Have They Gone Too Far?

You would think that even a band of rogue cops with the recent history of malfeasance such as the FPOA brethren would recognize that publishing a wanted poster of your political opponents is crossing a line.

Damn straight. Wanted for re-election.

Well, I guess not. When you are willing to defend killers, robbers, pickpockets, liars, perjurers, incompetents of all kinds, property room thieves, sex perverts, and who knows what else, you’ll defend anything.


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    1. Intimidation is intentional behavior that “would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities” fear of injury or harm. It’s not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.

      Voter intimidation involves putting undue pressure on a voter or group of voters so that they will vote a particular way, or not at all.

      Normally such a poster would be nothing more than a joke. owever, considering the FPD history of murder and level of corruption in the FPD, such an act/poster has to be taken more seriously as a reasonable person could be intimidated by this poster and such poster further implies that the FPD will not only go after the individuals in the poster but their supporters.

      The Police Unions and the FPD should be investigated for violations of the RICO statutes for conspiracy to commit criminal acts included voter intimidation and city council members as was done the other night. The Police Union and the FPD clearly meet the normal definition of a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO); however, I am not sure the state RICO statues would be appropriate.

      But it would be fun to try.

      1. I have on several occasions not allowed my daughter to accompany me to Fullerton, due to the threats, and fear of retaliation overheard at city council meetings by members of Fullertons finest, and the fact that thier are 3 members of the police force that were involved in a murder that are allowed to roam the streets and would be happy to testify to that fact.

    2. Come on Joe, you know the FPD is just full of good honest cops.

      Who never, ever, ever speak out about the corruption in their own ranks. Not ever. Ever. You know, the good honest cops.

    3. Wait — what? That looks like a graphic, not a physical poster. Where did this appear and in what form? I’d have expected the story to explain what and where FPOA “published a wanted poster.” It doesn’t have any information about who paid for it, etc., so it is part of a larger ad, like a mailer? To whom was it sent?

    1. Of course you do. And that’s why Whitaker and Kiger are going to kick your rancid ass on election day. You’re septic union is going to have a $100,000 headache.

    2. Yes, me too. How could anyone not vote for murder, mayhem, graft, grand larceny, sexual battery, kidknapping, million dollar judgements, deprivation of civil liberties, a budget-busting department, etc. etc.

      Something is wrong with those two!

  1. Let’s see what happens when we post “WANTED: ALIVE AND KICKING” POSTERS OF THE FULLERTON SIX. They’ll cry hate crime then have a pow-wow at Papa John’s.

    1. Not to worry, imagine how welcomed the FPD3 are going to be made to feel when they get to prison, I’ll bet a lot of old aquintances will make them feel to home, you know, guys that they have brutalized, purgered themselves against. I’ll bet when they see how vulnerable these 3 are without benifit of sidearm or sap stick all will be forgiven. Pleasant dreams boys.

      1. while Genaco’s report discarded any notion a culture of corruption – at least by the law – there exists a pervasive culture of concealment. Many of these cops have families and their lives will be destroyed as well. It’s ashame that this culture has been allowed to become so deeply rooted and engrained in the way FPD does business. Prison for these guys? They’ll be eaten up alive. Conviction of these felonies may not impact their pensions.

  2. Actually Bruce and Travis ARE wanted for serving Fullerton again on city council. They are wanted in a good way.

  3. That’s awesome……if anyone backed by the FPD and FPOA gets elected to city council I will give up hope for all human kind. Lol. These guys are a joke and hilarious to boot. I hope the “lurkers”, like me, are witnessing this nonsense. I can’t vote, not my fight, but these guys are outrageous. I KNOW there are good Fullerton cops that are up in arms. It’s a shame for them, but I understand the fear if they speak out.

  4. This almost makes me wish I was on city council, just to vote against the police department. In fact, I’d keep putting it back on the agenda every week, just so I could vote against them over and over again.

  5. It is creepy how the FPD had a recent open house yet not so long ago, it couldn’t have been more closed. In the last year they gave us an in custody death at the jail with a smashed DAR, the Kelly Thomas murder film production studio and a blue code of silence that rivals the iron curtain to this very day day. Our police department with its segment of miscreant members, our city with its pork and unfunded liabilities, are not very different from that of other cities. Where there are no parallels however is the level of consciousness of Fullerton’s electorate and our willingness to stand for the obvious. WANTED -Voters on election day who know that it is never too late to do the right thing and leaders whose political foundation is truly anchored in what our soldiers have given their lives for-the rights and freedoms of the people-not the rights and freedoms of a select few at the expense of the public at large. May logic and wisdom prevail and may God help Fullerton get through this season.

