Thin Skin Flory is Horrified

If you are going to get involved in politics developing a thick skin is essential. If you can’t take the heat, well you know. Here is Jan Flory attacking Travis Kiger for having the temerity to be “webmaster” for the award-winning FFFF blog.

It’s interesting to see how Jan Flory thinks this blog  has some issue “strong, older women” (i.e. her). That’s wrong, of course.

It couldn’t possibly be that our antipathy with Mrs. Flory is because she has always been a mean, vindictive harpy with a trail of votes that have cost the taxpayers of Fullerton a fortune, now could it?

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  1. No outrage about police brutality + maximum outrage about being called a bitter bag of bile = a bitter bag of bile.

    1. Here’s some more police brutality for “ginny” to close her eyes to:

      Police Beat The Hell Out Of Restrained Man Crying I Quit, I Quit, I Quit
      Monday, August 27, 2012 3:30

      Anaheim police are unknowingly videotaped committing shocking police brutality choking and beating a man repeatedly as he screams I quit.

      The drunk man in the video initially resisted arrest and was taken down the police.

      But after he was restrained the police are seen choking the man and taking turnings socking the man in the face repeatedly over several minutes as he screams I quit, I quit, I quit.

      Pretty intense. Police brutality? Well, duh… but you can rest assured nothing will happen to the officers in this video.

      1. Maybe Greg Diamond will show up to negotiate with the Anaheim police. I’m sure they will reach a satisfactory compromise, like a limit of 6 broken facial bones per suspect.

        1. I will. This kind of stuff just enrages me! All those fucking thugs need to be thrown into the streets filled with “the people” and let them get pummeled EXACTLY like they did to this guy. Thank God someone had the balls to video tape this stuff — thugs like this just give us more reason to arm-up. An arena would work — then all the thug “cops” nation-wide could be given their rewards… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

          1. Got to love the police state we live in. Anaheim PD is 100% Nazi goons.

            When the police use biological weapons on U.S citizens, the media refers to as “Pepper spray”

            When the evil Syrian army uses pepper spray, the media actors call them “USING BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE!”

    2. Because you won’t post this chicken-shit Bushala this is just for you………….I didn’t know what a threat Jan Flory was to you until now. Experience has taught you nothing.

        1. Experience has taught me plenty and when you have know Bushala for 20 years plus and seen him and his worst, you will too.

          1. Sounds like to me the only thing your 20 years of association with Tony Bushala has taught you is consuming jealousy. Can’t stay away from his blog? You’re obsessed.

    3. I was a senior maint. worker making $20 an hour, I paid $32 to medical, $14 to dental, $7 to vision, $7 to dues, and $149.00 to PERS (half of what the city puts in) per check. I’m a rich man!!! I figured it out and got out of fullerton and got a better paying job driving a truck delivering to northern cali. Paid medical, 401K (match what i put in).The city of fullerton is the worst city in O.C. in pay, benefits, and retirement.

  2. Election season after election season we have to put up with candidates for city council coming to the microphone during campaign season blabbering about whatever nonsense they can conjure up to sound relevant. Jan Flory has been out of sight and out of mind for years. She should remain there.

    Suddenly she speaks at every council meeting. I guess the next 90 day will be a painful reminder of why we voted her out the last time. The biggest difference this time will be the public safety unions who demanded her departure last time will be funding her campaign this time. Well, times have changed in some respects but expect the same result at the ballot box.

  3. That 3 minutes allowed how self-centered she is shine through perfectly. Started her comment mentioning her anniversary last week, because of course a room full of people there to discuss a murder and a cover up care about the special days in Ms. Flory’s life. She then spent 3 solid minutes nagging and whining about how she isn’t a nag. Then wrapped it up with personal insults to Councilman Kiger and his mother, which to me was embarrassing to sit through. I felt almost sorry for her, but then ashamed that we have elected that woman, and scared that she is actually up for a seat again, and all that overcame my pity for her.

    This woman is everything that is wrong with our local government today. Selfish. Dishonest. Not bright enough to understand how poorly she is presenting herself. The last thing Fullerton needs is a step backwards such as Jan Flory.


  4. What a fucking cunt!
    Self righteous, arrogant, pompous, …and that snide smirking crack about Travis’ mommy not breast feeding him enough was an invitation to a no-holds-barred street fight. Please take it to her harder than ever, make her weep and regret the day she re-entered the race.

    1. I hope that I’m only pointing out the obvious with a couple of observations.

      The first of which is that when you point a finger at someone, as Jan Flory did at Travis Kiger’s mom about not enough breast feeding, you have three directly pointing back at yourself.

      Or as Shakespeare summarized, “Me thinks doest protest too loudly”

      Does anyone out there other than myself not want to point out that Jan Flory’s breasts look like her kids must have endured a famine?

  5. She boasts about her 40+ years of marriage and isn’t she a divorce attorney? What a way to make a living -aiding and abetting the wholesale destruction of the family.

  6. Wow. What an angry, mean, thin-skinned old battleaxe. The baby boomers are a very spoiled, pampered generation of people who think that the world revolves around them. So this behavior is not uncommon. It would be so refreshing for one of them to approach the microphone and acknowledge that some of the descriptions tossed in their direction are accurate and that they are working on correcting their weaknesses instead of lashing out and blaming everyone else.

    Hello??? Any possiblity of finding some level-headed, humble, mature adults with a sense of humor in the audience?

  7. This woman is clueless, an exquisite example of individuals who deflect their own shortcomings and ignorant choices. Mr keiger’s affiliation with FFFF is transparent. One cannot say the same for others who clearly have hidden agenda’s and self-interests motivated by pressure and contributions by those groups, unions and parties that are placing this city’s future in jeopardy (and have been for decades). This IS the age of transparency. And with it comes absolute accountability for ones actions, choices and yes – mistakes. Flory flubs on this platform. Her performance records speaks for itself – from financial policy to rubber stamping FPD and public safety contracts with outrageous benefits and absolutely no provisions for accountability. Her actions and choices made while in office here have directly contributed to the absolute state of disrepair this city is in today.

    1. 309.2 Policy
      (e) The EMDT Device generally should not be used as an impact weapon.

      Well no shit, ya think?! If you have to tell these thugs that, they need NOT be in their current job!

      Directive #12-15
      Employees are expected to maintain sufficient competency to properly perform their

      Directive #12-17 PIO Responsibilities
      During a critical incident, including when an officer’s conduct is under scrutiny, all public responses should be made either by the Chief of Police, a Division Commander or by a city official. (CUZ WE CAN COVER OUR OWN ASSES BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!)


      Directive #12-18 Guidelines for Foot Pursuits
      {think a certain organization president…. lmao…)

    1. “Tony Rackauckas told me ‘I still haven’t forgotten about that other guy,'” said Kelly Thomas’ father, Ron Thomas, who said the remark was a reference to Joe Wolfe.

      Thomas said he expects the DA will eventually charge Wolfe too, and that Rackuackas made the comment to him at a Friday, August 24 pre-trial hearing for Ramos and Cicinelli.

      1. T-Rack wont be charging anyone else. He just wants to get Ron off his back. T-Rack is a pussy and can even make his own decisions.

    2. Excellent — let’s get this done before Jesus comes back! DA Rajackass, looks more like an aged and over-the-hill game show host — time for him to be ousted so we can get a REAL DA in there….

    3. Wolfe is not getting charged. Ramos and Cicinelli will have all charges dismissed. Wait for it, it’s coming.

        1. For those of you who wonder why I sometime reference Stanley’s old-school, museum quality anti-Semitism, check out the pic that he says is me.

          I still say that Cicinelli gets found guilty, as he should be.

          1. I wonder. Proving the taser shots caused the death will be key right? Cause of death wasn’t the face shots it was the weight right? Will be interesting. He will do a year if found guilty.

            1. Smashing in his face is more likely to be the cause of death than the taser, for three reasons: (1) directly, (2) because it may have led to his inability to breathe, and (3) because it forced Kelly to legitimately struggle for his life, which is what prompted the increase in the crushing force used to hold him down. You can say it’s only a year — well, not if I’m the one sentencing him and I have any discretion to increase it.

              Plus I’m still trying to figure out who it was on the tape that put his feet up against a car and braced his back against another officer’s back to increase the amount of force used to hold Kelly down, an act that was flat-out insane. I think that it was Cicinelli; I don’t think that anyone else there would be quite that stupid.

          2. “museum quality anti-Semitism”……… Hmmmmmm

            Are you saying that anti-Semitism was only in the past?

            FYI, the anti-Semitism exists only in your stupid angry Semitic liberal progressive head.

            You are probably the most hated commenter here by hundreds. I wonder why?

            1. Because of his ego Stanley, and his transparent partisanship. Not for his ethnicity or religion. Obviously.

              1. “Not for his ethnicity or religion. Obviously”……… Hmmmmm

                So why is Giolem always bringing his Semitic crapola forward?

                As to transparent partisanship?…….

                Show me a conservative i.e. Republican or Tea Party Jew and I show you for each the 1000s Jewish communists.

                However, if I would I would be anti-Semitic [NOT] anti-communist and that is what bugs me about Golem.

                Golem is racist liar!!

                1. The founders of libertarian philosophical thought:

                  Ayn Rand – Jewish
                  Robert Nozick – Jewish
                  Murray Rothbard – Jewish
                  Ludwig von Mises – Jewish

                  This of course means nothing. Ethnicity and religion have little to do with contemporary political philosophy. That’s going to be my last word on the subject.

              2. Yes, because if there are two things that FFFF hates, it’s ego and partisanship.

                (Thanks though for, after a fashion, having my back!)

            2. Stanley, you’re an old-style anti-Semite of the sort rarely found anymore in the wild. You’ve left a trail miles wide in OJB posting as “From the Exile” and other names (including your own) for anyone who wants to check it out.

              I’m actually far less inclined to call people anti-Semitic than most Jews I know. But your level of “Protocol of the Elders of Zion” inferences of dark cabals and such is amazing. You just don’t see that around much anymore.

  8. I think she takes issue with a sitting councilman who uses proxies to denigrate her character via a website he administers, as opposed to doing his own dirty work.

    1. Proxies? I’ve been called a lot of things, but never a proxy.

      The bitter bag of bile doth protest too much, methinks.

    2. Mr. Kiger just operates a website that caters to constituents of like mind. If you don’t like the message of FFFF – don’t read it. Does Mr. Kiger force you to read the FFFF blogs? Go to a union rally instead and hang out with your own kind.

      What’s worse? Mr. Kiger utilizing rights protected under the 1st Amendment to spread the word or some union goon following a Costa Mesa councilman and making bogus 911 calls accusing that stone-cold sober councilman of driving drunk and directing a cop to his front door AFTER he arrived home to conduct a sobriety test ON A TOTALLY SOBER MAN!!!

      1. and…. there are plenty of opposing viewpoints here, so if the bag o’ bile doesn’t like it, she is free to comment here.

        1. She cant stay away from us. Opposites attract just like Saturday as she couldn’t help but drive by the protest to get a glimpse of those that she could only wish she had the courage to be.

      2. Making bogus phone calls, which is a totally unproven and already denied allegation made by someone with a long track record of lies, would be worse.

        FFFF (with $300K from Tony) took over Fullerton’s government and now wants to bring it crashing down. You really don’t get to treat it as a private salon anymore.

    3. Does anyone take Sharon Kennedy to task for the contents of the editorials in the Fullerton Observer?

  9. I would think Ms. Flory would see that the times are changing. How could she be so unperceptive?

    1. Why would you spend your 47th anniversary at a City council meeting?

      “Bitter?” “Table for one, right this way.”

  10. Flory was, and will be, a tool for the City staff. Her brain trust (Galvan, Chulupsky, Meyer and Dudley) likely helped her concoct her rant. Wonder why streets are not paved, parks in disrepair and the police are uncontrollable? Though, thanks to Flory the City staff pensions are safe. Vote for Flory and watch the retired City staff pensions be retroactively increased.

    1. Note that according to Jan Flory’s website, that she is now friends with the Fullerton City Clerk, Lucinda Williams.

      I also noted that the Fullerton Police Department Public Information Officers, Andrew Goodrich and Jeff Stuart, have posted words of support on Jan Flory’s Facebook page.

    1. Those who suck at the public teat for so long sometimes develop a rather unhealthy obsession with the sucking process.

            1. Really! So I gather you sniff the wads of cash you find in drug dealers’ underwear. That explains a lot about you.

    2. Can you honestly look at any picture of Jan Flory and tell me that her kids got a steady diet of dairy?

      1. Unlike normal mammalian females, Flurry’s glands largely produced bile. Suckling infants rejected the bitter bags and bottle-feeding followed.

  11. Bill Hunt Must Renounce Joe Arpaio and Barbara Coe If He Want to Be Taken Seriously Once Becoming Fullerton Police Chief says:

    I’ve been receiving a ton of email and Facebook messages from both good and bad people in Fullerton, concerned that tomorrow, the Fullerton City Council just might replace acting Fullerton Police Department Chief Dan Hughes with former Orange County deputy sheriff Bill Hunt. Hunt is a darling of Tea Party activists and the boyos over at Friends for Fullerton’s Future for standing up to our felonious ex-sheriff Mike Carona; Hunt is scaring the shit out of those idiots who crammed the city council chambers a couple of weeks ago sporting “We (Heart) Fullerton PD” shirts (where the hell were they after the murder of Kelly Thomas?) but also good people scared of Hunt’s Tea Party affiliations and initial involvement in the Haidl gang rape fiasco.

