The Princess Diaries – Scary Phone Call Edition

The other day I noted how some guy named Dan C-somethingorother at the Liberal OC blog was trying to blame FFFF because some anonymous guy left “harassing” phone calls at Lorri Galloway’s house. We don’t know which house that would be since she actually lives in Anaheim Hills – but that’s a bit beside the point for now. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if the call was made to anybody’s house. Still, Dan says so and Dan is an honorable…oops. Actually the guy’s a self-important prick. But I digress.

I thought it was  pretty bad for Dan C-somethingorother to blame FFFF for the actions of someone not connected to our blog – as if ridiculing the vapid, carpetbagging airhead that is Lorri Galloway would make us responsible for anybody calling her. Dan and his pal Chris Prevatt (no, I will not inflict that image on the Friends anymore) love making fun of people they don’t like – such as Chris Norby – whose marital status has been a point of humor for Dan. Would he accept responsibility for calls to the people he ridicules? Of course not.

Anyway Dan C-somethingorother has helpfully posted a youtube clip of the horrible harassment so that we can all share the horror.

Actually it turns out there was one phone call. On February 16th. The second message of March 2nd is obviously a call back to a number left on the dude’s phone – Galloway must have dialed the guy’s original number and left a message! He says he recognizes her voice. Good for her. Dialog! Now maybe she can use that interpersonal skill in her lame videos.

You will soon receive some bad news...

Comically, Dan C-somethingorother tries portentously to amp up this episode ’til the end – referring to the “series” of phone calls when really there was initially only one. And then subsequent return of a Galloway call by the mystery man two weeks later. And at the end of the video be sure to enjoy the pompous and self-righteous Dan’s “reporting” sign off. Too funny! Gosh. Are we in the presence of a real reporter?

Now lest it be said by our Muave and Blue pals that we here at FFFF condone rude phone calls to politicians, we do not. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll let the lazy and biased posts by Dan C-somethingorother get a pass, either. At least not when he is accusing us of some wrong doing.

And maybe Precious Princess better not call the cops in just yet.

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  1. There’s a tempest in a teapot.

    My little sister had a phone like that when she was six or seven.

  2. I think the “I recognized your voice” is referring to the FFFF video. The caller sounds like he has had one too many somethings but his message is still pretty clear. Galloway is making a mockery of the Board of Supervisors, the people of Anaheim who elected her to their council and anyone who might want to give her their vote for this election.

    The best campaign strategy she could have used was to not say a word and don’t show up at any events. I know what you’re thinking, Sidhu is already doing that but if it works for Sidhu, it might work for Galloway…

    1. Greg, you are right. He says he recognizes her voice from her videos that FFFF has shared. This means that she called and left a voice message on his phone. And I’m a bit curious to find out what she said to him.

      The first message was actually pretty long, and while the guy heaped abuse pretty good, it didn’t seem particularly threatening and the follow up was instigated by Galloway herself.

      I really do wonder about where the first call was received. How would this dude get a private phone number if it was a land line at a house?

      Peabody is right, too. Dan C-somethingorother is just trying to whip up some froth out of nothing. And that’s fine. That’s politics. But if he wants to drag us and the Boss into it I’m going to hit back every time.

  3. What a joke! Since when is it illegal to express your opinion on a campaign number?

    Perhaps Galloway is nervous because folks are realizing how corrupt she really is.

    Those idiots at the Liberal OC are going to have egg on their face when both the carpetbaggers lose to Shawn Nelson!

  4. A reporter. Right. Who omits to tell his “public” that he is a campaign contributor to Lorri Galloway and that he is incapable of an unbiased report. A “reporter” who refuses to even acknowledge the unwinding Tom Daly scandals or the crooked rackets of Boss Larry Agran – let alone blog about it.

    Why do clowns like this that pathetic Cunningham jackass think that as PR flacks they can and must sell themselves as “journalists?” It must be part of the con – to create an aura of credibility. Yet these people seem to sincerely believe their own scam – without a trace of irony.

    What I like about FFFF is that you guys proudly proclaim that you are not reporters, just citizens looking to get stories out – bloggers, in fact.
    The fact that you dig into stuff the lazy reporters won’t is a testament to the importance of citizen participation in a democracy.

    Keep it up and don’t ever quit pulling punches.

  5. Jimmy, you are right. When I go to the doctor I don’t ask him for an objective report. What I need is an INFORMED OPINION.

    FFFF is like a doctor that specializes in the disease of big government.

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