An Issue That The Mainstream Media Won’t Touch

When I posted about my interview with former assemblyman Mike Duvall a week or so ago, we got tons of traffic on the site. An awful lot of people wanted to know what was going on with Duvall – even John and Ken from KFI’s popular radio program talked about our post in a lot of detail.

And it was precisely that recognition from non-establishment voices of John and Ken that got me thinking about some big problems we have here in north Orange County that the so-called “mainstream media” just won’t touch, and specifically the growing problem with carpetbaggers – political gypsy moths who are so hungry for office that they move, or pretend to move, into another district to run for office. We’ve spent a lot of documenting the behavior of these people on this site.

If you think about what’s wrong with politics and some of the people who want to get their hands on governmental power, the issue of carpetbagging really starts to come into sharper focus.

Let’s review what’s been going on in north Orange County.

Last year Linda Ackerman, wife of former State Senator Dick Ackerman pretended to relocate from her “top-secret gated community” in Irvine to run for the 72nd Assembly District to replace Mike Duvall. She cooked a phony address at a friend’s house in Fullerton.

I was really just doing you a favor, only you didn't know it.

Then late last year somebody called Sue Perez sent up a trial carpetbag balloon against State Senator Lou Correa. With a little coaxing she has mercifully disappeared.

Now we have Lorri Galloway, who has been playing musical residences in the OC 4th Supervisorial District in order to run in the election to replace former Supervisor Chris Norby. Her real home is somewhere up in the hills in the County’s 3rd District. Her new addresses since have been provided by a big campaign contributor and contractor to the City of Anaheim. How shady is that?

Did Galloway remember to get her renter's insurance?

And then we have the unfolding spectacle of Hide-and-Seek Harry Sidhu, the worst culprit of them all. Here is a guy who simply believes he can buy an election. He believes he’s entitled to do that.

Let me tell you, moving is no fun at all. I really try to avoid it.

This fine fellow is also running in the 4th District election, the latest in a seemingly unending series of political campaigns. His real abode is in the 3rd District, too.

His carpetbagging caused immediate embarrassment for himself. First he created a fraudulent voting address at 2230 West Lincoln in Anaheim:

The Calabria Apartments. The residents do not include rich people.

That’s right: the somewhat marginal pink apartment building behind the pool hall was his alleged home. Coming from an extremely wealthy guy who lives on a big estate in the hills that lie was so unbelievable, that one short month later Sidhu came up with yet another, only slightly more plausible address on Lucky Way:

The sun sets on Sidhu's home #2 in the 'hood.

But this is where Sidhu really lives: a huge estate that sprawls across a wide swath of the 3rd District. It even has an aviary with exotic birds.

Sidhu's real home. Peacocks optional.

And check out the blatant shamelessness of this guy. He actually did a campaign “kick-off” event fundraiser for his 4th District carpetbagging run at his fancy 3rd District estate – “The Sidhu Family Residence.” Damnation, how stupid does this clown think we are? The answer, of course, is very.

Now I ask you: what weird combination of ego, insecurity, lust for power, hunger for recognition, and total disrespect for their would-be constituents animates these people? Whatever that personality mixture is, it’s toxic for politics and accountable government. These are exactly the sort of people that need to be kept away from authority at all cost.

Well, we helped get rid of Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Perez, and we’re doing our best to keep the latest carpetbaggers out of our 4th District. But I see a real trend here, and it’s not good. Carpetbagging success is bound to make it even worse.

And that’s a real story that people need to pay attention to.

41 Replies to “An Issue That The Mainstream Media Won’t Touch”

  1. WOW! Claiming that as the Sidhu residence and the multiple moves to his latest casa smells of voter fraud. So much so that I think a judge would be compelled to agree! Maybe a few of those “supporters” have aided and abetted Sidhu in the commission of a crime??? I’m no attorney but I can’t see how Sidhu could possibly get away with this.
    His withdrawal from the race is the only way I could see him avoiding a significant legal battle. I would love to hear some legal opinions from our attorney readers.

  2. An issue that Sidhu supporters will just not address is why did he move when he could have run in his own district?

    They want to talk about his business experience etc. Bottom line is, if its all so good then support him for the third district.

