Galloway’s Dismal Drive Never Gets Out of Reverse

Well, the folks at the Galloway campaign have done it again: another brain-dead video with overdressed, cute-as-a-button Lorri supposedly embarking on her first “tour” of the 4th Supe District to learn all about the concerns of her would-be constituents.

I’ll bet my rawhide bone that Galloway never got beyond the steps of her fake address. The video includes some snippets of people talking, who knows where, who don’t even know what a supervisor is, or does. They shouldn’t feel too bad. Galloway doesn’t seem to know either, but more of that in a bit.

I’ll also bet nobody mentioned that Galloway, until very recently claimed the 3rd District as her legal residence and is claiming to live in a house provided by a big contributor and Anaheim city contractor.

The funny thing is you never actually see Galloway talking to any of these people as they share their worries. We just see the “person on the street.” And then, at the end, Galloway addresses their concerns. Did Galloway actually even bother to leave her phony address? Bet not.

And the issue? We need jobs, jobs, jobs! And Galloway is right there with the answer: jobs; but not by getting government out of the way and by making it cheaper and more efficient. Oh Good Lord, no! That would imply criticism of all those public employee unions and their bank-breaking pension deals. No. Lorri is going to create jobs by spending ever more of your tax dollars, or course; the magic pill: bringing in the high speed rail, the lazy politicians cure all for what ails us. Of course Sidhu is pushing that same jobs button with the same solution. Is there enough gullibility to go around?

And why didn’t somebody tell Lorri nor to stare at the cue cards. Jebus, couldn’t she have at least memorized her stupid script? After all. it’s not like she actually spent a lot of time driving around.

Here’s a JFD promise. As long as they keep making this crap, I’ll keep sharing it.

7 Replies to “Galloway’s Dismal Drive Never Gets Out of Reverse”

  1. You nailed it, Dog. That is one embarrassing piece of work.

    They couldn’t have found one intelligent person to include on that clip? They obviously went out of their way to make sure they covered the ethnic bases, but they all seemed as dumb as Galloway.

    And then the cue card reading bit at the end! I assume they used the best take they got.

  2. Listen carefully. 1:00 minute in:

    Q: What is a Supervisor?

    A: Nope, I don’t know what that shit is.

    Well at least he’s honest.

  3. what, is this the dumbest politician on the face of the planet? I mean, really – can you dream up more embarrassing videos than this and the Daly show? she is a complete embarrassment to the democratic party, the City of Anaheim, and Orange County.

  4. One word describes this candidate and campaign: APPALLING. As I said in an initial response to the first galloway campaign video, this individual is a disgrace to the electorate that elected her in 2004. It is painfully obvious to anyone with any interest in local politic, that there is always the risk of incompetant and ineffectual individuals running for and being elected to public office. Santa Ana has Claudia and Anaheim has Lorri. And it is painfully clear that both of these mentiosas will seek higher public office.


  5. lorri is cute as a button, which means she better watch out for Tony B, since he may try to threatin or intimidate her, he does have a history of that type of behavior.

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