Poll Shows “Galloway as #1 Front-runner.” West Virginia Mom Gives Birth to Two-headed Goat Baby!

Greetings! With less than two months away from the June 8th election, our campaign has gained tremendous momentum! Recent polling has "Galloway as #1 Front-runner" in the race as voters of the 4th District have voiced their number one concern, Jobs! Having a strong lead is crucial to reach out to voters with our message. Everyday becomes essential for us to expand our base of support and reach our goals. We need your help to get across the finish line on June 8th!

A friend sent along this pile of tripe yesterday dished out by the Lorri Galloway campaign.

Does Precious Princess really think we are going to buy her line of baloney that she’s the “#1 front runner in the race” in the 4th District to replace Norby as our County Supervisor?

This is clearly intended for those whose reading preferences include stories about alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, and humans giving birth to barnyard animals – not likely to be high propensity voters.

The funniest thing is her foolish “jobs” pitch – an issue that Supervisors have zero control over; and of course her solution is the same as Hide and Seek Sidhu’s – taxpayer funded construction projects!

But you can’t really blame a girl for trying.

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  1. #1 Front-runner? It sounds like she has employed a 3rd grader to write her press releases.

    And please give me some details on this “recent polling”. A poll of voters in her household, perhaps?

  2. tripe is being generous. Key questions are what polling firm was hired? When was the survey done? How many respondents in the 4th District? How many Dems and Reps identified in the poll? Do I smell Probolsky?

    This woman has no substantive set of issues to stand on. There is no track record to speak of from her time spent on the Anaheim city council. From a variety of perspectives, Galloway is the ultimate “poor” candidate.

    The lunacy of the statements made about her and promoting her position as “the leading candidate” in the 4th S.D. is the underlying theme that this is a candidacy in terrible trouble and headed for a huge blowout loss. This is the type of statement a campaign makes when they recognize they are headed for a tremendous loss and try to whip their base up.

    The reality is that the 4th S.D. has a Republican registration edge (substantial). This is an off-year election (low turn out by Dems with a generally consistent Republican turnout). This is a replacement election in that Nelson needs 50% + 1 vote to put the competition away. All the indicators point to a Nelson win (either in June or a runoff in November should he not get the 50% + 1) .

    Nelson 52%-competition 48% of cast ballots.
    Galloway will take #3 or #4 of the candidates running.

  3. Her entire campaign is run like a joke–total amateurs. How embarrasing that she is walking around lying to people she is going to create jobs. She should learn what a Supervisor does on the Dth floor first. What an idiot. Hahahhaa

  4. Thor,
    Put down the blackberry and drive please.

    Here is my dilemna with this issue. While the thinking public (those engaged enough to even read a political blog) understands that Lorri is an utter moron with no values, issues, or platform, we also understand that the average voter will not even bother to google a candidate before voting. Which is how Anaheim got stuck with this imbecile. Twice. The average voter sees very effective signage depicting what they believe to be a perky children’s shelter director. Factor in 2 Republicans splitting the vote, and I am nervous. So rather than assume that the average voter has the discernment to see through this airhead, get out there and bust your butts for Nelson. Not sure about Nelson yet? There is an event for him this Friday, you willl have to cross the border into Anaheim, but the house and the hosts are worth the trip. It is more friend raiser than fund raiser, come meet him with no commitment. I guarantee Mr. Harry “$500 per person” Sidhu will not grant you that luxury. Email me for directions. Cynthia_Ward@sbcglobal.net. Already nuts for Neslon? Great, come have a glass of wine with us and bring a checkbook so we can put him up and over the top once and for all. Let’s end this thing!

  5. Be careful. Galloway and her Eli Home organization have a reputation for suing to crush the 1st amendment rights of those who speak out against them.

    They did it to some poor guy who spoke at city council meetings in the 90’s. Of course the judge threw it out, but it still cost the guy a pretty penny to defend himself against the false slander accusations.