    1. Hunt is an insider just like all the rest. Don’t be fooled. He had a falling out or personality conflict with Carona and that’s why he had problems at OCSD. It wasn’t because he was a straight arrow who fought the police culture. If you believe that I got a bridge for sale. Now he’s trying to get his foot back in the door. With that said, I would personally like to see Hughes replaced with an outsider even if it was a superficial replacement that really wouldn’t change things much. Anything to shake up FPD would be a positive IMO. So I am in favor.

      1. Agree. Best thing for Fullertin is an outside Chief. Tina Nieto LAPD would be the perfect Chief for FPD. I think the big problem for Fullerton is that all the good Chiefs won’t come close to Fullerton because it could be a 2 year job. No point in taking a temporary job when they could get their dream job elsewhere that could last 5-8 years.

    2. But #43 – I don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about.

      So IYO the Fullerton police chief has to be an amnesty supporter so illegals can continue to swarm across the border, swipe American jobs and steal our resources?

      That’s the sort of police chief you want?


        1. Ha. They would like outside I think. I think Hunt is old school though and wouldn’t be enough change for FPD.

        2. Hunt’s an insider. You don’t think he would bend over for FPOA? Of course he would. They all take the path of least resistance. Oh, he will play the part of the sheep when on camera before the public (like Hughes has) while running with the wolves behind the scenes. You know how the game is played, don’t ya? Let’s stop being so damned naive. Your Council is going to have to take control of this mess. You just can’t rely on another appointee to solve your problems. It doesn’t work that way. He will eat you people alive. Your Council needs to pick up the ball and run with it. The Council needs the power to make heads roll when wrongdoings are committed. That’s the long and short of it. And YOU need to hold your Council ACCOUNTABLE. That’s YOUR job. And unless you do YOUR job it all falls apart at the seams.

          I am only trying to help you see the light.

  12. I think the idea of an OUTSIDE police chief is excellent. Its not that I have anything against promoting from within in most organizations, I do think that is the way to go (from within) in most bureaucracies. BUT, Fullerton PD has several huge problems and the best way to handle it is with a new outside chief, not necessarily Hunt but anyone from the outside who threatens to clean house. When you know the top will not tolerate your bs, the bs usually stops (If you are smart)! Those who do not like the new chief can retire, quit, take your disability pension if you can and in this way, FPD gets cleaned up. The first step was taken, city council took the hiring of the Police Chief out of the hands of incompetent, do nothing City Manager, Joe Felz. That should look good on his resume!

    1. I finally agree with Tuco. First time ever. I touched on it above. The good Chiefs won’t even look at Fullerton now though.

    2. I agree Tuco, and Porky — good chiefs won’t want to wade into the muck and mire of FPD. Disbanding is the only answer at this point, start over, remove the thugs.

      1. Not really that. Many Chiefs would love that challenge. Most would. It’s the uncertainty of the future that will make them not even apply. Most don’t want a 1-2 year job that could solely be a transition job and once done they are out the door.

      2. DQ – now you’re talking turkey, my friend!

        You folks were on that path until Sebourn screwed you over royally with his “no” vote on the OCSD bid request. He damaged your cause greatly. You MUST keep that on the front burner of your brain. You MUST oust those who tell you one thing and do the opposite. They are NOT trustworthy, nor are they your friends. YOU must take out the trash, sir. Nobody will do it for you!

        1. Taking out the trash will entail keeping the floozy off of the council, and adding more folks who have the moxie to do the job.

          1. There ya go, DQ. I’m proud of you. You see things clearly. You have the ability to cut through the BS. Start your own group of rabble rousers and lead them. Call yourselve the “Fullerton Fumigators”. Get some t-shirts printed up and pack the Council meetings. Demand accountability and no more superficiality! Take the lead DQ! I know you can do it, man. I can tell by your posts. Lead them! Change your city!!

        2. Justus. You have to agree our representatives are never going to vote or do everything exactly how we want them to everytime. Politicians do that everyday.

          1. Porky – the litmus test is: Did he campaign in support and vote to reject?

            The answer is “YES”.

            He committed a mortal sin against his constituents.

            He needs to go. He is simply untrustworthy. When you need him he’ll leave you twisting in the wind.

            The citizens need LONG memories to be successful and to take their city back.

            Kiger and Whitacker are keepers.

            Sebourn is a throw-away.

            Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads to find a prince.

            1. you act like that is odd for a politician. They say one thing in campaigns and do something else all the time. He played it perfect. He used Tonys money to get the seat knowing he’s set for a few years. He’s winning. Smart guy.

  13. I’m sitting on the toilet. FFFF is great reading material for the toilet. I thank FFFF for this free entertainment.

    1. Look down into the water between your legs. Do you see that brown stuff down there? That’s the highlight of everything you’ll be able to accomplish in this lifetime. Retarded children, venomous ex-wives, and rabid pets are your living legacy; drowning turds are your sole accomplishments.

  14. Yep, yep. FFFF outing the carpetbagging, wife of a douchebag Ackerwoman — it’s all just hostility to “strong older women”.

    Also, Henrietta Sidhu, Donaldine Bankhead, Antonia Florentine, Patricia McKinley, Rosalind Chi, Lucille Bennett.. You get the idea.

    By the way, the FPD gang of six? All “strong older women”. Those bitches.

  15. A Tea Party-loving chief? As if things aren’t already messed up enough in Fullerton. It’s sad to see so many Tea Partyers and pretend Republicans who are afraid to stand up to them advocating for every thing our founding fathers abhorred. If we keep electing them we’ll soon have no separation of church and state and the police will probably start receiving promotions for beating and illegally harassing ethnic minorities and non-Christians.

    1. Hunt is more of a libertarian. Whatever my agreements or disagreements with his politics, I don’t think he would agree with the views you state above. The “Tea-Party” slurs are being put out there by Democratic party operatives, so I’d say ask questions but don’t rush to judgement.

    2. Look, democrats and republicans are the same, just different packaging. They screw over our country as much as possible. If we found a TRUE Libertarian, we might have a chance; Ron Paul is as deeply into Freemasonry as the rest of them; IMO, there is no one to vote for.

  16. Folks, many people jump on board the libertarian bandwagon to fool you into believing that they are for ‘liberty and freedom’ and for the commoner.

    Think Progress did an article that showed how more than a dozen so-called Libertarians who were elected to Congress are now on the payroll of the Wall Street banks when they ran on an anti-Wall Street platform.

    Pols are sneaky. They know that they cannot be prosecuted for telling campaign lies to you and taking your money and votes. So they lie at will. You must use your instincts when choosing a pol and when you make a mistake you must admit it and work to oust the rascal who hoodwinked you.

    Don’t tie yourself to ANY political party. That’s a big mistake. A Libertarian will lie to you just as quick as a Democrat will.

    Use your sixth sense.

  17. By and large the Tea Party leaders have sold out to the mainstream Republicans. All movements that represent the commoners eventually get sabotaged and dismantled. Just like they did to Occupy Wall Street. Big money ALWAYS wins in the end. Don’t ever forget that. The little people really don’t have much representation. I mean the little PRODUCTIVE people. Leeches have always had strong representation, especially since the 1960’s.

  18. At 1:20 in the video, the two men behind Flory notice something very interesting on her back. They discuss it, point at it, and then seem to come to some kind of conclusion about what they’re seeing.

    What is it?

    Does she have scales and fins? Or is it a gaping pus-filled hole with maggots squirming around it?

    Just curious.

  19. I’m sure Fullerton’s large Latino population would love to have a tea bagger police chief who advocates for the deportation of their families and separating children from their parents.

    1. Legal latinos shouldn’t have a problem with it.

      But illegal latinos should for good reason.

      All those in violation of our criminal laws should be worried about a knock on their doors.

      That is the mark of a civilized nation. If criminals no longer have to worry about getting caught we’re done as a nation.

    2. I know of someone who was arrested and deported back to Mexico. This same person was back in Ca. and working within 2 to 4 weeks.

  20. Why didn’t Harpoony include Travis Kiger lame and evasive response? “I didn’t write those comments.” Yeah, Travis, but your the webmaster of this blog. On your council campaign website, you pointed to running this blog as a qualification for office.

    Now that you’re on the other side of the dais, you need to be more than just another blog monkey throwing turds at the crowd. When residents come before you to voice their opinion and even criticize you, they shouldn’t be nbervous about being ridiculed and defamed on the blog YOU RUN!

    Time to grow up a little, Kiger, and take some responsibility for this litter box.

    1. This first link is the beefed up, bootlicking resume that one Jan Flory’s kids submitted to the voters…

      …and here is then here is the REAL truth about the candidate…

      Once again, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    2. Look you little mad hatter, this isn’t a litter box — it’s a place for all opinions to be stated. If you don’t like it, (nazi), then stroll on down the road. Travis is doing a fine job, IMO, and he will continue to do so. Grow up yourself.

    3. Since when does being a web host entitle one to edit and censor someone else’s blog just because they take care of the IT end of it?

      1. In Travis’ own words, from his campaign website:

        “My passion for excellent local government was the impetus for my co-founding and running of the largest and most successful political website in Orange County.”

        Co-founder and operator is a lot more than “taking care of theIT end of it.”

        Sorry. He co-founded and runs this litter box. That makes him responsible for the dumps all the little kittys take here.

      2. More in Kiger’s own words:

        “By demanding integrity from elected officials and absolute transparency from government, our website has succeeded in filling the void left by struggling Orange County newspapers and providing unparalleled investigative reporting services proving once again, that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.”

        For a guy who “just takes care of the IT end of things” he sure takes a lot of credit.

        1. Unlike dittoheads who imitate the noises they hear in the EIB bathroom stall in THEIR blog posts, FFFF posters’ content is original and usually well reasoned. Mine being the major exception, they’re also usually respectful of others’ opinions.

        2. I’d mostly just like him to be open about what he writes here. People should know if their councilman is, once he can put on a shroud of anonymity, calling an opposing candidate the likes of a drunken cheap whore.

          So far, there’s not even any denial that he writes anything beyond what is signed under his own name. Tony and Sebourn, Whitaker and Norby, too. It’s like from their perspective we have to presume that it’s immaculately conceived.

  21. Jan Flory complains about insults on fullertons future blog but she does the very same thing by cheap shots to Kiger during public comments.

    1. Kiger asked for it. He’s ringmaster of this sewer. he shouldn’t be surprised when a target of his blog heaves a few turds back at him.

      Kiger likes to take credit for the good things the 4F blog has done. He has to take ownership of all the shitty things here, too.

      1. I was under the impression that there is no “ringmaster” behind this blog. I thought I read awhile back that some judge threw out a complaint because FFFF wasn’t owned or controlled by one entity.

      2. How funny you seem to express yourself here. If you don’t like this blog, you have the freedom to go somewhere else. And BTW, do you eat with that mouth? Shame on you. Now go wash your mouth out with soap.

            1. Noooooooooooooooooooo! NOT Grandma Flory! Noooooooooo! We’ll never ever talk about poop again — PROMISE!!! 😉

      3. As a part-time blogger here:

        I’m not Travis.

        Travis has never told me what to write or what not to write.

        He doesn’t edit my posts or even comment on them usually.

        I never would think for a second that he would agree with every word I say.

        I will take ownership of every word The Fullertonista writes, but not what anybody else here writes. I think Travis was just expressing exactly the same thing. It’s not rocket science.

        1. So would you also consider Flory’s accusations of Travis being some sort of “ringleader” as false? That is what struck a chord with me in the clip.

          1. More than false. Travis never called her “a bag of bile” or “an old nag.” He never chimed in to indicate that the agreed that she was a “bag of bile” or an “old nag.” He never told anybody else to write that. How is he responsible? I mean, he could contact the bloggers and ask them to stop calling her a bag of bile etc., but he doesn’t do that, because he believes in free speech. I don’t see what he could do besides what he did at City Council: clarify that he didn’t write those comments.

            1. How do you know? The comments are pseudonymous. Either Travis either barely comments here at all or else he writes material that sounds a whole lot like him under a pseudonym — and then (if that’s true) he gets to lie explicitly or implicitly and deny it. Same goes for Tony and others involved in the takeover of Fullerton government. We don’t KNOW whether Travis or Tony personally called Flory a “bag of bile,” an “old nag,” or so much more — or applauded someone else who did so. Last I’ve seen, they’re not saying.

          2. Interesting that “ringleader” accusation should be considered at all; I just let all her ravings and rantings fly right by and into the toilet…

            1. It just seems like certain political figures, or posters around here are continually trying to assign complete blame to the villain du jour. I mean, first TONY writes everything, and now TRAVIS writes everything. I think the ringleader comment is important because she is trying to put sole responsibility for the entire content on this site on Travis’ shoulders. It is ludicrous. I guess she is trying to engage Travis in one on one political combat, but her logic doesn’t quite make sense.

              1. You are totally right. She sure doesn’t like it when others like to use their right to free speech, and she’s really grasping for straws at this point.

