Here is a fun video in which District 5 Councilman Ahmad Zahra stumbles and stutters his way into denying that he was arrested for battery and vandalism. It happened right outside his fundraising party when protesters showed up.

With some coaching from a masked friend he concludes that there was no “case,” and no arrest because he was not handcuffed and was not taken to a jail cell.

It was not an arrest says Zahra because some “citizen” (in air quotation marks) did something.

Uh huh. Get a kick out of how Zahra tries to incriminate Tony Bushala of something dishonest; the woman rightly points out that it is Zahra who was elected to represent Fullerton and who needs to come clean.

The confrontation then disolves into Zahra’s Spanish speaking camp followers adding a little ethic flavor like they constantly do at council meetings.

Well the thing is simple. The District Attorney, Todd Spitzer charged this miscreant with crimes, so the fact that he may or may not have spent some time in the FPD lock up is hilariously irrelevant.

Come clean Ahmad. If there was no case you can prove it by sharing the correspondence from the DA saying so. But one thing will always be undeniable: you were arrested and charged. No getting away from that albatross around your neck.

10 Replies to “Liar”

  1. It’s pretty obvious he and his pal had rehearsed their fairytale to deny the obvious. No DA will charge anybody without evidence.

    Not handcuffed? Maybe because he told them he was on the City Council?

    In any case he can prove he wasn’t arrested and charged – if he can.

  2. Seems a little rattled, doesn’t he. I notice the egregious Egleth Nuncci running interference for Zahra. Another of the Healthy Neighborhood Mafia.

  3. Fullertonian (D5) and Mexican-American citizen here. Zahra does NOT represent my district and he does NOT have the best interest of the D5 people in mind. Zahra has HIS own best interest in mind.
    I’ll give him credit, he sure looks like a politician with his blatant lies and deceptive strategies. A throttlebottom politician, but a politician nonetheless.

    Our community is not behind Zahra and we’re hopeful that soon he’ll be left behind in the polls!

  4. Bushala is just jealous of all the great things Ahmad has done for us. He is a greedy developer millionaire who hates us.

  5. I was at the Sunset lounge on Euclid and swear I saw Greg Diamond taking down a NO AHMAD sign. I wasn’t sure it was the famous legal mind that he is until I saw the he was across the street at the Welfare office and toe-nail fungus clinic!!

    Maybe his hero Paulette gave him pointers on sign desecration.

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