I Know Awful, And This is Awful

Get a load of the sort of useless crap The Three Bald Tires are wasting their contributor’s money on, accompanied by another thoughtful “press release” by the slouching sloth, Larry Bennett. Hard hitting? How about comically pathetic? ANTI-RECALL COMMITTEE RELEASES HARD HITTING AD CALLING OUT SPECIAL INTEREST KING TONY BUSHALA  Fullerton, CA – Today the […]

Chicken Colonel Dresses Down

According to a source our old buddy F. “Dick” Jones told friends he couldn’t make the League of Women Voters candidate forum because he was going to be away on vacation. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that he didn’t show up last night, and today a sharp-eyed member of Kelly’s […]

So Why Won’t He Just Do It?

Tarnation, Doc HeeHaw’s all het up on the topic a’ water rates and consarn it if’n he ain’t a-gonna share his mental commotion. Until suddenly he remembers he been told ta shut up! So why didn’t somebody tell him that 15 years ago, and why won’t he just do it oncet and fer all?   […]

No Country for Old Men

UPDATE: I just re-read this wonderful post from my good friend Joe Sipowicz that he published last November. Damn. Read it. Savor it. When you are done ask yourself whether or not, in good conscience, anyone can fail to endorse, help and vote to recall the Three Dim Bulbs. – Grover Cleveland There is a […]


From mid-February 2012. Always good for a repeat. – Joe Sipowicz Yesterday FFFF shared some Fullerton crime statistics that were really pretty damn shocking. Contrary to what council candidate and now beleaguered councilman Pat McKinley claimed and claims, crime not only did not decrease every year in Fullerton, but in the years 2005-2009, it skyrocketed […]

The Blank Screen

Here is City Councilman Don Bankhead, who wants to propose changes to the recommended City position on High Speed Rail. For a while he seems to think he knows what he’s talking about. Oops. Now we’ll never know what Bankhead thought was necessary to delete before his screen went dark.

We Get Mail: Take Him Out of The Ball Game…

Here’s an irate e-mail we received from a Golden Hills Little League parent explaining that despite his political troubles, Fullerton FPD Culture of Corruption architect Pat McPension just couldn’t be denied his place as a speaker  at opening day ceremonies. Strings were pulled, leverage was exerted. But what’s this? Subject: McKinley – Little League Opening […]

The Jackass Vanishes

Enjoy the spectacle of the Incredible Disappearing Donkey, as F. “Dick” Jones gits up off’n’ his backside to bug out on a council meeting and git on home to his vittles, incoherently mumblin’ some nonsense. The Mayor even bids him goodnight. But what’s this? Mumbles reappears just minutes later, perhaps deciding that being a rude […]

Fullerton’s Jim Blake Is A TV Star

Well, the Fullerton Culture of Corruption is in the news again, and, naturally, not in a good way. The star of the show is Fullerton’s own Jim Blake. Here is a CBS undercover report on Metropolitan Water District board members wining and dining themselves on our dime – even as they keep jacking up the […]

She Bear About to Turn Violent?

Here‘s an article in the Register about Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker asking his fellow councilmembers to vote on whether to see the video of the Kelly Thomas killing at the hands of the FPD. He seems to be suffering from the delusion that Fullerton elected leaders should be intelligently informed. It’s an interesting article for […]