  6. Truthseeker, I’m with you about calling upon God for our city. God, who we know is for living peaceable lives.

  7. Perhaps there should be some kind of public viewing of the Kelly Thomas murder video just before the elections to remind everyone what Whitaker and Kiger voted against.

    I know such video is sickening but a support Kelly rally with a viewing of the murder video, while sicking, seems appropiate.

  8. And have handouts reminding everyone:
    (1) who was involved in the Kelly Thomas murder;
    (2) who defended the Kelly Thomas murder;
    (3) the other criminal acts of FPD officers; and
    (4) a showing the FPD salaries and pensions.

    IF such does not make Fullerton citizens sick they are not reachable and the Sole of Fullerton is died with Kelkly.

  9. Most of this information is available in the archives here, all it would take is the time to research, a printer and lots and lots of ink.

  10. All I can say is “God help us” look what they have sunk too. They have no ethics, and worst, they are no longer human.

  11. Perhaps the voters need to be reminded just what Whitaker and Kiger voted against.

    There could be a Kelly Thomas rally perhaps with some kind of public viewing of the Kelly Thomas murder video.

    I know such video is sickening but a support Kelly rally with a viewing of the murder video, while sicking, seems appropiate.

    And have handouts reminding everyone:

    (1) who was involved in the Kelly Thomas murder;
    (2) who defended the Kelly Thomas murders;
    (3) the other criminal acts of FPD officers;
    (4) a list showing the FPD salaries and pensions; (5) a list show all the acts of physical abuse by the FPD on Fullerton citizens including filing false police reports to have innocent citizens jailed; and
    (6) a list show the legal settlements and amounts due to FPD criminal acts.

    IF such does not make Fullerton citizens sick such people are not reachable and the war for the sole of Fullerton is lost.

    1. “IF such does not make Fullerton citizens sick such people are not reachable and the war for the sole of Fullerton is lost.”

      Make that “soul”.

    2. Those persons who want to represented the interests of the good people of Fullerton must remind Fullerton’s community that recently recalled Fullerton city council member and recently retired Fullerton police chief(1993 to2009) Pat McKinley corrupted Fullerton PD into a menace to the community when police chief and when a city council member used his political I influence to divert million dollars from Fullerton’s infrastructure to buy legal hush for his police force’s crimes against Fullerton’s community, went on national television to proclaim innocence of his handpicked police officers, became mum when Fullerton’s community demanded the truth about Kelly Thomas beating death and accepted awards for his police force’s outstanding professional relations with the community of Fullerton.
      Come voting day this November, Fullerton’s community must remember their vote is more to block McKinley’s political heirs and McKinley’s cronies from influencing city hall and police force.

  12. No more offensive that running a blog that features a picture of a trashcan with a police hat on top.

  13. Why would anyone be on a wanted poster for trying to prosecute criminals? It’s the criminals that should be on the wanted poster. Man, I would hate to live in Fullerton if the FPOA endorsed candidates get elected.

  14. The Fullerton PD loathes Fullerton city council persons Whitaker and Kiger. The good people of Fullerton view Fullerton PD’s contempt for these two moral, courageous men as a complement to these civic minded, decent representatives of Fullerton’s community.

  15. I just hope the ultra conservative OC folk don’t drink the kool-aid the FPOA is trying to shove down their throats and decide to elect council-members that will continue to allow the FPD to abuse citizens and get away with it.

    1. if you are liberal, conservative or ultra conservative, pension reform is the #1 issue in Fullerton, Orange County, the State and the Country. Kiger & Whitaker have articulated to the voters their message of Pension Reform. There is nothing the lame ass cops can do to fool the electorate. They’re wasting their money on their stupid mailers and their lies. If fact shining the light on Kiger/Whitaker with made up issues (pot, DUI checkpoints, outsourcing) has just brought more attention to them and pensions. Cops aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

        1. Actually the quote is:

          “Crooked cops. Do they come any other way? If I had been just a little dumber I could have joined the force myself.”

          (Mel Gibson: “Payback” at 48 minutes)

          1. I like this movie, but the original “Point Blank” with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickenson was 100 times better. First of all Gibson is not threatening even when trying to be, whereas Lee Marvin is just with a look. As far as Dickensons role, I don’t even remember who played that in the Gison version, which says it all.