              2. Then Tony and Travis can start by denying it.

                Oh well, maybe the voters will agree that just HAPPENING TO BE founders of a group where political birds of a feather attack the same people (often political opponents) viciously from behind the protection of pseudonyms doesn’t mean that they should be PERSONALLY suspected of doing so — heaven forfend!

                Yeah, that might work. Or not.

  22. “Today I’m here to support myself.” That says it all to me. I actually caught myself laughing at that statement. I think she doesn’t have a clue as to how she presents herself to others.

  23. Go to bed Grandma.

    I wonder what Sharron would say if someone asked her if she used those “mommy tit’s” to feed her kids?

    Send this old hag and Siva to the showers.

    The WORST representitives of women.

    1. As a middle aged woman, I agree. Trying to have a set of balls never works. Flory reminds of my Mother “Control FreaK”. Reguardless what sex you are you either have ethics or you don’t. And Flory has no ethics.

  24. hypocrite, Flory’s indifference to the corruption going on while she served as a fullerton city council member and then as a resident of fullerton reveals her to be a self-serving , vain woman. Kiger and the FFFF wounded her vanity and that is why she spoke at the podium, and that is why she wants to be elected to fullerton’s city council . flory wants to prove to herself and others she is a vibrant, caring, ethical “older strong woman”.
    Her voice wavers because someone referred to her as a “nag” and “bitter bag of bile”. Here is a more accurate discription of flory; an old van, callously indifferent woman who as fullerton city council person was cavalier in her treatment of the Fullerton’s community.

    1. wow! did i just describe myself? Unlike flory, I know I gotsta change, quick! I meant an old “nag”

  25. As an aside, I saw the new version of FPD dealing with a homeless/vagrant person this morning (about 8:45 a.m.). I had left the CVS at Harbor/Bastanchury thinking I could turn in to the Hungry Bear shopping center and reverse direction to go east on Bastanchury from Harbor.

    Couldn’t do that, so I looked for the next left turn opportunity, which turned out to be La Entrada (west side of Harbor). I saw an FPD patrol car and motor cycle as I got ready to turn on to La Entrada and saw a disheveled man on the sidewalk next to the bus bench – sleeping, dead drunk, dead, I don’t know – I just know he wasn’t moving and was on his stomach.

    I said to myself “oh s***, I really don’t want to see anything bad happen”, but as I came south the patrol officer (dark hair, anglo/hispanic, 5’8 or 5’9/medium build – DiCaprio?) was checking the man’s back pockets (for ID?) in a non-threatening manner and the man was still not moving; the motor officer was standing back, but had opened the back door of the patrol car; can’t say what the motor officer looked like because he kept his helmet on – he was much taller.

    I realize this occurred on a major street in the morning but it gives me hope that changes are happening.

      1. I don’t know; I had to go for a medical treatment myself. I know some have said DiCaprio is “overweight” but this patrol officer was not overweight for his height.

          1. The hair and complexion are right and he did not have a ‘stache so it wasn’t DiCaprio. He may not have been wearing the Sam Browne (?) belt because he looked thinner than this other corporal in the clip.

            I had seen the patrol car go up Harbor as I exited CVS so I’m thinking the motor cop was there first and was deferring to the patrol officer but I didn’t see the insignia so can’t say if the patrol officer was a corporal or not. Again, what I saw was non-threatening and I hope the man was okay.

  26. Anonymous :
    Jan Flory complains about insults on fullertons future blog but she does the very same thing by cheap shots to Kiger during public comments.

    At least she had the balls to call him out on his bullshit in public, while our dungeons and dragons councilman hides behind his rabid fan club.

    1. “Imagine my chagrin”

      I thought that “chagrin” was an interesting choice of an adjective to use by Gin Flurry to describe her reaction to FFFF posts.

      “Chagrin” is derived from the German word “Katzenjammer,” which is a German word to describe someone being hungover.

      From dialectical French chagraigner (“to be gloomy, distress”), from chat (“cat”) + Old French graim (“sorrow, gloom; sorrowful, gloomy”), from Frankish gram, a loan translation of German Katzenjammer (“drunken hang-over”), from Katzen (“cats”) + jammer (“distress, sorrow, lament”). Akin to German Gram[1], Old Norse gramr (“wroth”) (whence Danish gram), Old English grama (“anger”), grim (“grim, gloomy”) (Modern English grim).

  27. On another note, I was talking with friends about the number of bars (over 50?) in the DTF area and I got to thinking – isn’t there some sort of ordinance in Fullerton that alcohol cannot be served within a specified distance of schools and churches?

    I know that Orange has an ordinance like that. If Fullerton doesn’t have one, perhaps they should – how many restaurants/bars serving alcohol are within a mile of the church at Lemon and Wilshire?

      1. The residents of Fullerton elected Travis Kiger to do the job of hitting cleaning up on the Fullerton City Council, and
        as far as I’m concerned, Travis has been hitting nothing but home runs and grand slams whenever he’s up on the dais.

        Go get em Travis!

      2. Sssshhh! Don’t say things that are true about one of the Masters of the FFFF Universe! It will anger the congregation!

    1. I’m sure that Jan Flory was behind calling on MADD to protest at our City Council meeting and ask them to try and ram those DUI checkpoints down our throat.

      1. My guess would be FPOA. Free money from the gas taxes that isn’t going back to the people. Just to another PD.

      2. Travis is a tool!! He has no idea what he is doing!!! He is like a kid with a new toy!!! Just wants to play with it but doesn’t know all the rules!! Kiger u are an idiot!! You will be gone in november!! Keep it up! Kiger is a complete idiot!!!

          1. Actually, there is an intelligent and patriotic Fullerton resident that does post as The Moron…this ain’t him by a longshot!

    2. Note that this comment was posted on the link to the MADD article in the Register by Tony Cicciarelli who is listed on the FPOA as a Fullerton Police Officer…

      “So Travis knows more than the US Supreme Court. Not only did he take FREE money away from a program that keeps the citizens of Fullerton safe, but one could argue he just made it a little less safer in Fullerton. My guess is he would think differently if he had a loved one killed by a drunk driver. Shame on him and the Council for allowing this to happen.”

      1. We’ll see if MADD expresses how mad they are about all the DUI factories that saturate the downtown area and those who feel the downtown area would beerly be a ghost town without them.

        1. ABC should be contacted. Most cities get grant funds to address all the bar issues you speak of. ABC also licensed all those bars.

    3. Todd Spitzer · Top Commenter · Owner/Principal at Todd Spitzer Law

      This is not about the money going to another city. This is about saving lives. I have staffed many DUI checkpoints as a police officer and prosecuted hundreds of cases for those who drove through these checkpoints while under the influence. It is a known fact: DUI checkpoints save lives. How do you measure a life that was NOT lost from a DUI driver? You cannot. But you can believe, with substantial credibility, that if a DUI driver is driving above the legal limit and they are stopped and arrested, there is a strong probablility of someone dying or being hurt either in the DUI driver’s car or an innocent person or occupant of another car. Isn’t the Adenhart tragedy good enough for Fullerton to understand the impacts of DUI? Most sober individuals who are temporarily detained at a checkpoint will tell you that the minor inconvenience is minimal if it means saving lives. It is hard to believe that some members of the Fullerton Council do not agree with this analysis. Let’s hope this item is reconsidered.

      1. Gonna be a heated council meeting. Kiger gonna get blasted like the Bankhead McKinley days. Should be fun.

          1. Nope. Common sense. Bad decisions get pissed off people. Right? That’s what FFFF and Tbush taught everyone.

        1. I wonder if MADD will bring up the FPD officers who were hired with DUIs. Or that one who was kept on the force after getting a second one.

          1. Another fun topic. So let’s say someone applies to be a cop. He’s 27 years old and he got a DUI at the age of 18 in high school. Stayed clean since and serve his punishment. Should be be DQ’d no matter what?

            Cops that get DUIs another topic. Discipline levels. All didfferent at all PDs. Cops don’t get fires for a DUI. Seems common to get 30 days off. I’ve known a few that got second DUIs and did more time off but didn’t lose their jobs. I think a 2nd should lose their job for sure. First one is debatable because everyone makes mistakes and since nobody else gets fired for a misdemeanor first DUI cops shouldn’t either. Fair is fair. Yea I know enforcers of the laws but I see the human element too.

              1. They speak to criminal aspects of DUIs not the employment of the violators. Now if they were able to get laws passed that DUI violators should be punished and lose their jobs, then cops would be in that law too obviously.

              1. My job too if I get a Dui its automatic dismissal. No questions asked just turn in the keys to your company car and empty your office. Should be automatic dismissal for cops too. Its not that hard to be a law abiding person. Its the public employees union that makes it ok for cops to drive drunk. The purpose of public sector union nowadays is to promote and provide for itself not to protect members from their employers as was the founding principal was.

      2. Todd please provide us with Federal or University based studies that show DUI checkpoints save lives especially in California. Cal law requires proper notice of the location and dates of checkpoints in advance. This in comparison to using the same funds to have officers actively patrolling known areas where drunk drivers will leave the 51 Fullerton bars and pubs. Your studies are skewed because they do not use comparison controls only do nothing controls.
        But good try. $50,000 represents only 1/100 of 1% of the FPD budget and thus has little impact. FPD can run their own anti alcohol program via more thorough patrolling.

        1. Supreme court recommendations say notice of day and time. Not location. That’s the main preventative is that people know there is a checkpoint but not where, so they choose not to drive drunk period.

        2. External
          Alcohol and Other Drugs
          In 2012, OTS again identified and targeted California’s “Top 50 DUI Cities” and funded these cities to conduct additional DUI checkpoints in 2012. As a result, the “Top 50 Cities” plan to conduct 598 DUI checkpoints in 2012. (SHSP Action 1.1)
          Utilizing OTS crash rankings to identify cities with disproportionate numbers of traffic collisions, OTS Regional Coordinators and Law Enforcement Liaisons will contact city representatives to encourage submittal of a grant proposal. (SHSP Action 1.1)
          Fund 14 county probation departments to target repeat DUI offenders who violate probation terms or who fail to appear in court. Funded strategies include intensive supervision, unannounced home contacts and searches, surveillance operations, highly publicized warrant service operations, alcohol and drug testing, and the distribution of “Hot Sheets” to local law enforcement agencies. (SHSP Action 1.3)
          Fund a statewide DUI Checkpoint Program for local law enforcement agencies. To promote sustained enforcement, state and local law enforcement agencies collectively serving at least 50 percent of California’s population or serving geographic subdivisions that account for at least 50 percent of California’s alcohol-related fatalities will conduct checkpoints not less than quarterly. (SHSP Action 1.1)
          Fund countywide and regional DUI Avoid programs in 40 counties involving 556 law enforcement agencies and CHP to conduct enforcement and media campaigns during holiday periods. OTS and MADD will sponsor regional DUI seminars recognizing top DUI enforcement officers in each county. (SHSP Action 1.1)
          Fund 40 “Live DUI Courts” and 15 “Live DUI Sentencings” in California high schools providing students the opportunity to see up close the consequences of driving under the influence to individual drivers, crash victims and their own local community. (SHSP Action 6.5)
          Fund 150 “Every 15 Minutes” programs, a two-day program that focuses on high school junior and seniors and challenges them to think about the consequences of drinking, personal safety and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved. (SHSP Action 6.5)
          Launch a new statewide “peer-to-peer” program: Teens in the Driver Seat.
          San Joaquin and Sonoma counties are using a “staggered sentencing” model with their DUI courts. The “staggered sentencing model” requires accountability among offenders and presents an alternative form of punishment and treatment where consequences are clearly defined and agreed upon with the judge. “Staggered sentencing” is likely best-suited for cases with repeat offenders because of the level of court involvement in overseeing the defendant’s progress to recovery. Judge Richard Vlavianos devised the model for “staggered sentencing” in his court in San Joaquin County and will begin teaching this model to other judges at the National Judicial College.
          The newly developed three-year performance-based TSRP Strategic Plan will have a heavy emphasis on drug impaired driving. Law enforcement officers will be trained to better detect and investigate drug impaired drivers. Prosecutors will be trained to try cases involving drugged drivers. Both of these objectives will be accomplished by presenting two day courses that include the seven drug categories in the DRE curriculum (CNS Depressants, CNS Stimulants, Narcotic Analgesics, Cannabis, Dissociative Anesthetics, Inhalants and Hallucinogens). The training will also include trial tactics for prosecutors so they can effectively deal with their own witnesses and defense experts. We will be presenting two to four classes each year, increasing the number of classes to six to eight per year by 2014.
          The Vehicular Homicide Seminar in 2012 will include an expanded portion on drug-impaired drivers. Past seminars only had two hours devoted to drugs, but in 2012 it will be a minimum of four hours. In 2013 the seminar will be replaced with a three and one-half day seminar devoted exclusively to investigating and prosecuting drug impaired drivers. In 2014 we will return to the vehicular homicide format and do the drug training again in 2015. Alternating vehicular homicide and drug training will better equip law enforcement and prosecutors to all the tools they need to effectively investigate and prosecute drug cases.

