Zahra Doesn’t Believe in Free Speech

The creep who disingenuously says he’ll talk to anybody doesn’t really care what you have to say.

He doesn’t really want to listen he really wants to talk. And talk. And talk.

Here’s some proof that Ahmad Zahra isn’t interested in free speech and truth-telling if it means criticism of his precious “brand.”

The truth hurt much, Zahra?

Here’s another:

Arrested and charged. He can’t change that immutable fact.

And, finally here are a couple of proud Zahra campaign “volunteers” making sure opposing voices can’t be heard.

Following in the proud tradition of Pilferin’ Paulette.

Taking a breather from all the hard work stifling free political speech…

A top notch crew.

And there you have it.

11 Replies to “Zahra Doesn’t Believe in Free Speech”

  1. These are obviously unintentional mistakes made by people of good will who support such a marvelous hero as Ahmad Zahra a man who always says the right thing at the right time to encourage the people of color community and the disadvantaged community and the Latino communidad!

    We are lucky to have such a staunch supporter so will happily overlook minor mistakes by his ardent followers.

  2. I sure hope someone has filed a POlice report with Fullerton’s finest over this caper. Those boys aren’t’ rich like Pilferin’ Paulette, they’ll probably do actual jail time.

  3. Who thought it was a good idea to put the no weed sign for no on zahra, there are huge republican frat houses and just young republican along with young liberals that are going to vote for him because it says he wants weed. Whoever made that sign really was stupid to think it was going to deter voters away from him, they just encouraged them even more. I count atleast ATLEAST 300 votes going towards him and thats JUST the people on the telegram chat. Honestly covering up those no weed signs is a good idea.

    1. Yeah. There are zero frat boys in D5 and almost as few young Republicans. Young Dems don’t vote. Middle-aged latinos who don’t want dope near their kids schools do.

      Try harder.

  4. Actually this permissible by my logic. Paulette didn’t do anything wrong. Trini was good for Fullerton (even though he lives in Buena Park).

    Besides Z-Dog (that’s what my brother-in-law calls him) is one bad ass orator.

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