            1. Agree on Point Blank with Lee Marvin.

              I disagree that the main issue is pension reform, as important as that is. The main issues are not fiscal. They are whether our politicians are police are corrupt and complicit, or truly serve their constituents.

    1. Funny thing…the most obvious word in the biggest font..is “”WANTED”…. which is absolutely true!!

      to bad their message got gets lost at the bottom of the page.

  16. The cop mailer I got endorses Bruce and Travis. So they are very confused in the cop world. Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Kinda like how they run the FPD no matter who the chiefy is. Have you seen F-Troop?

  17. I love how all you ffffers get so worked up!! You guys just feed on your own BS!! It’s a cycle is shit! You fffers are so entertaining, thank you:)

  18. Liar :
    I love how all you ffffers get so worked up!! You guys just feed on your own BS!! It’s a cycle is shit! You fffers are so entertaining, thank you:)

    “Just the facts, ma’am,”

    “Friday made famous the line “My name is Friday—I’m a cop,” (the latter part later changed to “I carry a badge”) said in the introductory narration of every TV episode. Supposedly, he also made the line, “Just the facts, ma’am,” famous. In fact, what Friday actually said in an early episode is “All we want are the facts.” Friday, as portrayed by Webb, never actually said the oft-repeated phrase. Indeed, it was more Stan Freberg’s parodies of the Dragnet series that popularized the phrase.” -Wikipedia (Joe Friday)

  19. Any citizen of Fullerton who still supports FPD after all of this is truly sick in the head. Anyone who defends the three cops facing criminal charges, even their own family members, either haven’t seen the video of Kelly’s murder or else they have not watched in enough times. For Christ’s sake, Cicinelli can even be heard confessing at the end of the video that he smashed Kelly’s face “to hell” with the butt of his Taser (not that we even need his confession because he can clearly be seen doing it in the video. FpD

    1. That’s where America differs. You say the video is so bad but if you were to show that in briefings around the US, 99% of the cops would see nothing wrong with any part of it except the taser smashing. So how does that ever change?

      1. I have several friends on the Chicago PD and they are universally disgusted with the behavior of the FPD. One of them is a watch commander and they showed the KT video during a morning briefing. I remember riding with my dad down Lake Shore Drive in his El Dorado convertible back in the days a twenty-spot got you out of traffic ticket. You sandwich the twenty between your licence and your Chicago Patrolmen’s Association card.

        Even the worst Departments can evolve with the proper leadership.

        1. This still works in Mexico. At least it did 10 years ago. Cost me $20 US to get out of one speeding ticket and $30 to get out of a second one in the same day. I suspect, however, that I was not speeding either time.

          But worth the memories and the story.

  20. BOTTOM LINE: FPD needs to be disbanded, stat, and law enforcement in Fullerton should be handed off to the sheriff’s office. Don’t the cities in Orange County under OCSO jurisdiction have far lower crime rates anyways that the cities with their own departments?

  21. Don’t worry I am safe from the FPD goons because I actually live in Arizona. I have been closely following the Kelly Thomas story because many people (including myself) suffer from some degree or form of mental illness even though most not as severe as Kelly, so I have long been an advocate for the rights of severely mentally ill people who can’t help being sick anymore than someone with epilepsy, diabetes, etc. The FPD are not only cold bloodied killers but the entire organization seems more corrupt than anything I have ever seen. Here in Phoenix, our PD has a “Professional Standards Bureau” (usually called internal affairs) that is second to none, and officers who misbehave and violate public trust are dealt with appropriately (no “blue wall” or cover ups). One officer was fired and brought up on murder charges for fatally shooting an unarmed mentally ill teenager. A

    1. I am not completely safe from the FPD goons. I don’t live there but have family there and have other assets there and travel there frequently.

      That said, I always “ping” my internet access off the same computer located in a secure location out of reach of the FPD. IP addresses are very east to borrow and I do not trust the FPD and their government bodyguards.

      So I stay clear of the FPD goons as much as possible as these people are corrupt and have no honor and they have the power to ruin one’s life or take it as they see fit.

      Consider this: Do you really believe the integrity of the members of a police force, with the documented culture of corruption of the magnitude of the FPD, a police force that hires numerous thugs that have lied to put innocent people in jail, who may have murdered or caused the death of a citizen under arrest in their jail and have actually beat and tortured a homeless man to death over a time span of 30 minutes while at least three “honorable” FPD officers stood by and watched and did nothing . . . that the integerity of such people can change overnight after a seminar?

