The Joe Felz Case and the Culture of Corruption

Before we publish the unedited video of our former City Manager, Joe Burt Felz, arrested for drunk driving, only to be taken home and tucked into bed by his own MADD recognized cops, let us share some highlights of the video as shared and analyzed by FFFFs own Joshua Ferguson. Ferguson was the target of a vindictive and highly expensive lawsuit courtesy of the City’s “I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm” of Jones and Mayer. And so it is appropriate for Joshua to remind us what happened – and to remind those not paying attention that the Felz catch and release was a far from isolated case of malfeasance by our police department and our esteemed leaders in City Hall.

There is no no doubt that Danny “Gallahad” Hughes lied to the City Council about Felz, and that the cops knew doing the right thing was professionally dangerous.

As Ferguson says, if there is a lesson to be learned in this long train of corruption, you can be sure that Councilmen Ahmad Zahra and Jesus Quirk Silva haven’t learned it. They voted until the bitter end to keep the moribund lawsuit against FFFF staggering along.

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  1. If it weren’t for the psychobies Flory and Fitzgerald, this never would have happened.

    And let’s never forget Dick Jones and his mindless little terrier Kimberly Barlow.

    And Domer…

    1. I believe Fitzgerald was the leading force behind this, trying to protect her boyfriend Felz whom she had dancing on a string. Flory was either too senile or too drunk to care. Jones had his own ax to grind while Quirk Silva and Zahra were just doing what their type always does – man the wall of the castle defending the indefensible

  2. The city council let Dick Jones cover up this video for 5 years. How much of our money did they spend hiding this video?

    1. In the end nobody really knows because Joneses bills are buried but estimates have com in around $700,000 – or more.

      And at least 3 of the council want him around – most likely because he has promised to do anything the want. That would be Zahra, Quir-Silva and…

        1. Whitaker was with feltz at the twisted vine early that night and later said he didn’t look intoxicated. The officers who responded to the scene say he was obviously dui. Rumor has it that Whitaker was in the car when the accident occurred and left so he couldn’t be used as a witness. And we all know how truthfull Whitaker is

          1. That’s just stupid. They were at JP 23. Joe was on his own. He was less than 500 ft from his house. Bruce was nowhere near that.

  3. Chief Danny Hughes told his boys to let Felz go and then hung them out to dry when they got busted for the coverup. Hughes is a morally failed leader and a shameful addition to the Disney cast.

      1. It’s very possible that Hughes never gave Corbett a direct order to cover up the crime. With many years of experience as a corrupt cop, Hughes is smart enough to choose his words wisely. A simple “you know what needs to be done” in the context of the Culture of Corruption would have let Corbett know the chief wants a cover-up without directly incriminating himself.

        1. I think you may be right. Still, Corbett had nothing to lose by laying out the Culture of Corruption. Or maybe he did!

        2. Right And I have some beach front property in Arizona I sell you cheap. Corbet was sent up there by Danny with directions or rather orders to make the incident go away.

      2. Danny has very close friends very high up in district attorneys office. The reason it the criminal case even got as far as it did was because a da investigator who heard about it and dug. More than just a rumor has it that when this investigator argued that Danny should also be charged with obstruction the high up da responded that he and Danny were friends. There you have it and sorry if you can’t handle the truth. Danny was the most corrupt person I have ever met

  4. FFFF didn’t win the suit because they were right or innocent. The City lost because they had a shitty lawyer that works for a shitty law firm.

    1. You got a lot wrong and a little right.

      Nobody won the lawsuit. It was settled on terms very favorable to the bloggers because they were right and innocent. The lawsuit only existed because the city has a shitty lawyer and had a vindictive, corrupt and obtuse city council run by Flory and Fitzgerald.

            1. I appreciate how Sharon Quirk-Silva held on to her father’s name. And then made her husband take it. Fight the patriarchy!

                1. Her maiden name is Howard. She was so desperate to obtain a Hispanic surname, she married this moronic jackass.

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