Galloway In Wonderland. With Cute Shoes.

Sometimes you have to wonder just how dumb some of our politicians really are. One of the problems is that they actually start to believe the campaign bullshit they peddle out to the electorate and begin to take themselves so seriously that they don’t even know when they’re being played. Even by a famous satirical comedy “news” program.

Here’s a vastly entertaining clip from The Daily Show, with the ever irreverent Jon Stewart. Enjoy the sanctimony, confusion and ultimate horror on the face of Anaheim’s own teen queen, Lorri Galloway. When I first saw it I coughed up an old chew toy. Keep from laughing. I dare ya!

And that, Friends, is what happens when you combine vast ambition and profound brainlessness.

16 Replies to “Galloway In Wonderland. With Cute Shoes.”

  1. Thanks to Disneyland’s union wages, I was able to work my way through college and into a living wage job that allowed me to buy my first house in Anaheim.
    Lori Galloway lacks the intellect that appeals to critical-thinker voters. Lori instinctively knows this so she panders to the poor and ignorant who will vote for her because she promises them a free place to live in Anaheim. How will Lori provide tax supported affordable housing? Our tax bases has been eroded by our Greater Depression.

  2. I always thought those Daily Show interviews were fake. Nobody would be stupid enough to argue with a correspondent from a comedy show. Or would they…

  3. When the Seven Dwarves morphed into Rooskie slave labor my coffee ended up all over the keyboard.

  4. Galloway seems to have two modes. The ever so serious cliche dribbler and the squeaky little eye-batting teenager.

    Either way, I’m embarrassed for the city that I live in.

  5. Maybe you’re reading this wrong?
    He was lampooning the Disney lawyers who battled this plan.
    He wasn’t necessarily taking on Galloway.
    I know you want any reason to dis Galloway, but I think your read on who was being satirized was off.

    1. I’m not reading it wrong. They were making fun of everybody. It’s just that Galloway was revealed for the dim bulb she is.


      And what’s with that cutesy little girl schtick, anyway?

  6. He was lampooning both sides as they always do on the Daily Show. And Galloway came across as an idiot, even if he wasn’t aiming at her. That’s the point.

  7. anonymous, so explain why The Daily Show changed the music to the seven dwarves clip into one associated with the Soviet Union immediately after Lori’s power to the proletariat pitch?

    1. Van, you don’t get what’s ironic and what’s not. The serious bits were showing how distant the planned housing was from Disneyland, and the mention of Disney’s 150 lawyers. The crack whores and the Soviet dwarves were sarcasm.

      Lorri was on the right side on this, but unfortunately a major dingbat.

      1. No, she was just using the issue to promote SunCals project. Look who’s given her dough – Frank Elfend.

        The was to have been some “affordable (read: market rate) housing” included in god knows how many units.

        The whole thing was a get rich(er) scheme by Elfend through a rezone/Specific Plan Amendment.

        The project wasn’t over by the Honda Center. They got that wrong. It was in the mobile home park between haster and the 5. In the so-called Resort District.

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