      It takes a special kind of evil to both (a) beat and torture a man to death, and (b) stand by and watch. This kind of evil does not change no matter how many sensitivity seminars it is forced to attend. Yet the FPD speaks with pride how they have changed after a few seminars. LOL.

      LOL, LMFAO-OL.

      I can see the FPD seminar itinerary now:

      8:00am Why it is wrong to beat and torture humans to death in front of cameras;
      9:00am Why it is wrong to falsely arrest citizens and then file false police reports to have such citizens jailed when there is 3-rd party video of the arrest;
      10:00am Why it is wrong to sexually abuse people in your patrol car while on duty;
      11:00am Why stealing is wrong even when not on duty.
      12:00am LUNCH
      1:00am Know where the Cameras are.
      2:00am How to properly support you union
      3:00am How to properly monitor and police those against your union
      4:00am Free Drinks at the Slidebar.

      The FPD has put three of these officers back on the street after clearing them of wrong doing (by their own investigation of course).

      Such is all I need to know about the improved “integrity” of the FPD.

  22. Continuing my prior post, the main witness against the officer during the department investigation and criminal trial (he was convicted of Murder 2 and sent to prison) was his partner of ten years who knew he had to do the right thing, unlike in the FPD where there would have been a nice little cover up as always. Three other officers were fired and brought up on fraud charges related to a scandal where they were paid overtime for off duty security details that they never actually performed, and a fourth officers implicated in the scandal committed suicide with his own service weapon and in his own patrol car after he found out he would probably be fired and charged as well. Yet another officer was fired and brought up on charges for repeatedly abusing his power to extort money from drug dealers. Basically every time he made a traffic stop and found drugs and cash in the vehicle, he would pocket all the cash and in exchange not arrest the dealer and instead let him go and keep the drugs (I would not be surprised if that were standard operating procedure at FPD). Bottom line is that thankfully there are law enforcement agencies out the that, unlike FPD, take officer misconduct very seriously and work aggressively to weed out the bad apple instead of covering up their gross misdeeds. Sadly, agencies like FPD erode the public’s trust of police in general which is unfortunate because most police officers, outside of FPD of course, really are the “good guys” who take the public’s trust seriously and do their jobs well, although I can completely understand if that is a completely foreign concept to those of you in Fullerton.

    1. Take down this never ending whining, and perpetual ass-kissing, by a real “Greg Diamond, Travis and Tony, or I’m telling my mama.

      1. They did take down the post, while leaving mine up (making it look odd out of context.) Even you would probably have wanted that other one taken down.

  23. Steven Greenhut: Cop unions intimidate again

    October 27, 2012 08:37:00 PM

    “FULLERTON — Many people were outraged this summer after a private investigator, with ties to a law firm that represents 120 police unions in California, made an apparently false report to the cops claiming that a councilman in the Orange County city of Costa Mesa stumbled out of a bar drunk and was weaving all over the road as he drove home.”


    1. Many people were outraged this summer after a private investigator, with ties to a law firm that represents 120 police unions in California, made an apparently false report to the cops claiming that a councilman in the Orange County city of Costa Mesa stumbled out of a bar drunk and was weaving all over the road as he drove home.

      The clear goal was to embarrass a councilman who had been leading the charge in his city for pension reform, outsourcing and other reforms.

      Evidence showed that the councilman, Jim Righeimer, had nothing to drink and did not stumble. Subsequently, other officials revealed similarly disturbing tactics from their police.

      Read more: http://www.appeal-democrat.com/articles/intimidate-120532-steven-unions.html#ixzz2AbjOcMSL

      Yes. The police unions are no better than organized crime. They should be investigated for violations of state and federal RICO statutes for conspiracy to commit criminal acts.

  24. FPD is absolutely correct. Those guys ARE wanted on the council. It’s the FPD we can do without. Bravo to them for promoting their nemesis.

  25. As an Independent, I might have been considering Travis and Kiger, BUT NOT SINCE THEY showed abuse of power by changing the wording of Measure W to “Nature Preserve”. That was “the peoples” referendum!!!!! Not just shame on them, but they look like the same abuse of power they purport to want to clean up. Then they could have saved themselves a little. It would have looked better after that “Glaring Mistake”, to lay low. But no! Then they endorsed Yes on W and took donations from Chevron! It’s pretty clear they had their own agenda here.

