More Flory Hypocrisy; Oh, No! There’s That Damn Record Again!

Here are Jan Flory’s recent musings on the topic of selecting a Fullerton representative for the Metropolitan Water District. Mrs. Flory has herself torqued up into a faux outrage that a council majority may appoint whomever it chooses. It seems she believes that Doug Chaffee should be the Met rep, simply because he wants the job – instead of a “crony.”

  • WATERBOARDED And the victim would be,—-Doug Chaffee! Last Tuesday night, the council took up the appointment to the Metropolitan Water District Board. No small thing as the MWD is the largest municipal water district in the world. That bears repeating,—the WORLD! Doug had asked for the appointment. He stated that he had a degree in economics, he had extensive experience running his own business, and he had dealt with natural resources in his law practice “from way back.” He seemed to know what he was talking about. Bruce Whitaker, on the other hand, wanted to appoint Tom Babcock. My recollection of Tom was that he was a ringleader of the 1994 Recall that successfully removed Molly McClanahan, Don Bankhead and Buck Catlin from office. For months after the recall (and my subsequent election), Babcock would harangue the council for one thing or another. To my lights, it was all so much sour grapes because when it was all said and done, the 1994 Recall was a bust. The Recallers didn’t get anyone elected to the council with the exception of Conrad DeWitte who lasted 6 weeks before he was booted out of office. Ahead of his time, Mr. Babcock was a Tea Bagger before we had Tea Baggers. Whitaker’s sole premise for wanting Mr. Babcock was that Babcock would be a “rate payer advocate”. No other credentials were cited.
    The agenda letter was “skinny” with the details in the extreme, and merely mentioned that the “Council is being asked to consider whether to make an appointment from the two persons previously nominated.” If I hadn’t attended the August 7th council meeting, I would have had no idea who the contenders were. So much for “transparency”.
    I will have to say that I have never seen a city councilmember denied an appointment by his colleagues. There have been times when two council members wanted the same appointment, but this was always worked out amicably between the two of them. Here, Travis Kiger, ever ready to skewer someone (anyone!), actually moved to reject Doug Chaffee for the position. The motion failed for lack of a second. Kiger did pout out that he could not support Chaffee because Kiger had left a message for Chaffee two months before, and Chaffee had still not returned his call. Oh my!
    In the end, our intrepid Tea Baggers (Kiger, Sebourn and Whitaker) appointed Tom Babcock to serve as a representative to the MWD Board until the first meeting in December 2012. Presumably if all goes well for Tony Bushala, Mr. Babcock will keep his appointment. If not, c’set la vie.

    Hang in there, Doug!

Too bad Mrs. Flory’s own history turns her indignation into a laughable lie. In 2003 Mrs. Flory, having been kicked off the City Council by the voters tried to represent Fullerton on the Orange County Water District! Back then Flory didn’t care that a duly elected councilman wanted the job. Oh, no. In her delusional state of self-aggrandizement, only she could do it!

I’m not self-aggrandized. Just a little happy.

But of course it gets worse. Much worse. Flory now attacks Thom Babcock as a “rate payer advocate” (Oh! The horror!). What Flory isn’t telling her 113 friends is that when she was on the City Council, from 1994-2002 she rubber stamped the re-appointment of a useless local hack named James Blake with zero professional credentials, to the MWD. Of course Blake was also a Flory campaign contributor, by why worry about details, right? FFFF has written all about Blake on numerous occasions, including here and here when we tuned him up for unnecessary travel and wining/dining on the water rate payers’ dime.

Sure I gave her some money. So what?

Looks like the rate payers could use an advocate, and it looks like Jan Flory has once again waterboarded the truth.


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    1. It would be nice if Mr. Whitaker or Mr. Kiger could publish Thom Babcock’s bio on the blog, or post it on the City website. All we know is that he is a retired businessman, and worked with Whitaker on the 1994 recall.

      1. You have a point, this is more attention than anyone’s ever paid to that braying old horse’s patoot who needs to slink back into the shadows where she belongs. Oh well enjoy it while it lasts, Jan, which will be just about two more months.