        3. FindLaw KnowledgeBase
          Published: 2010-05-20
          The Current State of Sobriety Checkpoints in California
          Article provided by San Diego DUI Attorney – The Law Offices of Mark R. DeYoe
          More Californians will be stopped at roadside sobriety checkpoints in 2010 than ever before. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), police departments across the state will conduct 2,500 sobriety checkpoints in 2010, a 44 percent increase over 2009. With the increased number of checkpoints come increased concerns over the constitutional validity and effectiveness of these law enforcement tactics.

          For people who face criminal charges stemming from sobriety checkpoints, it is important to understand that not all roadside sobriety checkpoints are necessarily set up and administered in a constitutionally permissible manner. Consultation with an experienced attorney versed in the legalities of sobriety checkpoints can reveal problems with a checkpoint that could cause a case to be dismissed or a DMV order of suspension set aside.

          Pros of Sobriety Checkpoints

          According to the California Highway Patrol, almost 23,000 Americans will lose their lives in DUI related motor vehicle accidents every year. That equates to one death every 22 minutes. To combat these sobering statistics, California began to conduct sobriety checkpoints in areas where there is a high rate of DUI arrests and other alcohol related accidents.

          In defense of these tactics, many argue that sobriety checkpoints serve an extremely valuable purpose, regardless of the intrusiveness of the stops. Proponents argue that:

          In 2008, more than 5,000 people were arrested and charged at sobriety checkpoints
          Grants cover the majority of the costs associated with sobriety checkpoints, so as not to interfere with other police duties
          Since 2005, alcohol-related driving deaths have decreased 20.1 percent, and many attribute this decline to increased law enforcement activities like sobriety checkpoints
          Proponents of sobriety checkpoints argue that the success of these checkpoints relates to the fact that they reach both drinking and non-drinking drivers. By stopping both groups, the California law enforcement community argues that they can educate all people about the dangers and penalties associated with driving under the influence, deterring some people from drinking and driving in the future.

          Cons of Sobriety Checkpoints

          Most everyone agrees that arresting drunk drivers is a worthwhile goal to pursue. What many people question is the constitutionality and effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints.

          While 5,000 DUI arrests occurred at sobriety checkpoints in 2008, this number is actually small compared to the total number of alcohol related arrests in California. According to the OTS, there were 215,000 DUI arrests in California in 2008, meaning that the number of arrests at sobriety checkpoints accounts for only 2.3 percent of all DUI arrests.

          Law enforcement spent $14 million in federal grant money to arrest 5,000 people at sobriety checkpoints. Many wonder whether that money could have been used more efficiently elsewhere.

          Many opponents of sobriety checkpoints argue that:

          Sobriety checkpoints result in illegal searches and seizures, violating both the state and federal constitution
          Law enforcement frequently target minorities, setting up checkpoints in communities with large minority populations
          These tactics are much less effective in arresting drunk drivers than conducting more generalized roving patrols
          The State of California Sobriety Checkpoint Law

          While California law does not expressly grant police officers the power to conduct sobriety checkpoints, the law does grant them the authority to enforce criminal and traffic laws. Many people have challenged the legality of these checkpoints based upon constitutional grounds.

          Some courts have in effect held that the intrusion that these checkpoints have on the Fourth Amendment’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures is justified by the seriousness of drunk driving and the possible deterrent effect of sobriety checkpoints.

          To assess the reasonableness of the search and seizure, courts examine and balance the governmental interest justifying the search against the invasion the search entails.

          In the 1987 California Supreme Court Case of Ingersol v. Palmer, the key to all Fourth Amendment issues was reasonableness. In determining whether a particular roadside sobriety checkpoint is constitutionally valid, courts will examine a number of factors or limitations, including consideration of whether:

          Supervisory law enforcement officers make and establish the decision to institute a sobriety checkpoint, the site selection, and the operational procedures to be followed at the checkpoint
          Field officers have limited discretion in stopping motorists, and rely on a neutral formula for stopping motorists
          Law enforcement officers take proper and adequate safety precautions and use official vehicles and personnel during the checkpoint
          Policy-making officials make reasonable checkpoint location decisions, based on among other things, a high number of alcohol related accidents and arrests
          Officers use reasonable judgment in the time and duration of the checkpoint
          The checkpoint itself conveys sufficient indicia of its official nature
          Officers minimize the length and intrusiveness of the detention
          Officials provided advance publicity and notification of the sobriety checkpoint
          There are strategies that a person can use to challenge the constitutionality of a sobriety checkpoint in California. The amount of precautions taken by law enforcement officers to minimize the intrusiveness of the stop can determine the validity of the sobriety checkpoint. If the police stop someone in a sobriety checkpoint, it may be possible to challenge the stop and subsequent criminal charge. One should speak with a local California attorney to learn more about his or her options.


        4. Saving lives…well if we all stay home and never venture out it will probably “save lives”.
          I am going to out myself here but I remember the day when noone had to “click it or ticket”, there were no seatbelt laws, no smoking laws, no helmet laws, no airport searches of grandma and toddlers, no camera lights,,,,,just plain old common sense and FREEDOM, remember that; the very thing men fought and died for.
          The freedom to choose how “safe” or should I say; how much we want to be “saved from ourselves. The FREEDOM to make our own choices.
          Thanks to Big Brother more and more lives are “saved” each year I’m sure of it, just read their studies, but I for one, would rather live free.

          1. Big Brother, that’s such a joke. There’s nothing brotherly about the us government. Every day people speak out about this sham shadow government, and they are “disappeared” — every single day. The Brandon Raub kidnapping is a perfect and recent example of this.

            Checkpoints are invasive to our privacy and a major threat to what freedom we think we have left.

            Anyone who thinks the $50k is “free money” is not thinking rationally! NOTHING is free from the government, nothing. MADD money is not free.

            No thanks, I will take my own chances out there in the crazy world without checkpoints of any kind. I’ll take freedom and privacy any day over checkpoints — using them for dui’s is just another bullshit lie; they become far more than that — check this out:

            Video: Man Stands His Ground & Says NO To Police State Checkpoints


            time for us to man up/ woman up — say no!!!

      3. Todd wrote:

        “I have staffed many DUI checkpoints as a police officer and prosecuted hundreds of cases for those who drove through these checkpoints while under the influence.”

        I CALL BULLSHIT. He prosecuted many as a low level DA. No Question. But how many DUI checkpoints did “officer Spitzer staff” what the fuck does that mean staffed?

        Let me be clear: HOW MANY CHECK POINTS HAS TODD WORKED? 3? 5? 7?

        The numbers simply don’t support his assertion. another embelishment by a politican.

        I SAY PROVE IT!

    4. better than protest not wasting tax payers hard-earned dollars on sobriety check points, these same women may volunteer to offer rides home for drunk patrons of fullerton’s bars and clubs. this would be more effective as it quickly addresses the problem of drunk driving by going into the bars and intercepting the drunk patron before he or she gets into his or her car and either gets into an accident before they come into contact with the sobriety check point or somehow miss the sobriety checkpoint altogether and causes an accident.
      This mode is better because it is a helping hand up from an accident

      1. interrupted, these MADD mothers best serve their cause by volunteering to drive drunks home from bars. It is free, good public relations for their cause and does not punish the victim of booze, instead it offers a solution to a often lethal problem. I envision it now; Flory the politically correct liberal could say MADD volunteers offer a hand up(from the bar’s floor) not back hand of fiscal punishment. OOps! I forgot, if drunks are helped by the kindness and concern of fullerton’s community, instead of fining them, the city o fullerton loses money on this deal. flory et al will never support this volunteer program for that very reason
        my opinion

  28. Travis…Educate yourself

    D bag

    In 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the checkpoints aren’t unreasonable because public safety outweighs the minor intrusion on a driver’s privacy.

    1. And they are never wrong !!! Because I worship authority !!! I like being pulled over randomly !!! It would be great if all of us were randomly pulled over all the time !!! If it saves just one life sometime it is worth it !!! That’s why I also recommend lowering all speed limits to 10 mph – think of the lives saved !!!!

      1. In Fullerton they pull you over and beat you up! No one in Fullerton has faith in the police other than the old time politicians like Jan Flory who worked at city hall and is now feeding at the ample trough of public pensions!

  29. I have followed this website with great interest for more than a year now…and honestly credit it and its many supporters with the indictment and potential prosecution of some murderous, corrupt police officers. I also credit the site and its supporters with the lawful recall of three incredibly inept city council members. I also support the current city council, as I feel that it is vibrant, responsive and wanting to make real change to a community that I think deserves nothing better.

    But I am also more than a little dismayed, at the continued attacks and degradation of articulate people with a differing opinion. What has happened to this start-up movement to fix what is wrong….why does everyone who is a different age, or has a different opinion, suddenly the enemy to be maligned in public.

    Folks…this is Fullerton. That person you may want to malign, may well be your neighbor, or a member of your church. Can we be a little more civil? Especially now since the true root of our concerns have already been addressed. Or does it just continue as more crowd hysteria, to call out the next witch in the village.

    I feel that so much has been accomplished, and this site has to be thanked for making that happen…but let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are a democracy, with free speech available to everyone. If we are simply going to trample that with a blog that wants to ridicule, demean and intimidate, have we accomplished the goals of our founders?

    I have never met Ms. Flory…don’t know if I would support her for her run for C/C or not. But I do know this, she is entitled to make her comments, and she should not be maligned in public for her thoughts. If you wish to debate…do so, but stop the name-calling.

    1. Well said! Which is why it will fall on deaf ears. The founders of this blog and the majority of commenters have zero interest in civility or the open exchange of ideas. If you oppose them, they will try to destroy. And since nearly all of them are anonymous, they conveniently never have to take what they love to dish out.

      This blog is more like a hive than anything else. Smack it and they all swarm out to sting you.

      1. Think of it this way. Compared to murder, rape, assault, theft, and general injustice, civility is not that important to most of us.

        The free exchange of ideas is always good. Unfortunately we have yet to hear any ideas from Ms. Flory or her supporters. Her campaign literature to date is Facebook posts complaining about the “Tea Party” (a useless and corrupted organization which I am not and would never be a member of) and her public appearances have been used to insult Travis and Bruce Whitaker. I expect nothing substantive to come from her, but if anything ever does, I am happy to analyze it on its merits.

  30. I commend Travis and the other two for voting down the State DUI checkpoint grant. That took some big brass balls because they knew that there would be bigtime cop union blowback. The pigs want their OT. DUI checkpoints are a blatant attack on our civil liberties by snaring thousands of innocent drivers in a net to catch one DUI offender. The ‘just saving one life makes it worth it crowd’ are full of bunk. What’s next? 10 random warrantless home searches on a Saturday night to look for illegal contraband that could save a human life? Hell, it would only be a minor inconvenience that should take no longer than 10 minutes. And it woudl produce illegal firearms or drugs that take human lives. How is that different from pulling over innocent drivers without cause and looking for violations? It’s not. The ones who love DUI checkpoints love the Patriot Act and NDAA too!!! Because it’s all done to keep you safe and to save lives. Don’t buy their crap. These people aren’t your friends. 😉

    1. Blah blah. The state agency gives away millions and millions of dollars every year for checkpoints. You really think the could do that if it was illegal? Wait. I know your answer. Just FYI $50k in a year is peanuts for checkpoints for overtime. Comes out to about $208 per month for the cops working it, before taxes. Big deal. They aren’t mad about that OT. Email OTS and tell them to give those millions and millions to the homeless. This is just a mini grant. The main grants are $500,000 and they incorporate all the various DUI operations but if you won’t do checkpoints they won’t give you a dollar. Tough.

        1. I did?

          Checkpoints are legal. They save lives. Checkpoints don’t lead to home invasions by cops. Just knowing there is a checkpoint somewhere in Fullerton will deter someone from driving drunk. Drunks roll into checkpoints all the time and get arrested. That could have saved injury or death at the next intersection like Adenhart. Believe it or not, most people want everything possible done to get drunks off the streets. Unlicensed driving is a whole different topic but they are at times more dangerous than the drunks! Plus they hit and run all the time making us pay for the damages and injuries they caused. Arggghhh

          1. “Checkpoints don’t lead to home invasions by cops”

            How are they different. Both egregiously violate an individual’s privacy. Innocent law-abiding drivers are forcefully pulled to the side of the road and forced to stop. If they run the checkpoint there is stiff punishment.

            How is that really any different than the cops knocking on a random home door and informing the residents that they are there for a short warrantless search meant to save lives?

            It’s not. All of it is a form of fascism.

            1. Because the supreme court said checkpoints are legal and knocking on a door and waking inside without consent has been found illegal by the supreme court.

              1. FYI…

                Although the U.S. Supreme Court has found sobriety checkpoints to be constitutionally permissible, ten states (Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) have found that sobriety roadblocks violate their own state constitutions or have outlawed them. Two other states (Alaska and Montana) do not use checkpoints even though they have not made them illegal.

                1. So much for our city council’s “extremism.” Tons of precedent. But Jan Flory and her MADD allies would have you think it is a wing-nut position.

            2. Its the expectation of privacy thing. The only place you can hide is in your own home or on your own land. Of course, I opened a business at home and had to give four agencies the right to inspect my property in trade for my license.

