The Hypocrite

The smoke signals were ominous…

So I’m watching the council meeting on Tuesday and at one point listened in disbelief as Ahmad Zahra lectured his colleagues about their unethical activity. I don’t know what he thought he could get people to believe was unethical, but that’s not the point.

The point is that this petulant, preening, prissy popinjay would have the nerve to refer to somebody else as unethical, is quite remarkable.

We have been following the career of Mr. Zahra on this blog and the only thing he seems to be any good at is self-promotion to the gullible – in the same sort of way Pam Keller used to before being exposed by FFFF in 2010

Well, okay, being a prima donna and a camera hound isn’t exactly unethical – just annoying. But then there was the instance we caught him publishing under his own name water articles in the incurious Fullerton Observer that were actually written by some Water District staffer. He even got former Councilwoman Jan Flory to promote his bona fides as a water expert (or something) under the cover of that lie. Zahra may think this plagiarism and prevarication are just the prerogative of an elected, but boy is he wrong.

Let’s not forget his convenient claim that he was a “fan” of settling the City’s vindictive, expensive and humiliating lawsuit against FFFF & Co. No, that’s a lie, too. Along with Quirk-Silva he dug in his heels because he wanted to avoid personal humiliation by Joshua Ferguson and FFFF. What the Hell. It wasn’t his money that was wasted in the huge settlement.

And then there’s the case of the Disappearing Battery and Vandalism Case, in which Zahra was tuned up by his own cops and charged by the District Attorney. The case vanished and Zahra made a public declamation of his alleged “exoneration.” But word soon leaked out that he wasn’t exonerated at all; but, rather that he pled guilty, did some sort of community service, and had his record expunged. What’s the truth? I’m not sure, but I know one thing: if the case against Zahra were truly dropped he would have shared some evidence of that.

No, Ahmad Zahra is not one to cast stones of aspersion about unethical behavior at anybody. His glass house won’t stand it. Spouting liberal clichés and pretending to care about anything except yourself will only work for so long. 2022 is an election year for Zahra. And if he thinks pouting and pontificating and drumming up Astroturf support at council meetings by women pretending they can’t speak English will keep him on the city council, he has another think coming.

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  1. Ahmad the fraud.
    Did you see that after being on council for just about three years now he had to ask what an RFP was? And then asked what an RFQ was.
    Guess understanding what the Brown Act was and the fact he was breaking it regularly all throughout City Hall and Fullerton wasn’t the only thing he never learned in his time on council. Give him credit for writing speeches and talking in circles during council meetings. He is just a pile of puffery.

    1. The dredging up 10 Latina women to babble about something they were clearly completely ignorant of -that takes a certain kind of douchebaggerry although I guess they were willing to do it. I agree with the observation that they spoke Spanish just for effect and time wasting. I pity the poor immigrant! What a farce.

      And at the end Zhara did pout – the council can do whatever it wants. Nyaaah. Nyaaah.

  2. “Zahra grew up in both Syria and England, and he initially worked as a pathologist before he decided to pivot to a film career in his mid-20s and move to the U.S”

    This story makes no sense. Who becomes a pathologist and then gives up all that education in their mid-twenties (after a year or two of practicing)?

    Answer: someone who killed a patient or screwed up or….

    1. A pathologist goes to medical school, Burt. Nobody gets out before their late twenties. This clown id a fraud.

  3. Anyone know how this guy pays the bills? He’s a “filmmaker” who isn’t making any films and I bet he’s never made a nickel at that hobby anyway.

  4. Thank God there are at least 3 decent people on the City Council that don’t believe a word Zahra says. The Scriptures have taught us what happens to cities that allow sickos like him to rule; Sodom and Gomorrah. This charlatan needs to be thrown out.
    Too bad the good Latina ladies, who saw through that disingenuous phony, didn’t have enough funding to complete the recall when he wanted to put pot shops in residential neighborhoods.

    1. He’ll get Jesus Quirk to do it. He’ll be desperate for that title come election time. He won’t get it.

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