        1. Now, nipsey, the old nag does not like to be reminded of her equine traits. That gets her all horrified and chagrined!


      2. There is a lot to talk about besides Mrs. Flory but the topics aren’t to the benefit of the webmaster here or his buddies so they won’t.They could write about Whittaker working for Norby and how they both coukd be out of a job soon. They could write about Whittaker and Zamara, they could write about what Whittaker and Seabourn were doing in the dumpsters, they could write about how rude they are to public speakers at council meetings, they could write about their highly intelligent decision to turn down grant money because their personal belief is that DUI checkpoints are illegal, write about Travis making money from being a webmaster here with a lot more access to city information, Norby, mudflaps ect ect ect

        1. “They could write about Whittaker working for Norby and how they both coukd be out of a job soon.”

          Yeah and they could talk about leprechauns and pixies too, but why?

      1. Ingratiating yourself to Jan Flory through your own personal blog is about as low as it gets in life eh Greg Diamond?

        “I’d try to improve on the version of it that she posted to Facebook this afternoon — but why bother? She has a way with words — which is probably the biggest problem they have with her, besides her apparent lack of fear”.

        Verbatim quote from Greg Diamond regarding Fullerton City Council candidate Jan Flory.

        1. It’s not my blog; I help manage it.

          I stand by that statement. As the kids say (or said 5-10 years ago), she pwned you.

          If I’m “ingratiating myself,” that’s a byproduct of my saying what I believe. She’s a fighter; I respect that. (I respect it in Tony and his flock too, when they’re fighting rather than bullying.)

      2. Great stuff from a guy who neither lives in Fullerton Nor votes there.

        Hopefully he tones down the rhetoric soon. It’s going to be mighty embarassing.

  1. She stood up at the last council meeting (after the MADD performances, when most the group had left) and whined that when she tried to get on the water board, she was told that existing council members would/should get priority over citizens. She uses public comments as an opportunity to whine and enjoys the delusion of being the center of attention. (psst- Ms. Flory- the only ones listening are those that do so to make fun of you later).

    She strikes me as the type of woman who has run her own family off by being sour and selfish and now turns to the city to fulfill her need for attention. She represents everything that is wrong with elected officials today.


    1. Sounds to me like that’s arguing that the Council has had a policy, which it is now ignoring to overlook someone with apparently great credentials for the job in favor of someone with apparently no credentials for the job other than an affiliation with the Bushalification Church. That’s not whining, that’s critique.

      So now we know that one thing that voters can think about when voting in two months is: “do I think that Doug Chaffee, or Tom Babcock, should be on the MWD Board?” I sort of like that as a campaign issue!

      As for the criticisms made against Flory, I have no idea whether they’re fair or accurate and so I look forward to whether she can indeed be accused of doing something comparable questionable to what the current Council just did. Not much upside here for the FFFFsters, I have to say!

      1. Yeah dimebag, I’m sure the voters wil be doing a lot of hand-wringing over MWD appointments. You fucking imbecile.

        1. nipsey, I believe you have found your true calling: “Dimebag Greg Diamond.”

          Small mind, small world, small time.

        2. Have you noticed that every time you call me names I stop posting here for a week? No? Oh well, then, maybe it’ll get to me someday. How couldn’t it?

          I don’t think that voters will be hand-wringing — but they do seem to like and respect Doug Chaffee. The Council majority’s rejecting Chaffee to appoint an empty suit whose sole qualification is that Tony can use him as a ventriloquist dummy is what we call a good example of fanatical overreach.

          How are you going to explain losing in November? Here I’m trying to warn you about your path, yet you seem so ungrateful. It’s puzzling and sort of sad — also amusing.

            1. I expect Whitaker to be re-elected, though you never know. I think that Flory will be elected. As for the third, could be Kiger, Jaramillo, Alvarez, Fitz — hopefully not Banghead. Depends largely on how much Tony spends and how Travis behaves.

          1. No one expects you to leave, you’ve never had this much attention nor will you ever again. Speaking of puzzling and sad, what happened to the Columbia law grad so full of promise, now just a two bit local political flack/apologist and forum troll. I get why the FPD/FPOA troglodytes do it – I mean come on, what else are they going to do? But you?