              1. Good point. If you said no then no license. You can always sign your rights away I guess. Just like consent searches.

  31. Why DUI check points?
    Monitor the bar parking areas. A sub-GED mentality should be capable of reaching such a conclusion.
    Its not about SAFETY, its about the MONEY.
    The same amount of grant money would be allocated if the DUI check points were conducted at 1:00 PM, with no OT for the FPD.
    BTW those ELKs,ROTARY,CofC meetings have their fair of people driving after only a couple a glasses of wine.
    FPD don’t have the guts to monitor these parking areas after a meeting. OCSD would.

    1. Because its a checkpoint mini grant offered to all California cities. Checkpoints only on this one. Don’t want to do checkpoints the money goes back in the pool for all the other cities. OTS says you can’t start checkpoints until after 6pm now.

  32. Oh, btw. You never see MADD when cops are arrested for DUI and keep their jobs, do you?

    A LA Sheriff detective ran a red light in his unmarked police vehicle while drunk in Stanton and almost killed a driver that he t-boned. Severe brain trauma. He was convicted and did house arrest time! 😀 The victim sued LA county and won about $5M. The cop is still working for the LA Sheriff’s Dept. No joke. WHERE THE HELL IS MADD???

    The former OCSD Harbormaster ( a lieutenant) was driving her county LE vehicle drunk causing an accident. She was arrested and convicted. She was reassigned to the jail but kept her job and rank. WHERE THE HELL IS MADD???

    Why should a cop who violates drunk driving laws in their LE vehicles be allowed to keep their LE jobs? WHERE THE HELL IS MADD???

    MADD keeps their mouths shut when cops commit egregious DUI violations. Quiet as church mice. That’s because they back the unions 100%.

    When they show their faces at the Council meeting Travis should fire back with some of that!!!

    That’ll shut ’em up!!! 😀

    1. They write letters to the departments requesting severe discipline or termination and request that the Departments have zero tolerance for drunk drivers. They offer training sessions and counseling if requested. As with all discipline, the amount of discipline at each PD is usually never known. Don’t forget the Riverside PD Chief that was snitched off by a cop and eventually forced to resign. There’s one of your examples you were begging for. There are many more.

      1. “…that was snitched off by a cop and eventually forced to resign. There’s one of your examples you were begging for.”

        No, it’s not. He wasn’t prosecuted, he was “forced to resign” as you stated it. Retirement and prosecution aren’t synonymous to most people, but apparently they are to cops.

        1. He was not “snitched off” it was a little hard to hide that messed up $40,000 car…… people started asking questions …. epic fail porky…..

            1. His own department stopped him and let him go, even though they could tell he was DUI.

              Patrol car video from Leach’s traffic stop shows him “unsteady on his feet” and “intoxicated to the point where he was unsure of the condition of his vehicle or the circumstances leading up to” being pulled over, the CHP declaration states.
              Riverside police officers also reported their boss had watery eyes, the strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech and uncharacteristic repetitive speech, Berns wrote.
              “Both officers formed the opinion that Mr. Leach was driving under the influence,” he wrote.
              What the declaration does not state, and what city leaders are investigating, is who made the decision for the officers to act against their judgment and not administer a sobriety test or make an arrest.


              This is a documented cover-up of criminal activity by RPD. I’m surprised you would use this as an example.

              Epic Fail x2.

                1. Who does ole porky think went screaming to his boss? The city garage manager who walked in and saw that tore up Hemi powered chiefs car. Everyone knows you mess a car up that bad you have to have an incident report for the insurance and there is no way in hell the guys were not taking pictures of that thing and spreading the news. Porky just cannot see that cops are dirtier than hell.

    2. Funny you should mentions this. When an off duty cop pursued and shot drunk driving San Diego Charger Steve Foley a few years back, MADD awarded that officer with an officer of the year award, even though the officier made a dangerous situation even more dangerous by giving chase in a civilian car, and opening fire in a cul de sac against a drunk guy who rightly was freaked out a civilian car followed him home. I emailed MADD and brought up the logic of that award, and they informed me that the Coronado Police wanted the officer to receive the award, which of course MADD was still happy to award. The cop cost San Diego 5.5 million for his recklessness. So let it be known, MADD despises drunk driving so much they don’t mind solving it with vigilantism.

      1. That cop was a total idiot, as are most of them. “I got this here badge and gun and baton and taser, therefore, I can shoot, and maim and torture and kill folks and it’s ok.”

        They need to get over themselves and get back to doing what they were hired to do — PROTECT AND S E R V E the community that hired them!

  33. “They write letters to the departments requesting severe discipline or termination and request that the Departments have zero tolerance for drunk drivers”

    I call bullshit on that. Why doesn’t MADD hold a press conference and bring it to the attention of the public? Why don’t they make it a PUBLIC issue when a cop is busted for DUI while driving his or her cop car and causing property damage or injury? Why be so secret about it? MADD should involve the public to force the departments to fire dirty cops. So I call your story what it is….pure bullshit. I have called MADD’s office before about this and they NEVER called me back to discuss it. That shows how concerned they are!!! 😀

    1. DUi property damage is a misdemeanor. Injury is a felony most of the time. They concentrate on the punishments for felonies and changing laws. I agree. Cops that kill or injure due to DUI should be fired and almost always are. Agree. MADD should write a letter supporting termination but they almost always are anyways. DUI misdemeanors usually aren’t fired and like I said shouldn’t be.

      1. “DUI misdemeanors usually aren’t fired and like I said shouldn’t be”

        So you’re saying that cops who are said to be held to a ‘higher standard’ and are given police powers to enforce the law who are caught driving their police vehicles drunk after causing an accident shouldn’t get fired?

        You just lost all credibility with me, Porky. You’re obviously a big part of the problem that backs dirty cops, right or wrong. Thanks for showing your true colors. We know what you stand for.

      2. WRONG… Oceanside Ca. Cop had a rollover wreck on the 5 injuring his pasanger…. still on duty… epic fail porky…

          1. complaint of pain from a roll over wreck and no filing? lol right. Next. Oh wait, I know what it will be — the pork squealing when they are all fired and FPD disbanded 🙂 Oh happy day!

          2. Wrong, ambulance called, stay in hospital…. cop still on duty. Behind closed door deal with DA. I need to wash my hands they feel dirty typing this.

    2. I have a friend who got shitcanned from the Sauk County (Wisconsin) Sheriff’s Dept. for DUI on duty. The State Police loved taking down a Deputy who, by the way, was an alcoholic train wreck.

      1. Sounds like they did everyone a great service by doing so, I applaud their efforts, and would hope your friend can get the help he/she needs to get past this alcoholism…

  34. Just Us is saying that MADD has an unholy alliance with police unions and aids in drunk driving coverups where police are involved. I have to agree. I have never heard or seen MADD chasten any officer who was charged with drunk driving and caused accidents. MADD has a symbiotic relationship and needs the backing of the police unions above all other items. It is quite obvious.

    1. Yes they work with the police and rely on police support to get laws changed and supported. So yes. I don’t agree they cover DUIs up. Most cops being arrested don’t even make the paper. Most cop DUIs are handled internally and disciplined internally. POBAR.

      1. I gave you TWO examples when the cops DUI’s made the news. Both cops were convicted of driving their police vehicles drunk. One caused grave bodily injury to the victim. One caused property damage. Both kept their jobs.

        Spin that, man.

          1. maybe porkchop had to get in this bacon mobile and get to work? We’ll know for sure when we see the next officer involved shooting or beating….

    2. What ticks me off is that cops are said to be held to a “higher standard”. Yet I gave TWO examples of when cops drove drunk in their government owned vehicles and caused accidents that resulted in property damage or injury. Both those cops kept their employment with their police agencies.

      Yet if you worked for a private company and drove one of their vehicles drunk and caused an accident resulting in property damage or injury – would you keep your job with that company? No fing way.

      Which blows the “higher standard” lie right out of the water, doesn’t it?

      1. Higher standards is hog wash. No one should be held to higher standards. Everyone in this world should be held to equal standards. Whites blacks Mexicans females males cops janitors firemen. Equality for all. Lets make everyone in the world have equal paya and benefits. Doctors. Attorneys. Crackheads. Wveryone.

  35. Jan Flory’s action, or lack there of, that night at the city council meeting is reminiscent of a salty 70 year body with a brain of a 16 year old.

  36. FPD makes the news again – “officer-involved” shooting in Bellflower following a pursuit; suspect is DOA

    At least two FPD cars at the scene; shooting took place about 2:30-3:00 a.m. from what was just reported

  37. So Awesome that this post is still up.
    I say keep it up for another couple of days so we could hear Jan get up at the next council meeting and snivel some more.

  38. In one breath she says she is a “strong older woman” (well I’ll give her the old part); and she says this right after being “horrified” and “chagrined” that somebody made a horse joke at her expense.

    Definitely not strong. Brittle is more like it. Thanks Jan for proving that you are a bitter bag of bile. Well done.

    1. Joe Sipowicz :
      In one breath she says she is a “strong older woman” (well I’ll give her the old part); and she says this right after being “horrified” and “chagrined” that somebody made a horse joke at her expense.

      She’s definitely strong – her body odor could make a train take a dirt road. And she’s definitely older – she makes Grendel’s hag mother look perky.

      The only correct context she could have used “horrified” and “chagrined” would be if she had said “When I walked up to the podium my strong body odor caused the two men behind me to point at the fumes. They were horrified and were anticipating the shock wave of foul stench barreling their way, but they were chagrined to find it merely scorched their nose hairs.”

      1. She really has bad body odor? Or you are staying consistent with things here and just making stuff up to bash old people or anyone with different views?

        1. No, she really does have body odor that bad. She scares the buzzards off a dead cow. She’s so ugly Medusa turns away. It’s said her singing voice is so bad she once cracked the Crystal Cathedral by saying “ouch!”

          Stay away from her if you know what’s good for you, even FPD cops would refuse to beat THAT thing to death!

  39. woke up to clock radio telling of yet another fpd shooting death. It seems that every high speed chase nvolving fullerton police ends with a shooting fatality. The interesting thing about this is that it was in another city. The suspect was cornered in a culdesac. and his truck was facing forward so its hard to understand how he was allegedly running them down.

          1. not convinced that pulling the trigger is justified just because reverse lights are on. even more reason for the police to us restraint if the are out of the car as they are not positioned directly behind the car. Stupid is the wrong word to use. A good cop is trained to handle situtions. allto often the only option seems to be deadly force which can be a cover for lack of competence.

    1. streets of bellflower :
      …his truck was facing forward so its hard to understand how he was allegedly running them down.

      Yeah, he couldn’t POSSIBLY tried backing his car into the cops. That would be IMPOSSIBLE!! This entire incident is obviosuly the fault of the police, who should have gotten out of the guys way.

      1. He was backing up dumbshit. The officers were out of their cars. Stupid people always talk before reading what happened.
        @Chapeau..they were out of their cars. Again dumbshit.

        1. “stupid people talk before reading what happened”
          just because its in print doesn’t mean its so.Past situations show that police very often do cover up and spin their stories to fit their means.If you do in fact work with law enforcement it might help the department side if you represent them a little better instead of talking trash.

  40. Concerned Texan :
    It just seems like certain political figures, or posters around here are continually trying to assign complete blame to the villain du jour. I mean, first TONY writes everything, and now TRAVIS writes everything. I think the ringleader comment is important because she is trying to put sole responsibility for the entire content on this site on Travis’ shoulders. It is ludicrous. I guess she is trying to engage Travis in one on one political combat, but her logic doesn’t quite make sense.

    CT, you might have a point, if anyone was actually claiming that. I don’t. But you can’t deny that Travis likes to take credit for this blog. Here’s what he says on his own campaign website:

    “My passion for excellent local government was the impetus for my co-founding and running of the largest and most successful political website in Orange County. By demanding integrity from elected officials and absolute transparency from government, our website has succeeded in filling the void left by struggling Orange County newspapers and providing unparalleled investigative reporting services proving once again, that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.”

    Those are Travis’ words, not mine. Travis can’t have it both ways. He can’t take credit for co-founding and running FFFF, take credit for all its successes, and then refuse to take any responsibility for its excesses and viciousness. Travis could enforce standards of civility here if he wanted to. But he chooses not to. He and Bushala choose to allow anyone to say absolutely anything abut anybody, no matter how vile or defamatory or untrue. And when someone calls him on it, like Flory did, Kiger shrugs his shoulders like there’s nothing he can do about it, which is false.

    It’s fun to watch his supporters twist themselves into pretzels making excuses for him. Kiger could say the moon was made of green cheese, and you guys would attack anyone who disagreed. Brain dead. Groupthink. Cult mentality.

    1. I should have been more clear, I was specifically referring to Jan Flory’s accusation in the video clip. She asserts that Travis Kiger is the ringmaster, and the webhost for FFFF. She uses those allegations as the basis for her publicly insulting Travis during the council meeting. Firstly Travis didn’t write the specific words about which she is complaining. Secondly Travis is neither a ringmaster, nor a web host for FFFF.
      As for myself, even though I agree with many of the points illustrated through various posts, I am neither brain-dead nor do I possess a cult mentality. It seems that you and your mind-like posters throw just as many if not more insulting and offensive comments.

