When Loretta Met Lorri

Over at the Liberal OC blog, the proprietor, Dan C -somethingorother is supporting the carpetbagging 4th District Supervisorial bid of Lorri Galloway. Well, okay. Even though Dan C.  lives in Irvine, it’s a free country, right?

What’s really amusing is that Dan has taken to posting pictures of Lorri with all sorts of Democratic luminaries, the tacit implication being that there is some sort of endorsement or even connection. Our favorite pic is the one he uses most – with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez apparently at some sort of food bank operation.

Let's get our picture taken then clear out. I've got a manicure appointment.

Ah yes! A couple of typical camera hog Limousine Liberals slumming it, nicely accessorized with strings of pearls for their photo op. Make sure you get your picture in the paper, honey, and try not to break a nail!

There you have the Lorri Galloway Experience and, oh, by the way – welcome to her life.

10 Replies to “When Loretta Met Lorri”

  1. It is pretty funny that these dames are so self-absorbed that they can’t see the incongruity of being dolled up at a food drive. After watching that hideous video with her little socialite toy dog Bella that she seems to take around with her, I’m not at all surprised.

  2. Warehouse work is typically done in jeans and a t-shirt. Not a lot of work getting done there, although the photo is just lovely.

  3. What’s the point of politicians going to charity events, dressed nicely, to get their photos taken? It totally invalidates any sincerity the politician is trying to show. Oh yeah, I’ll help the cause, but let me put on some jewelry and lipstick first! And I’ll need somebody with a camera to take my picture too!

    I’m feeling more and more opposed to women being politicians if their No. 1 priority is turning every event into a personal fashion show. Look at all the women enamored by Michelle Obama’s fashion style…they don’t give a shit about what she says or does, just her next $15,000 outfit at taxpayer’s expense, no doubt. How many women do they win over by their fashion? That’s sickening.

    And just to be clear, I’m not gay, and I don’t hate women. I just wish women would use their *intellect* to be leaders and not worry about the other stuff.

  4. how loretta got elected; by a margin of 941 votes in favor of sanchez that voted out b-1 bomber dornan . when jury duty summons were sent to the dubious members found on the democrat voter registration in loretta’s district, most returned this summons excluding themselves becuase they were not citizens of the United States. shakespeare’s richard III today wears heels and pearl earrings.

  5. Orange County voters vote for status and beauty (handsome).

    “How loretta got elected; by a margin of 941” Out of the 4,000 plus illegal registrations, the ROV only found that 700 plus voted. So she won by a hundred or more.

    Has anyone heard what has happened to that lying attorney who was responsible for the 4000 plus illegal registrations? Specifically, his trial for illegally registering himself in Los Angeles County while living in Orange County, for the November election.

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