            1. True. All that money poured into an Ivy league law School sheepskin. Mountains of debt.

              And in the end, peddling blog advice no one wants in local elections from his “office” in the spare bedroom of his 2 bedroom apartment.

              He’s 55, but you’d never know it. He looks 65. It’s probably all the stress involved in landing that first paying client that will never come.

              Meantime, he soldiers on, confusing everyone’s loathing of his self-important meddling for effective political activity.

          2. An empty suit? And what pray tell was Jim Blake who Flory appointed to MWD for 8 years?

            And speaking of empty suits, what about Chafee: a coawrdly little mole who admits he’s told what to do by his wife?

      2. Hey Dimebag, can you explain why Flory appointed her campaign contributor to MWD for 8 years? Ca ya?

        Hoo boy, what a maroon.

        1. No, although one possibility is that they shared political views that separately led to both the contribution and the appointment. If there’s any evidence that would help explain why it was benign — say, maybe, the amount contributed was $50 — I wouldn’t expect you to present it because you’re interested in making a case rather than being fair. Hell, the only reason I have to believe it happened at all is that I read it here, so maybe I should be more suspicious.

          1. Or you could actually do your own research to find out how much he gave her.

            Blake is one of the old Ackerman cronies who ran against Flory in 1992. Of course when the chips are down he had no political views except keeping his gravy train rolling along.

            Too bad you really don’t know what you are talking about. Again.

            1. Yeah, I could, but I’m not the one trying to make the case here. You apparently chose not to do it either.

              Nothing you say here contradicts anything that I said.

  2. True. I was there the night she tried to explain why Shawn Nelson wasn’t qualified to represent the city on OCWD but she was. The only person who went for it was Blankhead, as i recall.

    What’s really funny is how Flory is still trying to fight the 1994 Recall. It sticks in her birdbrain craw. There can’t be 200 people left in Fullerton who give a damn about 1994 when the people threw out three stooges for imposing an unnecessary utility tax that Flory approved of.

    1. Yes. The events of 1994 still rankle the Yellowing Observers. and their patron saint. My guess is that half the people who opposed the 1994 recall are now dead or institutionalized.

  3. BTW, nice reminder about Blake, who held a fundraiser for Bankhead, Jones, and McKinley.

    Blake had no more business being on the MWD board than a raccoon. But there he was, year after year, partying at our expense, drought hustling, and raising rates. All because he was a political contributor to one and all.

    1. “drought hustling”-good one-and they didn’t even have the infrastructure to deliver their allotment over the past few years. Total scam

  4. It’s funny that Jan Flory didn’t call out Doug Chaffee for suggesting Peter Beard for the MWD position.

    Peter lives a few houses around the corner from Doug, and down the street and around the corner from Jan.

    How’s that for cronyism, Jan?

      1. Oh, yes, really.

        Peter Beard’s house is less than 300 feet away from Doug Chaffee’s. Jan Flory lives about 900 feet the other direction.

    1. Flory seems capable of telling about 5% of the story.

      I’m trying to be charitable when I suggest that the problem is not drink but dementia.

  5. Write and post a clinical resume on this individual so people can see what she looks like professionally. Then vet her for solvency with the constitution and Bill of Rights. She gets a score, and people who want more information about her character can research this. Or, twitter away! It was this very problem that collapsed the tower of babble.

    1. Didn’t you read Flory’s summation? He’s a taxpayer advocate. And in Flory’s world that’s totally unacceptable.

      1. That’s pretty funny. Wise of you to use a pseudonym!

        Charles Manson could call himself a “taxpayer advocate”; there no certification for it (if you don’t count Tony’s blessing, I mean.)

        1. Good point. And you could call yourself an activist when in reality you are just a small time party-hack pustule.

          Flory herself ties Babcock to the 1994 recall and the repeal of the totally unnecessary utility tax.

          That sounds like ratepayer advocacy to me!

          1. Sure — so long as ratepayers care only about the amount of rates and not the quality of services. In the real world, Tony, they care about both, so just automatically voting “no” all the time is not actually “advocating” for their interests.