    Are Kiger and Whitaker going to be around when the suing starts over the city allowing homes to be built over old oil wells! I’m a hospice RN. The carcinogens are there. The leukemia and cancer is going to happen! I recently alerted Erin Brokovich! A lot of good people are not thinking about this aspect of it!!! I know the city gets sued either way, but I think I’d rather be on the right side!!!!

      1. Or Fitzgerald.

        But it is worth considering candidates on all their merits and not reducing them to one single issue.

  26. Ole Sissy’s step dad… Daddy…. buddy…. sugar guy..etc… would have a fit if someone did this. He would be screaming that someone had a bounty out for his son… boy… sweet stuff… etc…. he would be on John and Ken crying that someone needs to pay for putting a reward poster out for his snuggems…. boy…. little boo boo…. whatever. Where is the outrage from this clown about two innocent citizens?

  27. Mr. Harpoon, Until 1 month ago, my life was nothing but 16/24 work. Consequently, I haven’t had the time to see a lot of the action by Alvarez and Flory. I know I did not like the way Mrs. Flory responded to Mr. Kiger’s blog at the City Council Meeting. She did not set an example of how to behave. She acted like a child, as she was accusing him of bullying. Actually, I did not plan on voting for either one of them even though I am not privy to the demonstrations of abuse of power you are referring to.

        1. May I suggest that there are four candidates worth considering in this race. In alphabetical order these are Kiger, Levinson, Rands, and Whitaker. They may not all believe the same things but they are all people of integrity.

      1. She might be the lesser of two evils but I do like her positions on the issues below:

        (1) Do not like her position on not supporting the band on the FPD . . . such demonstrates she forms a bias without all the facts. (Should be conditional on the facts she believes to be true but would be open to change her mind based on an independent study of the issue)

        (a) She does not know how much it will cost to outsource the police function. How can she make an informed decision without such information?

        Fullerton does not exist to give policemen and other people jobs and if the police function can be outsourced for much less that what the FPD costs while maintaining an acceptable level of control, then the government officials have a DUTY to outsource thereby spending the tax payer money wisely.

        (b) Outsourcing does not “chain the unborn” to decisions of a current corrupt government. By outsourcing and eliminating the public sector unions, Kids of tomorrow will have an option on how they will be policed when they are grown. The current unethical government in Fullerton has put the next few generations of children in chains and made the FPD their masters.

        (2) Clean up downtown: Cleaning up downtown is a good idea but restricting liquor licenses is not the way to go. Such only makes existing liquor licenses (such as the Slidebar’s) more valuable. Clean up downtown by finding a way to close down establishments like the Slidebar, not helping them by making their establishment more valuable through government regulation.

        (3) Pension Reform: I like that she sees a need for pension reform but her reforms do not go far enough. But such is a step in the right direction.

          1. Police review board is jumping too far ahead. If you go OCSD you won’t be able to just implement a police review in the City. Make the decision about keeping FPD before you look into a police review board. Waste of time.

              1. It always is. You lose a level of your local control with OCSD. Pluses and minuses to keeping FPD or going OCSD. They just have to all be looked on based on what the future council wants, and then move forward. Moving forward being the most important key once the elections are over.

  28. If police is serving the city and city council, what is this picture but an act of insubordination?

    Fullerton cops (how many, 170?) shouldn’t forget they are like fleas on a big kind dog – Fullerton residents (170,000?).
    It’s actually very easy for the big kind dog to scratch the fleas out.

    “Just do it!” – Nike

  29. Since the Cop Unions paid for all these anti Whitaker and Kiger ads, someone has to speak up for the Cops who do support them and cannot speak up for fear of retribution from the Union Goons.

  30. Speaking of campaign mailers, 3 pieces from Fitzgerald today two color ones and one envelope, sorry Jen, I do not bother to open envelopes from candidates in any race.

    Plus a nice one from Mr. B about which candidates want to return my money from the illegal water tax of the last several years.

    And boom, a huge Flory one. Ms Flory I would not vote for you or Alvarez if you held a gun to my head, oh yeah you guys could probably do that since you are in bed with the FPD.

    Ms. Flory, a friend of mine said she found some Whitaker and Levinson signs in the trash bin behind an attorneys office on Brea Blvd this week. Ah, police breaking the laws and now attorneys breaking the law, it’s a sad day in the neighborhood.

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