Dead People For Flory

Invasion of the body snatchers?

It seems that Jan Flory is bringing a little bit of charming Chicago politics to Fullerton, i.e. raiding cemeteries for supporters. Now you know why we have a category called “Deadheads.”

Here is Flory’s 2012 voter guide:

Opps. Bob Root is dead. So is Gwen Ferguson; likewise Majorie Pogue!

Did you spot any others?

Also of high amusement value are the names of me and my ex-wife! How I got on the list is anybody’s guess since I have never given Flory authorization to use my name for anything.

I believe this is just a matter of utter incompetence, but it isn’t surprising. When Flory says she is ten years older and 10 years better she is half right.


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  1. I wonder how many people on that list are either dead or don’t otherwise know that Flory is using their names?

    1. It may be that (where this list appears) keeps the names submitted to it over the past years cumulatively (or that otherwise, for whatever reason, it happened here.) I remember that the interface was sort of strange when I filled mine out. Maybe someone should … ask her what’s up?

  2. Why is “Tony & Freydel Bushala” listed? Sean Francis? Larry Lazar? Chris Thompson? Are you kidding????!!!!

  3. I see Richard “Rick” Price’s name on there. He’s the guy who has been pushing for the Richman Group’s taxpayer-subsidized apartment building downtown. A giant money pit to be sure.

    1. I also notice Harold Blum’s name as the Treasurer for NUFF, or, “Neighbors United For Fullerton”.

      IMHO they should be renamed as, “Neighbors United For Flory” .

    2. Rick Price is a garden variety developer shill (i.e former Planning Commission member), Rotary member and Chamber of Commerce jawa. I’m sure he’s on board 100% with Greg, Travis and Bruce on the 700+ homes… I uh mean “Nature Preserve” that they want to pass just. so. bad.

  4. Quite a line up. A few people like Dennis Ulrich listed twice along with Tony Bushala, Chris Thompson and Bushala’s accountant Dave Bates.

    Anyone want to bet this old ding dong just posted her list from the last time she ran…….. 10 years ago! New standard for lazy.

  5. Looks like an old list to that was cut and pasted. It is good to see that Bushala was in Flory’s pocket when she was on the council last time. Thanks for reminding us Tony. I guess you always have used your money to control the city .

    1. Like I said in the post (if you can read) I never gave her my permission to use my name. Apparently she just did it. Hmm. That seems like a form of theft, doesn’t it?

      1. You “never” gave her permission? Tony, do you remember every single thing you’ve done when you were stoned?

        More likely: (1) she got permission from your ex-wife while you were still married, or (2) you cut her a check of $100 or more under your own name, placing you in the public record as a “supporter.”

  6. Well at least the list of dead people is alive and growing. Just got a text from a Friend saying that Vi Jones is also deceased.

  7. Natalie Kennedy literally bit the dust in her front yard in 2010.
    As Jesus rose the dead, I guess so can Flory. wow! flory is amazing.

  8. Wow. Just wow.

    Same hubris as Don Bankhead: I can just rerun my same supporter list and no one will care! People are stupid! They just want to see names . . . who cares if it’s actually true or current. I’m entitled to run this place and screw whoever gets in my way!

  9. There are tens of thousands of voters whose names are not on that list. The so-called “A” list attached with all their friends and families will once again be dwarfed by the silent majority that had the three thrown out on their behinds under the Jacaranda blooms back in June. Fall is on the air.

  10. The nice (and opportune) thing about this is that the site includes her 2002 submission in the “Response to Hit Pieces” section of the site, which includes some material pertinent to this year’s discussions of her candidacy. (The first part is apparently about her NOT having received the police and firefighters’ endorsements, which apparently went to Ackerman’s candidate.) This will show why Tony gave her money — before he went on his FPD destruction jihad.

    Police and Firefighter Endorsements

    In Fullerton, the police officers are represented by the Fullerton Police Officers Association and firefighters are represented the Fullerton Firefighters Association. These are unions formed to advance the interests of our public safety employees. Some time ago, our governor signed legislation that permitted cities to adopt an enhanced retirement benefit that would permit police and firefighters to retire at age 50 with up to 90% of their highest salary.