            I think my activism is well enough known not to have to defend.

            If you keep calling me a “pustule,” by the way, I’ll have to leave. (Ha ha, no I won’t.)

            1. Jesus Christ. This is MWD. The destroyers of the Owens valley and Mono Lake. Not some kind of sainted organization that deserves all of our respect and admiration. Voting “no” and getting out of the environmental destruction that is subsidized water is a bad thing? And how is Chafee qualified? Because he got elected on the coattails of a recall election he did nothing to support?

              1. A common mistake is confusing the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). MWD built the Colorado River Aqueduct while DWP was responsible for the Los Angeles Aqueduct that brings water from the Owns Valley which has had the effect of lowering water levels at Mono and Owens Lakes. Fullerton is an original founding city of the MWD. Votes at MWD are weighed by the assessed taxable value of each jurisdiction. Thus, Fullerton’s representative carries less than 1% of the vote at MWD. Just thought you should know.

              2. Where did I said that it was a “sainted organization”? Chaffee’s qualifications were set out by Flory above:

                Doug had asked for the appointment. He stated that he had a degree in economics, he had extensive experience running his own business, and he had dealt with natural resources in his law practice “from way back.” He seemed to know what he was talking about.

                You hadn’t read it, had you?

    2. Here was Babcock’s bio submitted to the council:
      I have been a resident homeowner in the City of Fullerton for 31 years. I served in the United States Army and I have a service-connected disability. I am a member of American Legion Post 142 in Fullerton.

      I was instrumental in the repeal of the Fullerton Utility Tax in 1994 which has saved the residents of the city in excess of $100 million dollars.

      I am the past President of the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers and that organization was successful twice in suing the Legislature and Governor of California to prevent the issuing of bonds to make pension payments in violation of the state constitution without approval of voters.

      I owned and operated my own business in Placentia for 26 years, retiring in 2009. I was a member of the Citizens For A Better Placentia opposing out of control redevelopment and irresponsible actions that resulted in criminal charges against city employees and resignation of the City Administrator.

      Placentia is served by the for profit Golden State Water Company. I have researched and prepared documentation to testify before the California Public Utilities Commission on multiple occasions opposing water rate increases that greatly exceeded any inflationary or cost of living index.

      Statement of why I seek the appointment:

      Fullerton is one of the 13 original founding member agencies of the Metropolitan Water District. I have participated in a MWD Inspection with past Director Blake and have an understanding of the workings of the Colorado River Aquaduct project, water treatment and distribution.

      I believe as a founding member of the MWD, Fullerton’s Director must be an active participant in the Board, keeping in mind the necessity of always representing the best interests of rate payers specifically in Fullerton and throughout the State of California.

      I can dedicate the time to attend and participate in the multiple committee and board meetings each month at MWD Headquarters in Los Angeles. I understand that this is a voluntary position and my desire is to further serve the citizens of our city to the MWD Board of Directors.

      1. Wow yeah, he just sounds like some random guy off the street. Not like Dougie boy, who is an expert at.. Um. Give me a minute.

        Anyway, good call Jan. Neeeiiiigggghhhh,

    1. That’s an editorial choice of this venue. It has the full-color photo (where she does not look crazy), but this is the equivalent of dressing a woman up as a witch so as to argue that “she must be a witch because look at how she’s dressed!”

        1. Stand in line, their are others before him. Go ahead and sue Fullerton till there’s nothing left. Maybe then we can start over with a clean slate. I am so tired of watching all these people, jumping on the backs of the real residents. BTW, the real residents don’t even show for council meetings. So if your not ringing doorbells, your not a winner. Mailers don’t work either, only end up in the re-cycle bin. I hate all of this. And to GD, just shutup….

          1. What, we can’t call people witches? This isn’t Salem. Nobody is saying we should burn her. Or drown her. No offense to witches by the way.

      1. Well, I have to say that being very familiar with the business end of that broomstick, I’m not inclined to cut the old dame much slack.

        And I knew her before she got really mean.

    1. Gasbag Greg has a thing for ugly yet slutty older women.

      *For legal reasons I am not talking about Silva or Flory.

