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The Dysfunction of Downtown Fullerton

Friends for Fullerton’s Future just received a disturbing story accompanied by a photograph that seems to encapsulate the Downtown Fullerton experience: Hey, FFFF, I wanted to send along a story about what happened to me a few weeks ago. About 2 am a friend and I were walking along the north side of Commonwealth. Across […]

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More Good Times; Stompin’ at the Slidebar

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy Popoff’s Slidebar employees and clientele provided more examples of the sort of high class behavior favored by our city council and particularly our lobbyist/councilcreature Jennifer Fitzgerald who has been running cover for Popoff for years and years. You may recall that Slidebar has never gotten the required CUP even […]

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More Nepotism at the Fullerton Police Department

  We found an interesting aside to the Officer Brian Hagopian file that was released under SB1421. The file includes, as part of the investigation, a memo written from “Sergeart [Redacted]” talking about his wife, Officer [Redacted]. We know from our previous writing on Officer Hagopian regarding his (still?) outstanding arrest warrant in Riverside county […]

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Fullerton’s City Prosecutor Threatened Me

Thanks to our friend and contributor Lonnie Machin’s recent posts on this blog, the City of Fullerton has decided to send a Cease and Desist letter threatening me and “Friends for Fullerton [sic]” with legal action. The letter in it’s entirety is as follows: Joshua Ferguson Friends for Fullerton Re: Cease and Desist – City […]

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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property!

And who should know that better than the Florentine Family whose nightclubs at the corner Harbor and Commonwealth, as FFFF recently noted, were out of compliance with their Conditional Use Permit that requires the installation of fire sprinklers. This is surely ironic to people who consider such things, since the paterfamilas of the clan, Tony, […]

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Today the Orange County District Attorney’s office announced it had filed two charges of petty theft against former Fullerton Mayor and Supervisor-Elect Doug Chaffee’s wife, Paulette Marshall Chaffee. Paulette was last seen receiving a bouquet of flowers at City Hall from Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald. Pilfering Paulette has her arraignment scheduled for December 18th at 8:30AM. […]

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This is Why Chief Hendricks Resigned

Today the City of Fullerton put out a Press Release stating that Fullerton Police Chief David Hendricks was resigning. They extolled the virtues of his employment and when I called to ask about the resignation I was told that I was making an assumption that the Chief was resigning owing to his current leave of […]

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It’s official. Once again, Fullerton is without a Police Chief. This morning, city officials issued a press release announcing Fullerton’s top cop had departed. Per Chief Hendrick’s contract, no disparaging remarks are included in the release, which summarizes some accomplishments in the short tenure of Mr. Hendricks. — Improved Morale — Improved Retention — Improved […]

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Anyone know what to know a defining feature of shitty politician? They never, ever, apologize. Enter, Paulette Marshall Chaffee. Over the past week, FFFF’s crack investigative pool embarrassed Pilfering Paulette into suspending her campaign after posting not one, but two separate videos of Mrs. Chaffee taking down political signage and driving away with property that […]