Joe Felz’s Wild Ride -The Full Monty

Starring former Fullerton City Manager, Joe Burt Felz who got drunk on Election Night 2016, drove over a tree, and tried to escape from his own cops. There is something sort of pathetic about Felz, errand boy and water bearer for Jennifer Fitzgerald, saying over and over that his turn blinker wasn’t working and how he became befuddled, until one of his own policemen tells him to stop yammering about it.

As one of the cops said: “it’s the Chief’s call.” Subsequently Chief Danny “Gallahad” Hughes lied to the Council about the affair even as Felz tried to quietly pay for the tree and move on.

The City of Fullerton tried for years to keep this under wraps because it implicated our MADD rewarded police themselves in incompetent and illegal activity. FFFF sued the City to get the videos, and in retribution two bloggers were personally sued by the City for legal activity, a lawsuit that cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands and that finally exonerated David Curlee and Joshua Ferguson.

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      1. You must have missed the part where the cop says “this is the most drunk I’ve seen anyone in a long time.”

        1. I think they gave him the better part of an hour to sober up before the FST – which Corbett gamed for Volleyball Joe.

      2. Drunk enough. Do you here the frustration with the officers who know that it’s being swept under the carpet. So sad And the da let Danny off

  1. Dick Jones hid this video from the public for 5 years. How much did we pay him for that? Why is he still our city attorney?

    Questions our stupid city council should ask themselves every day.

    1. It certainly is a mystery. Even without all the unethical shit he’s been busted for, the lousy legal advice that has made him rich and us that much poorer should have been enough to can his fat ass years ago.

      The way I hear it, Whitaker, Zahra and Quirk-Silva still back him.

  2. So Corbett calls the swine Goodrich who calls Chiefie, who calls Fitzgerald and the whole thing is fixed.

    The next day Felz pays to replace Sappy McTree and the whole thing would have been whitewashed except for the woman who called the cops and went to the council meeting.

    Just the way Fullerton likes it.

        1. Yes, I do remember that.

          That was an artificially created document used to evade a legitimate public record request, which is probably a crime.

          After watching this video, how an ethical DA didn’t prosecute a whole lot of well connected individuals starts to look really suspicious.

          We know the Chief was called. We know the Chief is friends with one or more senior officials still at the DA’s office.

          We know the Mayor was called. We know the mayor at the time participated in several party fundraisers over the course of the career of the current DA.

          We know that neither was charged with a crime.

          I think we all know why that is, too.

          1. In his 16-page claim, Santos alleged wrongdoing in the investigation of a November 2016 Election Night car crash in which Fullerton’s then-city manager, Joe Felz, was ultimately charged with driving under the influence and hit and run.

            Santos alleged that former Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes dispatched a sergeant, Jeff Corbett, to pick up Felz and drive him home.

            Santos claims Hughes was calling in a favor from Corbett, who was once caught by another police officer having sex in his patrol car while on duty, but was never disciplined.

            When Santos told high-ranking prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh that he was concerned about a possible cover-up of Felz’s DUI and the criminal obstruction of justice by Hughes, Baytieh allegedly responded, “I am friends with Chief Hughes and we are only going to be investigating the DUI and not anything else,” Santos claims.

            County attorneys say that’s not what happened.

            “Assistant District Attorney Ebrahim Baytieh did not have a personal friendship with the Fullerton Police Chief, and never declared that he did,” Page wrote in his letter rejecting the claims.

            “Mr. Santos is simply wrong in asserting that Mr. Baytieh declared that due to his friendship with Police Chief Hughes, the [DA’s office] would only look at the D.U.I., and not at the possible obstruction of justice by the Fullerton Police Department.

            “Obstruction of justice was always on the table. Despite Mr. Santos’ uninformed claim of a cover-up, the case (still pending) has been, at all points, properly handled by the OCDA. Even if Mr. Santos were right that the OCDA turned a blind eye to Fullerton P.D. wrongdoing, Mr. Santos has no personal, viable claim for damages.”

            In response, Baruch said his client has evidence proving his claims about the crash investigation.

            “Investigator Santos has documentary proof of what happened on November 9, 2016, when an intoxicated [City Manager Joe] Felz was driven home from the scene of a crime in a naked attempt authorized by former Fullerton Police Chief Hughes to cover up the crimes purportedly committed by Mr. Felz,” the attorney wrote in his response letter.

            “Despite your dismissal of his version of events in your rejection letter of August 10, 2017, both Investigators Santos and Conklin have amassed documentary and anecdotal evidence to the effect that DA Baytieh was ‘friendly’ with former Police Chief Hughes and assisted him by not pursuing obstruction of justice charges.

            “The proof is in the pudding— i.e., if the investigation is still ‘open’, then we expect obstruction of justice charges to soon be forthcoming as to former Fullerton Police Chief Hughes.”

      1. You ffff’s are absolutely full of shit. Listen to the young officers audio. You can here their frustration. There are those in the PD that have and want to speak out. Instead of your criticism you should be listening. But of course you won’t be aside you don’t want what’s right, you want your way and thus deserve what you get. Stupid ffffers!

        1. Um, wanting to do the right thing and being too chicken to do it because “it’s the Chiefs call.” Really? Who in the PD HAS EVER SPOKEN OUT? Name one or shut up and go away.

    1. It’s true. Cops can delete whatever they want by classifying the video to have a very short retention time.

      They haven’t fixed this issue. Council should inquire about it. They won’t.

        1. Show some respect. That guy’s a real valuable piece of manpower. From Anaheim PIO to Fullerton’s Police Chief and IT boss.

          And what the holy fuck does that say about Fullerton?

    1. Not really. He had gone as high as he could. Then Shawn Nelson worked the old idiots and got Felz appointed. I heard him brag about it at Red Clound

  3. Chief Danny Hughes should be in jail for obstruction of justice. Instead he got a job at Disneyland. What a clown company.

    1. Felz lid to the cops about where he was coming from. He just left Whitaker’s victory party at JP23 and said he was heading home. Eye was there.He probably thought if he told the cops he was partying with Whitaker they would have cuffed him on the spot.

      Guess he could have gone back to the Slimebar for a few more shooters, or to Bourbon St. for a few more shots with Jesus Quirk Silva, at his election party.

  4. The Joe Felz drinking game:

    Every time Joe says his blinker wasn’t working and he was distracted, take a drink. Then get into your car and total it.

  5. I’m a little disappointed with the officer who tries to cover up his DAR with his hand. He obviously needs more training if he wants to work his way up the ladder. I bet he didn’t even get a reprimand for failing to keep his fingers close together. He obviously needs better training. Must be one of the reasons why he works for Fullerton and didn’t get hired by the Sheriff’s Department.

  6. Anyone notice Officer Farrell, the cop that murdered Hector Hernamdez, was on scene? He could have shot Joe for rambling about his blinker. Justified in Fullerton.

    1. “I’m the City Manager, call the Chief” is code for: “please for the love of Glow-in-the-dark Baby Jebus, don’t shoot me!”

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