    Because of the city council’s concern over the financial impact of such a benefit, we were the last city in our Orange County survey group to adopt the benefit. In fact, I actually made the motion for the benefit, although I expressed my very significant concerns regarding the cost at the time of voting. Ultimately, my concern that we be competitive with other cities in attracting the best candidates to work for the city outweighed my apprehension over the fiscal effects.

    In addition, I also stated that I did not believe in retirement at age 50. During the discussion, I noted that many other professions were “hard” on a person’s body,—such as plumbers and electricians who often wear out their backs by age 50. Unfortunately, the police and firefighters thought that I was not respecting them by comparing them to plumbers and electricians. It is for these reasons that they chose not to endorse me.

    Over the years, I have been very supportive of the police and firefighters in all respects, and have voted for every motion that involved the purchase of safety equipment and the refurbishment of the the fire stations and police station. The police station is in the middle of a $9 million reconstruction. I not only voted for this but was a cheerleader for the project.

    Many of the rank and file police and firefighters who actually live in Fullerton, endorse me and have my signs in their front yards.


    One of the hit pieces stated that I “never met a tax” I didn’t like. In the eight years I have been on the City Council, I have never voted for a tax increase. In fact, no new tax has even been proposed in the past eight years!

    One brochure accused me of voting to raise trash and sewer fees, and fire alarm fees. During the 8 years that I have been on City Council, various fees come up routinely for evaluation. For example, the paramedic subscription fee was recently raised from $27 to $30 per year because of a change between the Fire Department and St. Jude’s Hospital. Previously, St. Jude provided the medical supplies used in emergency treatment, and then the hospital would bill the patient. The hospital stopped that practice, thus, requiring the Fire Department to provide its own medical supplies. This additional cost was passed on to subscribers. The council approved the increase unanimously.

    Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases to the trash fees occur each year as mandated by our contract with Republic, the company that collects our trash. The council unanimously voted for the contract with Republic.

    The sanitation fee paid to the Orange County Sanitation District increases a very small amount each year because the sanitation fee is levied as a percentage of the amount paid for water. If the price of water is increased by the Orange County Water District, then the sanitation fee goes up also. Both the water and sanitation fees are “pass through” costs to the consumer. If we did not do this, the city budget would have to subsidize the cost of water to each consumer. That would mean that some other service the city provides (library, park maintenance, etc.) would be impacted.

    Fire/burglar alarm fees were increased a few years ago to penalize those people whose fire/burglar alarm systems regularly triggered false alarms. This was to help cut down on our fire department having to respond to false alarms over and over again.

    In one hit piece, State Senator Dick Ackerman is quoted as saying, “Fullerton simply cannot afford another four years of Jan Flory.” It bears noting that when Dick served on the City Council, he always voted with the rest of the Council to increase fees as set forth above.

    When Tony starts sounding like Ackerman, you know that things have changed.

    1. “Many of the rank and file police and firefighters who actually live in Fullerton, endorse me and have my signs in their front yards”.

      I could have sworn that I saw Andrew Goodrich, former FPOA President,promising his support to Jan Flory and kitty Jaramillo and Rick Alverez at Steamers Cafe the other week so what’s your point?

    2. I don’t think this says what you think it says . . . I think it says “business as usual, not a whole lot of independent thinking, except for this one thing . . . but I went along with it anyway.”

      Just my two cents.

  11. Everyone else in the county had adopted the policy and Fullerton wanted to be able to compete for good officers. (Whether it did so well is another matter.) You may say that Fullerton should have continued to be the only holdout, but don’t pretend that there would not be an obvious cost to recruitment if it had. It is much less black-and-white than you suggest.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Jan Flory’s 3@50 vote not only created a monstrous unfunded liability, but it brought in a bunch of thugs, goons, creeps, perverts, pickpockets, kleptomaniacs, kidnappers, and murderers.


