Ahmad Threw A Party. Uninvited Guests Show Up

So I’m driving down Commonwealth yesterday afternoon and notice a protest in front of D’Vine, another one of downtown Fullerton’s scofflaw noise nuisances.

And then I noticed this:

Hmm. Nice sign, black and white. That’s appropriate.

Turns out that Ahmad Zahra was holding a fundraiser for himself at D’Vine, with special guest, career politician Lou Correa. Apparently, Fullerton Taxpayers For Reform financed by Tony Bushala have decided to remind Mr. Zahra that he was arrested and charged by the DA with battery and vandalism, perpetrated against one “Monica F.”

The hors d’oeuvres were divine…

Zahra publicly claimed he was “exonerated” although a conflicting narrative emerged from a source in the DA’s office – that he pled guilty to get his slate wiped clean. He hasn’t bothered sharing any evidence of his alleged exoneration and probably hoped the whole issue would disappear. If he though that he must now know he was wrong.

The explanation was simple. Arrested and charged…

It might be interesting to find out what Lou Correa thinks about his boy now, especially considering there’s still twelve weeks before election day. Zahra’s devoted followers will cry out his victimhood, yet again, but there’s only so far he can ride that donkey.

6 Replies to “Ahmad Threw A Party. Uninvited Guests Show Up”

    1. Hello Anonymous—–
      FYI, —Congressman Lou is a fine, upstanding resident of Orange County. His political career and record are blemish free.
      He represents Honesty, Truth, and numerous other qualities that certain Fullerton City characters shy away from.
      Congressman Correa never hides behind the label of “Anonymous” because he has nothing to hide.

      1. Hello, Lawrence.

        That’s mostly true. Correa’s transgressions are all out in the open. Dope lobbyist, Disney lobbyist, cop lobbyist, medical industry lobbyist, Big Pharma lobbyist.

        What a guy!

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