    I want to hear a Sidhu supporter tell me why he pretended to moved to run. Is that such a difficult question?

  3. My question is why do the carpetbagger supporters, including elected officials, turn their heads away from an obvious violation of the law? Does power and greed mean that much to them?Did the rich donors and operatives convince these candidates that they have enough corrupt influence such that these candidates would never be charged with votor fraud? Guess so.

  4. What happened to the invite for the Holiday party at Sidhu’s residence that was just this past December? Didn’t the invite specifically tout that it was at their lovely home, the Yorba Estate or something like that?

  5. This is what I have been saying: How can any respected Elected Official put their name on this clown? It makes us think they are just as lame — they all know the truth.

    Bill Campbell I understand, he wants Harrish Sidhu out of the 3rd, making room for Carolyn. But Janet? She looks pretty bad here…

  6. And look who’s at the top of his list- his good buddy Pringle, the guy who would love to go down as the #1 promoter of the California’s biggest taxpayer ripoff of all time. Those are the kind of jobs that Sidhu can be counted on to support- jobs that spend money for the benefit of his political cronies but produce no long term public benefit.

  7. Rumor has it that Schroeder set up the initial meeting between Ngyuen and Sidhu. Why doesn’t this seem unbelievable to me…

    1. No, Janet hates Schroeder. She made a deal with Harrish like Curt Pringle did. “Ill support you but you have to vote on what I want from now on…”

      She knows Nelson would buck the system and vote as he sees fit, like John Moorlach — Janet’s worst enemy (only because he see’s her for what she really is, fake)

      1. Actually, Moorlach isn’t Nguyen’s enemy because she is a “fake.” Hell, they all are.

        He can’t stand her because she acts like a petulant, spoiled brat.

  8. Pam,
    Depending on day and time “admin” could be a few different people.
    If you use the “Contact” page/tab above, he’ll respond quicker than waiting for him to read these comments that are not moderated.

    1. LOL. Oh no! Outed by little Billy Turner – who still hasn’t learned how to use his upper case key!

      Nice turn out on Saturday!

  9. Steven Choi is a carpetbagger running for the assembly in the 70th AD. But wait a minute, he lives in the 71st AD and actually ran for the 71st AD in 2008. Now, conveniently, he wants a bigger job that actually pays money so he is moving into another district to run for election. How is Harry any different from Steven Choi, carpetbagger.

    1. “How is Harry any different from Steven Choi, carpetbagger.”


      1. No Joe, he is just like Sidhu but maybe a little sharper on the details. Carpetbagging is unethical. In Sidhu’s case it’s also, I think, illegal.

  10. no way,

    What the hell does a race in Irvine have to do with a Fullerton blog?

    Choi lives between the two districts you noted. Sidhu lives way over in Anaheim Hills, far away from the fourth district, in a palatial estate no less.

    There simply is no comparison.

    And Choi is the favorite in his race, while Sidhu may come in third or even fourth.

    Choi in fact beat Larry Agran in 2008, when they ran against each other for the Irvine City Council. And Irvine is the biggest city in the 70th AD. Choi is the top fiscal conservative in a race that features an unknown Don Wagner and a League of Cities candidate in Jerry Amante.

    Keep spinning, but so far you are just digging yourself a very deep hole.

  11. C’mon Art, be honest for once. Please.

    Every assembly race has relevance around the state including Fullerton. They can vote to raise our taxes, remember.

    How can someone live between the 2 districts? He lives in “fiscal conservative land” between the 2 districts.

    Where does he vote? That’s his district. Using your logic, that is where he should run, not another district.

    The favorite? According to you? Or his poll that is laughable.

    The hole you are in is just your own brain.

  12. no way,

    Nice try. As you know the districts are gerrymandered. Cho lived a block out of the 70th and has secured a home in that district since he filed.

    You won’t be happy when he wins.

    Choi has been a tough fighter against corrupt Larry Agran. And he earned my support when he fired Adam Probolsky from the Irvine Planning Commission.

    Anyone that has the balls to fire Probolsky deserves our support!