      BTW, the” we needed to compete” is just bullshit. The union had ’em by the balls. The proof? The pension spike was FREAKIN’ RETROACTIVE, meaning that all the old cops got a massive, and I mean massive, gift of public funds. That had ZERO to do with recruiting. It was a payoff.

      The Old Nag gave away the store. Leran to embrace it.

      1. I ask once again: how did Chris Norby vote on that one?

        I know, I know — it doesn’t matter because he’s not on the ballot. Hey, wait a minute…!

        1. Norby, despite his flaws, has some credit at the Company Store. Flory ain’t got shit. Neither does the dim bulb Quirk.

          1. “The Company Store” — as I remember the last line of the chorus of “Sixteen Tons,” that’s an apt name for it.

          1. Is this a riddle Harpoon? If so, it’s because most of the people on that list who she claims supported her are no longer here… like as in the case of her dawg and them.

        2. Norby voted for 3% @ 50. He didn’t discover it’s downside until after the FPOA endorsed his run for stupidvisor…..

    1. The color version is better, as a grayscale version would be. That’s why you generally don’t see either of them published here. It’s a black-and-white site!

      1. Whoops, sorry — this one is grayscale. I’ve also seen one that looks like it came out of a copier. Anyway, the color version is nicer — and therefore not used.

        1. Man that picture looks like lunar landscape with wicked little porcine eyes.

          No more i beg of you.

          1. Is that really you?

            Is it true that I can qualify for food stamps if I own a home, car and have a job like the Dept of Agriculture advertises on the radio?

            I want some of that good stuff too. What’s the use of being self-sufficient in a nation of leaches?

            I want to join the Free **** Army too. Where do I sign up?

  12. That picture gets bigger and uglier every time you post it. Please stop using it. You are scaring the children.

  13. I think Flory will do very well with the dead demographic. She has the zombie vote locked up.

  14. I am 99 and in a nursing home. I learned from Mayor Daley in Chicago to “Vote Early and Often”. We all remember Jan when she was working in the City Hall bureaucracy making Fullerton a better place for Union employees. How can anyone want to vote against her who works for the City? To pay for the Kelly Settlement, Jan will vote for bringing the water tax back. Then there are the other settlements, Fullerton city council will raise all the fees in the City Planning area. She will never ever vote for cutting salaries, overtime, pension plans, raising co pays on health insurance. Never!!
    Do not take her campaign lightly. She is well funded!

  15. Molly McClanahan is on both lists of “Nominator” and “Supporter”. But the lists aren’t alphabetized, making it difficult to see duplicates. I wonder how much non-dead fluff is in there (Molly being one of them)?

    1. Forget it. The list is 12 years old, at least.

      Please do not confuse Molly with the brain-living.

      1. Beat me to it Harpoon. I believe that Molly was still extolling the virtues of Don,Pat, and Dick last fall, and was telling anyone that would listen that in order to be recalled from office the elected official must be guilty of malfeasance or some other level of criminal activity, and that the residents were making a big mistake.

        Nothing could be further from the truth, as the laws that govern recalling an individual from office, state that no reason is needed, and that it can be as simple as the voters are unsatisfied with the elected official, and wish to remove them from office.

  16. Greg, you highlighted an important detail; supporter is separate from nominator. Pardon me for adding fluff to your piercing observation ; McClanahan is dead.

    1. There was a very impressive Molly McClanahan impersonator at the last City Council meeting, then. Had me totally fooled.

      1. After what I read about you. You are a A-1 looser. GET OUT OF TOWN……Low life, dick wad….I have no respect for you.

  17. Here are the facts from Jan Flory herself:

    “I imported info from Smart Voter that derived from my 2002 campaign. I am still working on the site and did not realize that the endorsement “went over” as well. This will be taken care of today. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Yikes!

    Jan Flory”

    My real question I have to ask is, is this the kind of incompetence we would have to deal with if she was elected to office?

    This is a new campaign and its time for new leadership and new ideas and the Wild West you created in downtown needs to be fixed. Just because a bar serves food doesn’t make it a restaurant.

  18. There we very few problems in the downtown when Flory was on the Council. The shit didn’t hit the fan until Nelson, and Cleseri got in the saddle….

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