      1. Concerned Texan :
        Secondly Travis is neither a ringmaster, nor a web host for FFFF.
        As for myself, even though I agree with many of the points illustrated through various posts, I am neither brain-dead nor do I possess a cult mentality. It seems that you and your mind-like posters throw just as many if not more insulting and offensive comments.

        CT, you say Travis isn’t a ringleader or webhost of FFFF. Travis says he is a co-founder of FFFF, and that he runs this blog. Who should I believe? You, or Travis?

        Re my “brain dead” jibes: point taken. But you aside, they do apply to a lot of the commenters here who think Kiger, Bushala and the FFFF gang can do no wrong.

        1. I suppose I am splitting hairs here, but to me ringleader and co-founders are two separate things. For example, a person may found a company and then move on to other ventures. Ringleader implies that there is one particular individual behind every post. I think that is untrue. The posts written for FFFF come from many sources. I was also under the impression that a web host is a non physical location on the internet that “hosts” a site. I think Mrs. Flory is completely unaware how she presents herself in a public forum. I also think her lack of understanding and “tit for tat” attitude will count against her with the voting public. So an author on FFFF insulted her, her response was to publicly lash out at someone at whom she points her finger. And she tends to enter the political arena with ridicule for others on her FB page, then somehow becomes offended when people give her a dose of her own medicine. I find all of these characteristics very unappealing and not the qualities I would want in a city council member.

    2. “He and Bushala choose to allow anyone to say absolutely anything abut anybody, no matter how vile or defamatory or untrue. And when someone calls him on it, like Flory did, Kiger shrugs his shoulders like there’s nothing he can do about it, which is false.”

      The only way that standards could be imposed is if comments are moderated. That would require somebody to take the time to actually read every comment before it was allowed to appear, or to go through every comment later and delete “offensive” ones. That’s a lot of time and effort and it stifles debate.

      As things are now, Travis and the other people in charge of the blog don’t limit anybody’s free speech. A lot of the “mean-spiritedness” has come from cop trolls and their supporters. But of course the ordinary people who read this blog and write comments are angry about issues like corruption and police brutality. They get to come here and knock some sacred cows down. I’m thankful we have a place for people to do that.

    3. I think the point that your missing is that we are ALL allowed to say and write whatever we want, whenever we want on this blog.

      It seems that the only content that would be deemed suitable for publication by Jan Flory would be flowery prose.

      This blog is called “Friends For Fullerton’s Future”, not “Foo Foo’s For Flory”.

      1. I respectfully disagree with you FL that I’m missing the point. I understand that we can say what we want when we post here. It’s not that I’m missing that particular point, I was addressing something completely different. In my earlier comments I have been addressing how Flory (in the embedded video clip) is trying to specifically hold Travis entirely responsible for all the content written on FFFF with arguments that don’t make any logical sense at all. I was trying to point out many of those flaws with my points. I will add though I appreciate that I can post here and say what I wish to say without being extorted to reveal any personal information which I prefer to keep confidential.

        1. Its the anonymity that makes this blog so special. People can really speak freely without fear of reprisal. That is especially important when you are taking on authority structures like law enforcement. But CT, I think FL was telling Chapeau he or she was missing the point, not you.

        2. Sorry Tex, I was referring to Chapeau.

          Your post posted almost simultaneously after my response to Chapeau did.

  41. The Fullertonista :
    Think of it this way. Compared to murder, rape, assault, theft, and general injustice, civility is not that important to most of us.

    So the only way to oppose those things (and who is in favor of them, BTW?) is by being an a-hole? Mon frere, I really hope Flory loses. I’d take Kige over her any day of the week. But he should recognize there is tension between being a councilman and running a blog that likes to ridicule Fullertonians who address their council at public comments.

    1. Ok, fair point. But two things, first, there are basically no moderators for this blog, so logistically it would be somewhat impossible to monitor all comments. Second, this blog also lets people blow off steam, and insulting public figures, mean-spirited or not, really helps the little guy feel better about the impersonal bureaucracy that causes him misery.

      Also, the ordinary citizens who get up and say things at city council are not ridiculed. Nobody is teeing off on specific cops and their fans who showed up and showered praise on FPD. The majority of candidates running in this election have not been maligned in the slightest.

  42. Fullerton Lover :
    I think the point that your missing is that we are ALL allowed to say and write whatever we want, whenever we want on this blog.

    That doesn’t mean very much since the bloggers here are in lock-step with blog’s founders/owners/operators.

      1. It’s not like anyonewho diverges from the FFFF platform would be allowed to blog here. So you’re not saying much.

        1. Wanna bet? I’ve been allowed to blog here for about a year. During that time nobody has even told me what the “platform” is.

          I didn’t agree with Kiger, Whitaker and Chafee’ on the name change for the Coyote Hills development plan ballot amendment. The park already exists. What is being proposed is not a park plus development, its just development There. Divergence.

        2. Last time I checked no permission was ever granted to me or anyone else which allows them FFFF blogging rights.

          Free for thee, and free for me, just the way it should be.

    1. Do you think that we all have walkie-talkies and get our talking points and require permission to speak from our leaders?

      That would be the Fullerton Police Officers Association and their ilk.

  43. The Fullertonista :
    Ok, fair point. But two things, first, there are basically no moderators for this blog, so logistically it would be somewhat impossible to monitor all comments.

    Not impossible. Very time-consuming perhaps, but not impossible. But not moderating comments is Bushala’ and Kiger’s choice, which gives themn some responsibility for what appears ere because of that choice.

    Then again, twice today I ‘ve gotten “your comment awaiting moderation” messages, so some moderation is happening.

  44. Is there an East Coast FFFF type blog out there in the internets? I am sure there is, I was looking into the latest Anaheim beating victim when I stumbled across Robert Leone and the treatment he rec’d from the PA State police. Bi-polar dude driving back from star gazing. You know, a real dangerous threat to society.

    One of the officers broke his hand repeatedly punching him in the face. One of the charges Leone rec’d was for said broken hand (assaulting an officer)!
    Some dooshbag doctor released him back to the police before his vital signs even stabilized according to the medical report. Poor Leone’s mug shot looks like Kelly Thomas.

  45. The Fullertonista :
    I didn’t agree with Kiger, Whitaker and Chafee’ on the name change for the Coyote Hills development plan ballot amendment. The park already exists. What is being proposed is not a park plus development, its just development There. Divergence.

    You guys sure know how to keep your criticisms and disagreements quiet. That one sounded like it was dragged out of you, and remnds me that respect for property rights is hit-and-miss on what is suppopsed to be a liberty blog.

    1. It has nothing to do with property rights. Its a accuracy in ballot amendment naming issue. A park already exists there. What is being proposed is a housing development. So the ballot amendment should reflect whether the residents want a housing development there or not. And I didn’t know it was a “liberty” blog with a set of predefined points on issues such as property rights.

      See? You are the one that thinks the blog should be a certain way. It is an anarchy zone, as it should be, with no rules. I like it that way. If it had rules I wouldn’t blog here.

      1. It’s only an “anarchy zone” when it suits the spin purposes of the people who run it and blog here.

        If I read a post by The Fullertonista excoriating Whitaker, Chaffee and Kiger for voting for a dishonest ballot title, your argument would have mre credibility. Like I said, you sure keep the disagreements quiet. Anyone can criticize an opponent.

      2. I’m more concerned with the legality of the change. It was originally on the agenda as a “non-material change”, which is allowable this late in the game according to the election code. It was amended before approval to become a very material change, which is only legal for a very short period after the petition signatures are presented. Was pretty bush league in my opinion.

  46. The Fullertonista :
    Also, the ordinary citizens who get up and say things at city council are not ridiculed. Nobody is teeing off on specific cops and their fans who showed up and showered praise on FPD.

    I see what you’re saying, but “most people aren’t ridiculed on the Internet” isn’t much reassurance to a resident who wants to address the council but doesn’t want to risk winding being ridiculed in a video that will be YouTube forever.

    Also, this blog goes after police and their supporters by name all the time.

    1. There is nothing preventing cops and their fanboys from starting their own blog and ridiculing us. Go for it.

          1. Well, examine this blog thread for a moment. There are nearly 300 posts on this page and many of them are from opposing views. I find myself trying to respectfully disagree and intelligently argue my points concerning Jan Flory. So wouldn’t you agree that on this particular thread no everyone thinks the same way?

            1. There are a lot of comments, but only a few commenters here diverging from the hive. But the uniformity among the contributors is fairly thoroughgoing.

            1. Even if there are “a few” people who post opposing views then not “everyone” who posts on this blog think the same way. Ergo what I say is absolutely true.

                1. It isn’t weak, it’s my point. It is a logical fallacy to talk in absolutes. Speaking or making comments in terms of absolutism doesn’t present a cohesive argument. I think you and porky are mistaken in your thinking and not presenting very valid arguments. I mean no offense, but it seems you and porky come here, sling a few insults and then comment that you’re upset that all the FFFF posters do in mindlessly insult people. I also admit that you are doing your best to present thoughtful arguments with me and I appreciate that. I think that people with opposing view points tend to insult and leave. I would encourage more interaction and debate, not really like Greg Diamond. And, you know I’m not perfect either. I lost my cool once and told him to *F* off, although I try my best to be respectful and have thoughtful dialogue with the other individuals who post here.

        1. Joe, you have to account for the GED factor. We’ve all seen the comments left by the trolls: almost completely illiterate. I guess they could hire somebody to write stuff for them.

      1. Interesting point. They don’t. Why is that? I would love for Coffman and Goodrich to start a blog.

        Of course that would take a little bit of time and a little bit of effort. Still, there are 145 of them and only seven or eight of us.

        Shall we hold our breath?

      1. quote from Chapoo
        “Also, this blog goes after police and their supporters by name all the time.”

        Alby Al ? your offended this pervert was outed? and the boys in blue that ‘miss hanging with Al’? talk about a circle jerk!
        Nazi thug Hampton? beating up dangerous cell phone recording citizens?? Cyclops smashing Kelly’s face in?
        Exactly why should the America conceal the identities of these criminals?

      1. Im curious, if an over weight cop (who sat on his balls all day in his comfy squad car) stands up and his balls are now stuck to his ass like used gum, does he yell “STOP RESISTING!” at them? Inquiring minds need to know.

        1. No. They just reach down there pants and pull them forward. Then they use those same hands to shake hands with the next client. Share the sweaty balls. Don’t ever touch your taser with sweaty ball hands though. You might shock yourself.

  47. Chapeau :

    streets of bellflower :…his truck was facing forward so its hard to understand how he was allegedly running them down.

    Yeah, he couldn’t POSSIBLY tried backing his car into the cops. That would be IMPOSSIBLE!! This entire incident is obviosuly the fault of the police, who should have gotten out of the guys way.

    Another stupid person.

  48. The Fullertonista :
    This of course means nothing. Ethnicity and religion have little to do with contemporary political philosophy. That’s going to be my last word on the subject.

    ……….. Hmmmmmm

    Thanks for your last word on the subject.

    Ethnicity and religion has everything to do with contemporary political philosophy

    The ethnicity and religion is mother of the political correctness aka mandatory disinformation.

    If you want to get elected to any office today you must kiss up to Latinos and condone their lawlessness and Jews to condone their Middle east terrorism which sucked us into every conflict there and 911.

    George Soros billionaire communist Jew, I can name entire Wall Street, Hollywood, News Media and famous Jewish lobby which dictates USA contemporary political philosophy

    Now that is my last word on the subject until Golem accuse me of the antisemitism again.

              1. That’s funny. I just was typing this Fred it’s about time for you to say O’Malley again. And here it is! Your timing is always about the same.

                Good work TBush.

  49. “Moran, an 18-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department at the time of the crash, also was put on unpaid leave but now works as a patrol deputy, L.A. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said Tuesday”–.html

    Now the cop is working patrol arresting other drunks when they drive! 😀

    Nah, there’s no double-standard. Didn’t you know that police are held to a ‘higher standard’? 😀


    1. Looks like this one stumped old Porkchop too!

      Whenever he sidesteps your comment on the cops consider it a victory.

      Thanks for the win, Porkchop!!! 😀

      1. MADD is non existent. Yesterday I noted that MADD had an unfortunate symbiotic relationship with police unions and desperately needed their backing. That is why announced traffic stops are done on overtime. If it was done on straight time, more of the stops could be set up. But since its a symbiotic payoff, time and a half it is!

  50. Chapeau/Concerned Texan are flip sides of the same coin. They’re playing good cop/bad cop.

    1. Concerned Texan has been around here forever. He’s good people. He just has a gentle and reasonable arguing style.

  51. I have a question to anyone who was at the August 21st council meeting. The crowd erupted with laughter and clapping when Flory started insulting Mr. Kiger. Were they actually laughing at Flory or encouraging her?

    1. Encouraging. Look at the videos where you all did the same thing to Bankhead and McKinley. They learned how to do it from the team TBush.

    2. Those were the cop union goons filled up with free food courtesy of the FPOA. They will soon grow tired and fade away – especially if no grub is dumped into the trough.

      1. So do you think it was something more like an orchestrated political trick than something more representative of the Fullerton public?

          1. No. You’re talking about the meeting before last. The cops just showed up to throw their weight around. Lol.

        1. Yes I think it was one of her usual orchestrated political tricks — she liked it the way it was before with the rampant theft and plundering of the city coffers.