  6. Galloway is the monster that Pringle created. Pringle endorsed Galloway in her first election and ultimate victory. He later supported her affordable housing mandates. This proves that Pringle was over-calculating and a Liberal, like Galloway, wants everything and will give nothing!

  7. Thanks Nobody, but in the 90s she was a private citizen. Today she is a public figure and therefore subject to open discussion. Memory, you are correct, Curt (and next Mayor Tom Tait) brought her on board. Now Pringle is backing Harry Sidhu, another bad choice. So what are we going to do about it? Talk is cheap, and anonymous talk on the blogs is the cheapest there is. How many people say they support a candidate but have never walked a precinct, or written a check? Do y’all even have Nelson signs on your lawns? Come on, put some boots on the ground and let’s take Lorri out of this! As someone who has been forced to live under her leadership for years I can tell you that Fullerton does NOT want this woman making decisions for you. Get out there people!

  8. colony rabble makes a good point. the danger here (and most likely what the galloway campain is hoping for-tho their level of campaign intelligence is woefully lacking as evidenced by their diatribes thru Liberal OC and their inane videos) is a split vote amongst Republican voters. Reeps will turn out to vote (if history is any indicator) and will split their votes between Nelson and Sidhu. With all the negative publicity surrounding Sidhu, one can only hope that voters will choose Nelson. However, with a field fo 6 candidates (Brown, Nelson, Faher, Sidhu, Galloway, Espinoza), Galloway is adopting a trite form of divide and conquer hoping to stop Nelson from getting the 50% +1 and thereby forcing a runoff. Either way she is doomed because of the content or lack there of of her campaign. We just have to whip Republicans, DTS, and Dems to get out and vote for Nelson in substantial numbers versus Galloway

  9. Look, I walked a precinct for Shawn in a nice neighborhood of Fullerton and not a single high propensity Republican was certain of who he was. It was a Saturday and few were home, but literally zero out of 15 articulated a high degree of awareness. I take that back, the two high propensity Dems knew exactly who he was and were not fans. It would be even less likely that they were sure that Lori Galloway was an idiot. She’s got a normal name, an attractive photo and quite a few supporters. Don’t count this lady out. Go to work.

  10. Anyone know when the next precinct walk is for Nelson? There is a candidate’s forum in Anaheim Wednesday night at Maxwell School, bring your undecided friends, and the Nelson event in Anaheim Friday night. What else is coming up?

  11. By the way, I have a lot of Anaheim’s old guard who are totally ready to jump ship on Harry, (the perjury carpetbag thing hosed him) they are waiting for the WAND candidate’s forum to make that decision, and we all know Shawn can mop the floor with Sidhu in a public setting so expect good things tomorrow. But what Chris says scares me, people just do not pay attention! The eenie meenie minie mo school of voting is alive and well in the 4th District, and we need to be out there educating people.

  12. the danger with the WAND forum is the after effect. If, as you say, they jump ship from no preference to support for Nelson, that would be a good thing. The danger comes with a perception that such movement is sufficient to give Nelson that magic 50%+1. This movement after WAND needs to be followed with a 2nd, a 3rd, and a 4th cycle of movement of DTS voters, undecided Reeps, and center right Dems. You cannot let up for a moment; that is what the Galloway fools want you to do; their thinking is that they are in a very good position if they can prevent Nelson and (for that matter) any other candidate from getting that magical 50%+1. If they can get the #2 position, it positions them for the runoff. The strategy should be with undecided voters that the first preference should be Nelson. If undecided cannot or will not choose Nelson for whatever reason, then they should choose anyone else but Galloway (Faher or Brown). Ultimately, Nelson will get his fair share of the votes…the effort (in tandem with supporting Nelson) should be to dissuade undecided voters to cast their vote for anyone other than Galloway

  13. sorry…typing to fast for the brain function….meant to say that the effort should be to convince undecided voters (Dems and DTS especially) to vote for Nelson as a first choice and anyone other than Galloway as an alternative. We want Galloway as far down in the group of 6 as possible

  14. When you call all your friends and ask, “are you voting for me?” I don’t think that quite counts as a poll.

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