    1. Art,
      If Choi secured the new residence SINCE he filed, he has broken a law… Maybe you meant he has filed since moving???

      The fact that he had to move in order to run makes Choi a carptebagger. You might like the guy, but he is still a carpetbagger. Don’t fight it…

  13. Greg,

    Whatever. Choi is going to win and that is that.

    Sidhu on the other hand has embarked on his last political campaign and it is a veritable charge of the light brigade…

    He should start working on his political obituary.

  14. It’s a mixed bag – no pun intended. I don’t want to, and will not, condone carpetbagging because it is simply wrong. If he would have moved 6 months before he filed it might not look so blatant. But I suppose there were no good candidates available to run in the 70th and no open seat in the 71st.

    Sidhu is done.

  15. Carpetbagging is wrong. Period. Harry is wrong and so is Choi. Period.

    Art, it ain’t happening just cause you say it is. I’ll tell you what; if Choi loses you give me your blog. Put your money where your mouth is.

  16. no way,

    Tell you what, why don’t you stop fixating on Choi and just enjoy the process. I have seen his polling. Wagner is UNKNOWN. Amante is a League of Cities RINO, from the very small town of Tustin.

    The same Irvine voters that helped Choi defeat Agran will now send him to Sacramento. He and Norby will make a good team!

    1. Focus people. Back to the 4th. No Way, you may be right about Choi but we’re going to focus on carpetbaggers in our district if you don’t mind.

  17. For more info on corruption take a look at OC’s newest establishment candidate for Sheriff…

  18. Allan,

    Beg to differ. Wagner is way out of touch with his voters. He is uber conservative on social issues. Irvine voters voted for Obama last year which ought to tell you something.

    And according to the poll I saw, Wagner had two percent name I.D.

    It just isn’t going to happen…

  19. Art @ Allan. Nice try Art. Did you happen to notice the other cities in the 70th? Or how much Wagner has raised and his endorsements? Choi is a very nice guy but not a lock down. As for the carpetbaggers, they and their cheerleaders seem to play fast and loose with the law whether it is Sidhu or anybodyelse.

  20. Welcome to the blogosphere, which has really taken out traditional MSM empires such as the OC Register, and even mini-empires like The OC Weekly. John & Ken can report on it, and hopefully locals listen. Because that’s where your story really matters the most.

    I’d spend more time talking to them, than even trying to make inroads at the other two.

    You’ve gotten results, and that’s more important.

  21. Miss K – true. Sometimes I wonder if those Weekly boys aren’t just interested in their own stories and ignore stuff we amateurs find.

    You’ll notice they never touched the Daly stuff or the carpetbagging by two Anaheim City Councilmembers.

    As far as the Register goes – Wisckol and Mickadeit are sell outs to the repuglican establishment.

    The local paper is a still sleuthing the great tulip bulb triumph.

    1. Mickadeit and Frank Barbaro have the same deal going on. They both love the attention their position brings them, but fall short when it’s time to perform.
      When was the last time Mickadeit wrote a piece of significance?
      And Frank, well, Frank is so utterly stupid and inept, that he bashes his own party’s endorsed candidate upon defeat (Jmac) in the register! How utterly disgusting is that?

  22. Love what the FFFF do day in and day out.

    These are true community minded citizens.

    But I have to take exception with the “MSM” statements. If the “John and Ken show” one of Clear Channels top producing products is’nt mainstream, I don’t know what is.

    These guys are the Hannity of SOCAL. A couple of transplants, with disingenuous stances.

    Stick to what you do best Friends, please don’t be taken in by a minute in the BRIGHT LIGHTS. When they feature your good work.

    1. ken, You may be right about John and Ken, but although they may be “corporate” they are obviously not constrained by the apron strings that seem to tie up the dead-tree medium (and their hilariously useless electronic avatar).

      It’s hard to take us in because we’re so gosh darn cynical, and why shouldn’t we be? We’re surrounded by self-serving politicians and their straight-faced flacks – like Jerbal Cunningham and that Dan C-whateverhisnameis.

      But we’ll take help getting rid of the carpetbaggers from any place we can find it. The cancer must be treated radically.

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