    3. Encouraging her. If you were at the meeting you would’ve noted that the audience was filled with FPOA members, which are also her biggest political supporters, due to the mutual political back scratching each receives from the other.

  52. I’m very concerned that our current council members are not acting on behalf of the residents of Fullerton and what their needs/wishes are. I see this current council of kiger Whitaker and seborn attempting to pretend they are better and smarter than the residents. I’m very fearful that they are going to continue to do harm to Fullerton. I will vote in November but not for anyone who doesn’t listen

    1. Would you please provide a specific example of how each council member has made a vote with which you don’t agree or which doesn’t represent the best interests of Fullerton?

  53. Admin. put up a story on the costa Mesa council follow home story. That firm is the dirtiest of dirty and reps most POAs. FPD has the best firm in terms of ethics and tactics. But the tactics used are great these days. I guarantee Whitaker and Kiger and Tony are being followed all the time. Digging for dirt. Whitaker is even at the press conference.

      1. Really. They are. Dammeier firm is terrible. If they had Dammier you would have seen blue shirts for a year and fights everywhere.

    1. He says he quit he quit he quit after he finally stops fighting? And then nothing after he says he quits? I must be missing something. Or as Fred says I’m always missing something ha.

      1. You cops and Register whores sure love to use the word “fight.”

        I didn’t see any fight. I saw a couple of incompetent cops who couldn’t cuff a drunk and wore themselves out beating the drunks head with their fists.

        So sad. Lol.

  54. Here’s another one”

    “Giudice was arrested the night of April 15 after crashing into the back of another vehicle stopped at a red light at a freeway off-ramp, according to arrest records. She was driving an unmarked vehicle from the Sheriff’s Department”

    Last I heard she was working the jail.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if she worked a DUI checkpoint for some OT?? 😀

    I wonder if she’s made Captain yet??? 😀

    1. So is this Guidice related to the Real Housewives of New Jersey Guidice clan? omg — that whole family is a train wreck lol

      1. This crap about “higher standards” is about as funny as it gets.

        Here you have a ranking officer driving her police car drunk and slams into an innocent motorist at a stop light – AND KEEPS HER RANK AND JOB!!!!

        Think of the liability here if she were to get loaded again and hurt a citizen.


        Lotto time!!!

        Think about it. If you worked for a private company and caused an accident while driving one of their vehicles drunk – how long would it take the boss to can you butt???

        Yet cops – who are given police powers to enforce the laws and hold OTHERS accountable for their actions – can drive their police cars drunk and cause property damage or grave bodily injury – AND REMAIN COPS!!! 😀

        It’s so bizarre it’s unreal.

  55. There is also the story of the Deputy Allan James Waters. oc register march 2010 and April 2011 or around that time.

  56. Mr. Kiger,

    When you are confronted by MADD at your next meeting don’t forget to ask them why they never publicly criticize cops when they drive their police vehicles drunk in Orange County and cause accidents resulting property damage or grave injuries.

    I have NEVER read a MADD statement which condemns the cops that commit these egregious DUI violations or condemns their police agencies for not firing them.

    DUI cops should held to a ‘higher standard’ and FIRED.

    And until I read such a statement from MADD I simply cannot respect their organization.

      1. Who’s side are you on, Serpico?

        Mr. Kiger is the webmaster at this site and we have a right to communicate with him. It doesn’t have to be private. It’s good that other’s know it too. It was reported that MADD is going to come after him at the next meeting. He and ALL OF US need to be prepared. We need to help one another. To hell with secrecy. This website stands for TRANSPARENCY. And you should support that!

        1. I’m relating to how you just spout around here and give orders and ideas and never do anything yourself. Type A for sure.

          1. “I’m relating to how you just spout around here and give orders and ideas and never do anything yourself. Type A for sure”

            Oh, so now you’re attacking the messenger and claiming that I’m causing the problems by stating the truth? I never give orders. That total BS and you know it. I am offering suggestions on how to handle the upcoming onslaught of attacks by MADD and their cronies at the next council meeting.

            I do lots of things that you don’t know about. I don’t have to report to you on everything I do. Who do you think you are? My overseer?

            Again, who’s side are you on? Your comments are suspicious. You sure that you aren’t one of those wolves in sheep’s clothing?

              1. “I agree back at ya. You aren’t the boss of anyone here either”

                I never claimed to be the ‘boss’ of anyone here or even thought of myself as one, meathead. Where do you come up with this crap anyway?

                All I did was offer a legitimate and appropriate suggestion.

                That’s part of the function of comment boards.

        2. Forgive me for agreeing with you JustUs. But along with what you suggest, Councilman Kiger could also cite the following that Fullerton Lover posted earlier:

          “Although the U.S. Supreme Court has found sobriety checkpoints to be constitutionally permissible, ten states (Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) have found that sobriety roadblocks violate their own state constitutions or have outlawed them. Two other states (Alaska and Montana) do not use checkpoints even though they have not made them illegal.”

          All of this is pertinent and weakens any argument MADD might have.

            1. Precedent exists. City Council has the right to reject sobriety checkpoints, and did the right thing in doing so.

              1. True. Agree. I don’t think if the citizens of Fullerton voted on checkpoints in their community they would say no. So Kiger voted against the will of the citizens and voted personally. Citizens want drunks off the streets. I think Kiger will hear that from the citizens at the next meeting about his choice.

                1. That’s a pretty difficult assertion to prove. Perhaps if the citizens voted, the would have said “no” to DUI checkpoints. It was mentioned earlier that Texas does not have DUI checkpoints because they violate the state constitution, however, the APD still manages to get drunk drivers off the streets within the law and with some pretty stiff penalties to boot. And before you start I would like to cut you off at the pass by saying: No, I have never had a DUI. Perhaps there is a more effective method to get drunk drivers of the street in CA?

                2. No way would I vote for dui check points — it’s just another government intrusion into our lives. If the thugs, I mean cops, can’t get the drunk drivers off the streets, then we replace said thugs, I mean cops, with PEACE OFFICERS who CAN do the job.

          1. I appreciate your fine suggestion, Plain Glazed. But next time it might be a good idea to clear it through Serpico first before you post it. We don’t want to upset him and suffer the wrath of God.

            DUI checkpoints should be renamed “Fascist Checkpoints”. And I applaud those states that have rejected them. It is really no different than the cops choosing 20 random homes a night and conducting warrantless searches on them ‘to save lives’.

            I mean, hell, if they could confiscate just ONE illegal gun it could save a life, right? And that would justify everything, right?

            The logic these fascists use just floor me. I don’t even feel that I’m living in America anymore.

            1. Amerika you say? I feel the same way — the USA has become the USSA and people will hopefully figure it out soon. I agree 100% — Fascist Checkpoints is the honest and true name. We used to have this thing called the Constitution, but the obamination came in and has been busily dismantling it day by day with his EOs. Since Bush we have been living under “martial law” and the NDAA bullshit… I am pretty sure of what’s coming next…. Romney and Ryan are in total agreement with all this transforming bullshit from the USA to the USSA — just keep watch on the amount of Russians coming into this country for “war games” and you’ll see…. FPD? they’re chumps compared to what’s coming.

  57. Hey everybody
    Is FPD going to bring Tommy burgers to the massive MADD party going on by city hall tonight? its going to be off the hook! I hear there will be an open bar too! Those MADD moms like to throw down! P-A-R-T-Y Time!!!

  58. This Jan Glory is no strong woman.

    If she was, she would not have gotten up to that podium last Tuesday and whined about what the normal thinking people are saying about her on this blog.

    THIS blog obviously means a lot to her. What a taint!

  59. Fullerton police beatings or shooting fatalities seem to be the norm for endings of high speed chases.What police from fullerton as well neghboring officers from La Palma are saying is that the suspect was
    “backing up his SUV at a high rate of speed and aiming it at officers” they say. As you can see from the picture there is a lot of roadway in front of the suspects vehicle in which he could build up speed and you can see from the placement of his car how he was aiming at officers. Unfortunatly there don’t seem to be any suvillian witnesses to this provocation. It was noted that the fullerton police have dashcams , and if they were functional will back up their story. it doesn’t seem likely the public will ever see this video footage.

    1. I saw two Fullerton police cars and none from La Palma. He was shot by FPD officers, not La Palma. You see the police chief in La Palma has cajones, not like the Acting Police Chief and his predecessors in Fullerton. They are taught to think, not react, and its a known fact its much much harder to obtain a job in La Palma than in Fullerton. However, cost of policing in FUllerton is quite a bit higher in Fullerton which is why the police union controlled city council voted to not obtain any info on a possible contract with OCSD.

  60. Kiger should raise his middle finger and tell the protesters that civil liberties trump howling facists who use ‘saving lives’ as an excuse to violate them.

  61. This is the mindset of police unions and their attorneys. Press release from the firm on the Costa Mesa mess.

    From: Dieter Dammeier
    Date: August 28, 2012 2:33:15 PM PDT
    To: Clients & Friends of LDM
    Subject: PRESS RELEASE – A little Balance to Attack on Police Labor Firm




    After a number of attacks leveled against our Firm for using “aggressive tactics”, we feel it necessary to respond.


    When our clients are treated unfairly or unlawfully, yes, we are aggressive, within the limits of the law, to vindicate our client’s position.


    Below are some examples of “tactics” used by various City Management that we have had to “aggressively” deal with:


    1                    Unlawfully diverting funds designated by the taxpayers to pay pension costs into paying for compensation increases to City Hall executives.

    2                    Telling police officers they need you to take a pay cut so the City can purchase more real estate to assist a local Developer.

    3                    Fabricating evidence simply to fire a police officer someone in management did not like.

    4                    Threatening officers that unless they agreed to pay cuts, the City would not hire replacement officers, putting the community and officers in jeopardy.

    5                    One City Council voted to eliminate its entire police department and bring in the Sheriffs Dept. without even allowing the Community a chance to voice an opinion.

    6                    Covertly surveilling an off-duty police officer that management did not like.

    7                    Threatening that if the police association did not “agree” to the requested pay cuts, the City would impose more severe cuts than received by the rest of the City employees.

    8                    Threatening a police association that if the police did not “agree” to the requested pay cuts, which were more than double the cuts being asked from any other employee in the City, including management, that it would still impose the cuts in violation of the contract and that the police could line up with other creditors to file suit against the City.

    9                    Destroying relevant evidence in order to support disciplinary action against a police officer not like by management.

    10                Providing better medical insurance to the City Council members than the police officers, and when the City was asked about it, the officers were told “better leave that alone” since Council votes on your contracts.

    11                Cutting police positions while City Hall staffing increased.

    12                Pushing voters to pass a Utility Tax to “enhance public safety” and after it was passed, then eliminating police positions.

    13                Going to the local press with stories on police unions and their representatives to anger the public.

    14                Etc. Etc. Etc.


    We will not apologize for “aggressively” protecting those that put their lives on the line every day protecting all of us.  We will continue to fight for our clients using every available legal tool at our disposal.  When officials take actions that our clients feel deprioritize public safety, we will respond, in many cases publically, calling out the politicians on their actions. 


    We should be fair and say that the above examples are not the norm but rather the exception, but it would be naïve of anyone to think that city and county officials never engage in questionable “tactics” to achieve both political and personal goals. Most cities treat our clients fairly and lawfully, and there is a harmonious working relationship between management and rank and file.  It is rather the rare exception that we find ourselves dealing with a City that simply cannot follow the law, or be fair and reasonable.   



    Dieter C. Dammeier,  

    Managing Partner



    1. Pretty decent list. I still condemn any bogus 911 calls if they happened, but of course they’ve denied that.

  62. There are many methods. I posted them all the other day. Checkpoints are just one of them. A deterrent. No biggie. It’s only $50k. Plus it gives the POA something strong to blame on Kiger when the next person or child dies from a DUI driver.

    Concerned Texan :
    That’s a pretty difficult assertion to prove. Perhaps if the citizens voted, the would have said “no” to DUI checkpoints. It was mentioned earlier that Texas does not have DUI checkpoints because they violate the state constitution, however, the APD still manages to get drunk drivers off the streets within the law and with some pretty stiff penalties to boot. And before you start I would like to cut you off at the pass by saying: No, I have never had a DUI. Perhaps there is a more effective method to get drunk drivers of the street in CA?

    1. The next time someone dies from intoxicated driving I think that the blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of the FPD for their inability to get drunk drivers off the street. DUI checkpoints don’t necessarily translate into getting drunk drivers off the streets.

    After blowing a nearly $10 million hole in the City Budget last week, the council meets again for a special setting of the City Council today beginning at 5:00 p.m. for Closed Session items. First thing on the closed session agenda is the cryptic Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release. There is nothing that would inform a citizen of what position is under attack, let alone a person’s name. Does this deal with the Police Chief? the City Manager? the three cops who are going back to desk duty in the wake of the Thomas affair? or is it the spanking of a code enforcement officer or maintenance yard secretary. Not a clue. I thought this was the council of transparency and accountability.

