two weeks later. And at the end of the video be sure to enjoy the pompous and self-righteous Dan’s “reporting” sign off. Too funny! Gosh. Are we in the presence of a real reporter?

Now lest it be said by our Muave and Blue pals that we here at FFFF condone rude phone calls to politicians, we do not. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll let the lazy and biased posts by Dan C-somethingorother get a pass, either. At least not when he is accusing us of some wrong doing.

And maybe Precious Princess better not call the cops in just yet.

Galloway’s Dismal Drive Never Gets Out of Reverse

Well, the folks at the Galloway campaign have done it again: another brain-dead video with overdressed, cute-as-a-button Lorri supposedly embarking on her first “tour” of the 4th Supe District to learn all about the concerns of her would-be constituents.

I’ll bet my rawhide bone that Galloway never got beyond the steps of her fake address. The video includes some snippets of people talking, who knows where, who don’t even know what a supervisor is, or does. They shouldn’t feel too bad. Galloway doesn’t seem to know either, but more of that in a bit.

I’ll also bet nobody mentioned that Galloway, until very recently claimed the 3rd District as her legal residence and is claiming to live in a house provided by a big contributor and Anaheim city contractor.

The funny thing is you never actually see Galloway talking to any of these people as they share their worries. We just see the “person on the street.” And then, at the end, Galloway addresses their concerns. Did Galloway actually even bother to leave her phony address? Bet not.

And the issue? We need jobs, jobs, jobs! And Galloway is right there with the answer: jobs; but not by getting government out of the way and by making it cheaper and more efficient. Oh Good Lord, no! That would imply criticism of all those public employee unions and their bank-breaking pension deals. No. Lorri is going to create jobs by spending ever more of your tax dollars, or course; the magic pill: bringing in the high speed rail, the lazy politicians cure all for what ails us. Of course Sidhu is pushing that same jobs button with the same solution. Is there enough gullibility to go around?

And why didn’t somebody tell Lorri nor to stare at the cue cards. Jebus, couldn’t she have at least memorized her stupid script? After all. it’s not like she actually spent a lot of time driving around.

Here’s a JFD promise. As long as they keep making this crap, I’ll keep sharing it.

Galloway In Wonderland. With Cute Shoes.

Sometimes you have to wonder just how dumb some of our politicians really are. One of the problems is that they actually start to believe the campaign bullshit they peddle out to the electorate and begin to take themselves so seriously that they don’t even know when they’re being played. Even by a famous satirical comedy “news” program.

Here’s a vastly entertaining clip from The Daily Show, with the ever irreverent Jon Stewart. Enjoy the sanctimony, confusion and ultimate horror on the face of Anaheim’s own teen queen, Lorri Galloway. When I first saw it I coughed up an old chew toy. Keep from laughing. I dare ya!

And that, Friends, is what happens when you combine vast ambition and profound brainlessness.

Lorri Galloway Has Friends

Cynthia Ward is just jealous of my wonderful life.

A quick google search of Lorri Galloway discovers this website, constructed during her 2008 re-election campaign.

The site appears to have been manned/operated by “researcher” and current Mauve County wholesale purveyor of sanctimony, Cynthia Ward, aka Colony Rabble, so you can take it for what it’s worth.

As a public service we pass it along.

When Loretta Met Lorri

Over at the Liberal OC blog, the proprietor, Dan C -somethingorother is supporting the carpetbagging 4th District Supervisorial bid of Lorri Galloway. Well, okay. Even though Dan C.  lives in Irvine, it’s a free country, right?

What’s really amusing is that Dan has taken to posting pictures of Lorri with all sorts of Democratic luminaries, the tacit implication being that there is some sort of endorsement or even connection. Our favorite pic is the one he uses most – with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez apparently at some sort of food bank operation.

Let's get our picture taken then clear out. I've got a manicure appointment.

Ah yes! A couple of typical camera hog Limousine Liberals slumming it, nicely accessorized with strings of pearls for their photo op. Make sure you get your picture in the paper, honey, and try not to break a nail!

There you have the Lorri Galloway Experience and, oh, by the way – welcome to her life.

The Pitfalls of Carpetbaggery

The Register’s Jennifer Muir reported on 4th District Supe fundraising yesterday and pretty quickly got onto the topic of a salient campaign expense in Lorri Galloway’s forms: $850 to Taormina Properties – the guy who was supposedly providing the 3rd Distict resident Galloway with a plausible 4th District address.

You will soon be asked many embarrassing questions...

This item has already caused speculation as to whether Galloway was trying to fob off rent for her fake address in the Colony District as a campaign expense. Not so says Galloway. The $850 was for campaign space rental that just happened to be in the same building as her “residence”! She declined to tell Ms. Muir how much she paid in rent for her alleged living space.

Well that’s sort of embarrassing – more amateur campaign follies, and all due to her political ambition and office-lust that has caused her to dummy up a fake residence in our district.

Another interesting fact from the campaign finance reporting documents is that her landlord, Bill Taormina, has given Galloway the $1700 limit though his company “Clean City.” And so we immediately start to wonder whether Galloway is paying full market rental on her Taormina-provided campaign space, and, of course how much she is paying for her Taormina-provided newly new address in Anaheim’s “Five Points” area, farther west out along the #42 OCTA bus route.

As The Colony Turns: Galloway On The Move Again

You will soon be moving. Again.

Well I guess technically you have to have moved a first time to be able to move again, by why get all semantical ‘n stuff?

According to “Colony Rabble” at the Red County blog, Lorri Galloway is moving. Again. That makes three times if you are one of the tiny, gullible subset of 4th District citizens who ever thought she moved out of her 3rd District house in the hills to begin with.

Apparently she has selected yet another address – out of the Colony District and into to a place called “Five Points” that is farther west along Lincoln Avenue and is, in fact, halfway to Harry Sidhu’s phoney address at the beautiful Calabria Apartments behind the Linbrook Bowl. The property? Another Bill Taormina special. Gotta assume this one is actually zoned residential.  Could it be that the City Planning Department actually did its job?

Anyhoo, Lorri can be serenaded to sleep by the white noise hum of Interstate 5 that passes nearby; and now Harry and Lorri can both ride the number 42 bus in the same direction from City Hall to get “home”! Which of course suggests a money saving strategy for both campaigns: co-habitation at the Calabria!

The Calabria beckons...