    1. Perhaps, however, I read in a popular internet article that Face Book is starting to crack down on fake likes.

      1. Well, then maybe it’s only 50 or so.

        In any case, I am doing a post on one of her “likes.” I believes readers will take note.

    2. I’m predicting a lot more votes than 114 little johnny. That’s why this blog is spending so much attention on her. She will get at least 8 votes from my family who all live and vote in Fullerton

        1. Anyone who disagrees with you is such a terrible FULLERTON resident because they don’t want webmaster/councilmember travis or Norby tailgater whittaker. I’m guessing the FULLERTON residents will definitely be out to vote this November. Not Goodrich but he seems alright to me if you don’t like him

          1. Your taste in politics equals your taste in music, Mr. Mister aka Franky goes to Hollywood aka Flock of Seagulls.

            It sucks.

            1. FULLERTON residents will make a change this November with a council that will work much better together without keger and whittaker. JUST MY OPINION

              1. @ The Fixx, here’s a tale of the “City”:

                1. City Staff = connected to the happenings at city hall/council meetings for obvious reasons.

                2. City Voters = most don’t follow what’s happening, but want the basics:
                a) Safe streets (Fullerton streets are horrible),

                b) Affordable utilities (Kiger, Whitaker & Sebourn scores big on reforming the illegal H2O tax).

                c) Public safety (FPD’s not looking so hot these days).

                d) Balanced budget (pension reform- hot topic for Kiger & Whitaker).

                3. City Council= Kiger & Whitaker get reelected with ease. Who comes in 3rd depends on who runs the best reform campaign.

                1. 1. You’re saying that city staff is only paying attention because they work for the city is false. There are quite a lot of people that work for the city and live in the city and see how the council’s behavior is towards the employees and citizens at meetings. If you don’t think RESIDENTS are talking about these guys you’re kidding yourself.

                  2. City Voters are following what’s happening and by you dismissing this fact will be a huge wake-up call.
                  a) I agree terrible streets
                  b) Utilities disagree most RESIDENTS I have spoken to about this would rather have the money goes towards fixing the city and realize that is much more important to the overall health of the city than the few dollar rebate.
                  c) Most are happy with PD and level of service
                  d) keger and whittaker may not be around to handle this issue since they may be voted out before a lot of bargaining units are up for re-negotiations.

                  3. City Council completely disagree-most people are disgusted by the way the webmaster and Norby clone behave at council. They need to listen and make decisions that the RESIDENTS want not what they just feel like doing or friends want them to do.

                  My opinion is they will lose the majority because of the manner in which they have been handling important issues such as trying to get bid from OCSD, refusing the grant money, naming family members and friends to boards and the overall way they treat other council members and the public. People are tired of a-holes who think they know what is best for us. They should listen but they won’t.

  6. Flory condemns Babcock becuase he is a “rate payer advocate” and in Flory’s world that makes him along with Travis Kiger “tea baggers”.
    Flory defines “tea baggers” as persons who enter government to truly represent the interests of the people as stated in our nation’s Constitution.
    Flory’s contempt for fiscal prudence in government so not to burden the tax payer reveals her political philosophy that government must be served first at the tax trough and resulting crumbs would be left for their constituents.
    Here is another person who held the same values as Babcock when it came to “rate payer advocate” issues that Flory would label a “tea bagger”.
    President Thomas Jefferson stated in his 1801 inaugural speech regarding government fiscal prudence “economy in the public expense, that labor may be lightly burthened;”.
    “rate payer advocate(s)” are needed qualities in any person who chooses to serve the public because they are entrusted with the public’s money. Misuse of tax dollars by self-serving politicians threatens our free enterprise economy that government is totally dependent on for sustenance.

  7. It is really sad that Jan thinks the 1994 recall was about removing 3 long term people from the Fullerton City Council. There was one, and only one reason they were recalled from office and that was they voted for an unwanted and unneeded utility tax which was proved to them with city documents, and we wanted it repealed. It was repealed and to this day Fullerton does not have a utility tax.I am proud to have chaired the the Recall of 1994 and achieved what the Recalls Committee set out to do. That was hardly a “bust”. End of story.

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