    The remaining closed session items deal with “Conference with Legal Counsel” concerning 10, that’s right, TEN lawsuits filed against the city. A citizen can go to the Santa Ana Courthouse and get a copy of the complaint OR we could go online and order the legal pleadings, BUT I believe if the spirit of the Brown Act were to be followed, the city should provide us with a brief description of each lawsuit. Simple stuff: personal injury lawsuit resulting from a trip and fall in Hillcrest Park. You get the idea, and this would not violate any attorney-client privilege flowing between the city and its attorney.

    Please note that public comments may be heard at 5:00 p.m. today prior to the closed session as well as at 6:30 p.m. prior to the regular “specially set” council meeting.

    There is plenty on the agenda to be concerned about. I believe that the Cabal (Kiger, Whitaker & Sebourn) are going to sandbag Doug Chaffee and appoint Tom Babcock to the Metropolitan Water District Board (MWD). MWD is one of the largest special assessment districts in the world (the WORLD), making this is a huge appointment. Who is Tom Babcock? A very good friend of Bruce Whitaker, and one of the 1994 recall bunch. What are Tom Babcock’s qualifications? Don’t know. Neither he nor anyone else completed an application for the position. That’s just wrong. As between a political crony and Doug Chaffee, an elected councilmember, Chaffee should trump Babcock.

    Another important item has to do with a review of Public Records Request Procedures. It’s anyone’s guess what this is about.

    1. Babcock. If this happened before the cabal there would be a post here immediately by TBush about the corruption and dinosaur brains. Maybe TBush or Fred will step up and slam his purchase? Doubt it.

    2. Is this post actually from the Flory campaign or just someone else using that name to pass along what’s written on her site? This time it doesn’t much matter; next time it might.

  64. “As between a political crony and Doug Chaffee, an elected councilmember, Chaffee should trump Babcock.”

    Just like Flory tried to stay on the OC Water District after she got herself unelected and tried to keep Shawn nelson of it?

    Also, all those secret closed sessions are secret to protect errant city employees, as Flory well knows. They are secret precisely because Jan Flory and her ilk made them so.

    What a lying, hypocritical withered sack of shit.

      1. Yes. There is no $10,000,000 hole in the budget that:

        1) couldn’t be made up by bringing in the OCSD for ONE SOLITARY YEAR!

        2) that wasn’t created by HER OWN negligence on the city council stealing from the people of Fullerton to give city employees higher salries and benefits.

        The old witch is just shameless.

      1. awesome! now we who can’t be there can see the illustrious mayor being the jackass that she is on camera 🙂

        what an idiot.

    1. I empathize with the pain these families have experienced, I just think is a better way to get drunk drivers off the road. They’re speaking out of personal anecdote or emotion not necessarily out of logic.

        1. A lot of people admitted they don’t actually get the drunk drivers off the road, they’re just effective as being visible. I don’t buy it.

  65. Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker said intimidation by the Fullerton Police Association resulted in a 3-2 vote against pursuing cost estimates from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The Council was looking into restructuring its police force, Whitaker said.

    “We entrust (police) with the ability to take away our freedoms, to make arrests, to intimidate, to use discerning tactics. This clearly can cross the line and become an abuse of those powers,” Whitaker said.

  66. Wow, a smear campaign against Zamara. Is that appropriate in public comments? I mean is this person related to them? What the heck?

    1. TBush and FFFF and big cans M laid the groundwork that all insults against anyone is fair game. It’s time to play big ball. Tball is over. Or is it TBush ball? Game is on.

  67. After watching these public comments I sincerely hope the citizens of Fullerton who post here attend the next meeting or the FPD will regain the council.

      1. I guess the citizens who voted for recall and reform are standing back in order to let some change happen and now there is a forceful push back from the status quo. I hope everyone can regain their strength because I would hate to see Fullerton slide back into a complete state of corruption. I notice all the speakers tonight talk of free money, and free 50,000$ grants and I don’t think they are truly cognoscente of the true cost of DUI checkpoints and the strings that are attached to federal monies. I am constantly reading articles about the dire financial straits of the various governments in the State of California. No disrespect to CA intended, I just think the general public need to be more connected to financial issues instead of just seeing “free money” everywhere.

        1. Ps. Reality is never told me jack. This is the first time he’s addressed me in almost a year and some change. I think citizens are pissed at the status quo, and the unions are trying to feign support for themselves.

  68. “Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker said intimidation by the Fullerton Police Association resulted in a 3-2 vote against pursuing cost estimates from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The Council was looking into restructuring its police force, Whitaker said.
    “We entrust (police) with the ability to take away our freedoms, to make arrests, to intimidate, to use discerning tactics. This clearly can cross the line and become an abuse of those powers,” Whitaker said.”

    This guy needs to go on CNN, Id love to start making phone calls, but Im afraid of what might happen to the cITY.

  69. anyone who thinks the dui checkpoints is just about dui’s, is definitely not awake to what’s happening in this country.

    1. yeah, checkpoints are the beginning of which ends with gulags… in fact, any organized community action is a step towards evil dictatorship trying to stamp out the individual. wake up, is right…. the thing is, it is you who needs to smell the smelling salts idiot!

  70. What the Hell is 50K going to do. What is the actual cost of check points. Get rid of all bars in DTF and that will fix the problem.

    1. Thank You CG! I just wrote a little rant about that above. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that.

  71. omg this guy is going to vote for a democrat now? lol there is no difference now… sad to see how lost some are 🙁

      1. Excellent question, Franklin, and no, it’s doesn’t stand for Dairy Queen — although I do enjoy a blizzard here and there 🙂

    1. The Citizens of Fullerton who want change and are tired of corruption need to get a second wind. It’s hard to see the old regime try to undo the good.

    1. Now it’s someone who is parading the gennaco report and just said there is NO CORRUPTION in the FPD. Wow.

      1. rotflmao! I know, I am just laughing here — someone who believes what some “outside agency” says, wow, there’s criteria…

        1. Too bad she doesn’t know the outside agency is really a private law firm for hire that will whitewash water you need whitewashed!

          So sad, but that’s the level of I Heart FPD. Lol!

        1. free speech applies to government entities — this blog is a private blog and the admin/owner is allowed to remove anyone they choose. That’s the deal and I think the admin/owner is trying to apply free speech as much as is possible, and reasonable….

          1. Exactly! I commend that they do so even when people post obnoxious comments that I find bothersome.

      1. Blah, blah, blah, LOL! Blah, blah, blah, LOL! Blah, blah, blah, LOL! Fred, you really are a waste of human life.

  72. I am sorry those people were killed by a drunk driver — the fault lies with the judges that let them out of jail, especially AFTER multiple arrests.

      1. Agree. I just don’t agree with us telling the police don’t use certain methods that are legal and used by every other city in the state. Makes no sense. Eliminating that one checkpoint a month could cause more deaths or injuries to innocent people or a repeat offender could Have been caught that night. If it was illegal I could understand. To each his own until the next DUI death in Fullerton. Then all hell will break loose.

        1. I wouldn’t vote to give up my freedom or privacy for a dui check point when there are other ways of handling this problem; ie close down some of the 50 bars, and more police patrol time (not thug time) in watching those leaving bars.

          1. Liquor peddlers cause the problem and of course MADD never addresses this. The police never address this. The phony preachers NEVER address this. The phony church goers never address this. The neighbors trash cans all clank with bottles when the green bin is hoisted onto the blue truck on collection day. Give up your rights or alcohol dehydrogenase will get you or even worse. Get the fangs off of the jugular of the dying patient called the State of California. Minerva has left the state seal along time ago and Mammon has taken her place with the Phoenix waiting in the wings to make her nest.

    1. Never in the history of meetings has such a thing happened before.

      Seriously, this particular bit of grousing is beneath you, peaches.

        1. “Has a strange sense of time” is not an “observation,” its a wryly and dryly expressed opinion (one that happens to be unfair, given how often breaks at such meetings go overtime.)

          peaches is no dummy and she presumably already knows this.

  73. All I can say, I used to be so happy with my head stuck in the sand. Now that I have pulled my head out of sand for the passed year and half or so, I just want to vomit. Just how many stupid people live in Fullerton. I guess I should count myself as one. OH MY!

    1. Not stupid, just intentionally uninformed by the powers that be — this is an awakening for millions of us. NOW you’re awake. Much of the stuff we are SEEING with eyes open is vulgar and disgusting for sure… 🙁

    1. I was just thinking the same thing — it’s great we can chat this way — even if we could use a skype or live chat thing!

      Admin? What do you think?

  74. chaffee wants to just sit there and talk about himself without interruption — but quirk can interrupt whitaker… hmmm….

  75. I noticed that MADD was out in force tonight at the Council meeting slamming the rejection of the $50,000 DUI checkpoint grant rejection.

    I loved it when Travis got back in the MADD rep’s face and asked her why MADD did not show up at a prior Council meeting and condemn FPD’s practice of hiring a recruit with a KNOWN DUI – who later as a cop reoffended with a SECOND DUI. You should have seen her face. Classic deer in the headlights!!!

    NICE JOB, TRAVIS! I’m really starting to like you, man. You’re making me believe that you are the real deal. You’re like the classic bull in the china shop up on the dais! Screw protocol! 😀 Keep doing more of what you’re doing, Travis. You’re the people’s representative. Somebody needs to shake the rotten fruit from the tree!. You da man, Travis!!

    1. Good job. Has to go both ways. Not just FFFF Tbushs way or just the cops way. Both ways. Live n learn both sides.

    2. I think Kiger and Whitaker should learn how to keep their mouths shut. McKinley, Jones or Bankhead were no allowed to answer or ask questions of the public. They do what they want to do. Sharon will you do something. These idiots have got to go.

  76. WTF was Keger rambling about regarding mutual aid? Fullerton will assist Anaheim when they need help like Anaheim will assist Fullerton.

      1. when you’re right you’re right — anaheimistan is on thin ice now — we’ll be watching their decisions closely…

  77. thank you to whomever popped that live link in here — I greatly appreciate it.

    I would like to make a motion that the admin(s) set up a place for live chat during the council sessions, please 🙂

    ttttthat’s all folks 🙂

      1. If the frightened councilman was Chaffee, you’d think some FFFF blogger would be piling on to Whitaker’s revelation.

        If the frightened councilman was Sebourn, is FFFF looking the other way because he’s an FFFFer?

        What about this blog’s mission to “promote accountability in government”?

  78. Greg Diamond :
    Stanley, you’re an old-style anti-Semite of the sort rarely found anymore in the wild. You’ve left a trail miles wide in OJB posting as “From the Exile” and other names (including your own) for anyone who wants to check it out.
    I’m actually far less inclined to call people anti-Semitic than most Jews I know. But your level of “Protocol of the Elders of Zion” inferences of dark cabals and such is amazing. You just don’t see that around much anymore.

    ………. Hmmmmm
    I strongly re command to you Golem that you get a tinfoil Yamaka to protect you against anti-Semitic paranoia and strange voices in your stupid Zionist head.

    Here,, you can learn about Zionism you ignorant moron mongoloid. After you read it, tell me if you are still supporting the above crapola about “Protocol of the Elders of Zion”

    As I have commented on your promotion of the abortion in your fucking OJ, which you have not printed, I have stated that you have lot in common with Adolf who to promoted abortion.

    I wonder why you have not been delivered earlier by use of the coat-hanger-forceps?

  79. Tuco Ramirez :
    A pathetic post filled with vile hatred!

    Tuco Ramirez :
    A pathetic post filled with vile hatred!

    ………… Hmmmmm

    If I would be gay, I would fill my pathetic post with kisses to you and make love to your rectum.

    Would that make you happy?….. you ultra-liberal-talking-points-recitalist.

        1. How about they both go away? This is not a site about sex nor jews nor anything else that they are preoccupied with. I vote they are both banned now.

      1. “What’s with the preoccupation with anal sex here?”……… Hmmmmm

        Since the anal sex is the only sex the gay men can engage in, by way of your statement, you are clearly showing that you are gay basher and gay hater!

  80. Greg and Stanley need to get their own site so they can discuss things not related to this site — I’m tired of their 12 year old arguing and issues.

      1. I don’t care where they are! Just go there and continue your inane diatribes so we don’t have to see the hate and negativity you both spew! Go!

        1. “Just go there and continue your inane diatribes so we don’t have to see the hate and negativity you both spew! Go!”………. Hmmmmm

          Are you stupid or what?
          Can’t you read English?

          We have mutually destructed our selves!

          As to you DQ, the majority of your comments are troll like crapola below 10 age level especially when you engage Golem.

          Besides, you are yellow coward who will not put his name in support of it.

          So, may be you should GO!

          Every blog or forum as an ass-kisser like you who thinks that he is above the all and want to dictate.

          FYI, you are just another anger driven moron mongoloid.

          1. You’ve made my point yet again, hate and negativity spewed at the speed of light… you are sad and classless.

  81. JOHN DOE :I think Kiger and Whitaker should learn how to keep their mouths shut. McKinley, Jones or Bankhead were no allowed to answer or ask questions of the public. They do what they want to do. Sharon will you do something. These idiots have got to go.

    Sharon= will you do anything? That once in office asshole, will have her job back at the elementary school, she is what we all refer to as a ME-HO, she cares about nothing but herself,sharon help? what is she gonna bring in banners and socks, sharon..lmao, sharon- helps no one but the cops she fucks.

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