Police Union Getting Desperate

It seems so. Fullerton’s boys in blue sent out a text the other day that looked like this:

The outright lies pile up so fast you’d need wings to stay above the bullshit. Nobody is defunding the police and nobody has suggested doing so – even with the FPDs atrocious record of incompetence, misfeasance, abuse, criminality and oh yeah, sucking up half our budget. In Fullerton the Culture of Corruption gets what it wants. Always had.

The “enough is enough” line is funny, as is the “HELP SAFE FULLERTON NOW.” Maybe the cops can get their money back from whatever idiot wrote that bit of GED illiteracy. Comedy aside, the piece is just a compilation of outright lies.

  1. Fullerton is not overwhelmed by violent crime, especially when you subtract the crime perpetrated by union members themselves.
  2. Whitaker and Dunlap have never attempted to defund the police and has never suggested such a thing. That’s far left stuff that you’d expect to hear from SIlva or more likely Zahra – wanting to appease crazy supporters.
  3. No one is suggesting “additional cuts” to public safety, which is impossible anyhow, because there haven’t been any cuts in the first place.

So what is the purpose of this nonsense? The cop union leadership has never been very bright, relying on bullying rather than strategy, although to them bullying is a strategy. What is the point attacking Whitaker and Dunlap, who aren’t up for re-election for 3 years?

They could be floating these trial balloons to see if they could instigate a recall. But Dunlap could easily beat that and Whitaker could beat it too without some sort of provocation. Or is this some sort of shot across the bow for Fred Jung, the man in the middle of recent budget wrangles? But, Jung isn’t up for re-election next year either, so that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Maybe the cop union just wants to throw its weight around to remind people that they are still around and collecting members’ dues.

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    1. It never a surprise on just how stupid you fffers are. Fullerton pd doesn’t do anything without the green light of city council. Whitaker can be trusted about as far as you can throw him Look at his track record on how many times he’s been caught secretly conducting city business behind closed doors

  1. Some sort of pre-emptive pension play?
    Pay later for services today – retire at 110% of your base being cut?
    General fuckery?
    Who knows.

  2. The fire union goons will be coming out with their own version of this hero cuntiness very soon….their pitch tho will be to send them to the OCFA Cartel to ostensibly “save” the city money but that is just wishful thinking on the part of the union goons. Sending the fire “heroes” to the OCFA Cartel would simply speed up Fullerton’s bankruptcy.

    1. Sounds like your just another wanna be fireman that couldn’t make the cut. I think Fullerton should go county on all services

  3. I have to get pretty creative to figure how this is an across the bow for Fred, but great post. I am rarely surprised at the thuggery of public employee unions, but I was surprised this union would trivialize a term that’s putting their colleagues in major blue cities in both economic and physical danger.

    1. I agree. But notice how the graphic puts him squarely in the middle. He is described as “reasonable.”

      But, again, why the effort? It seems like a desperate ploy to appear relevant. The cops suck up half the budget and nobody has the balls to “defund” them by even 1% of this bloated amount. Really, the only thing that would be cut are unfilled, but budgeted jobs. Jobs that don’t need to be filled but that keep being budgeted anyway, just to make it looks like sacrifices have been endured.

      1. The reasons are clear. Nick got something like 25 calls, texts and emails from people pissed off that he wanted to defund the police. The union wants to both reward council members who pray to their alter, and punish those who don’t in the hope of moving 3 their direction, and damaging whoever does not.

        The whole union power thing is a legislature anointed nightmare. Union holds the cards. Everybody is paid on a matrix. Disciplining and firing is nearly impossible without incontrovertible video evidence of them committing a crime. It’s not like you can simply fire the worst because you think you can find better. The irony is that growing challenges resulting from wokeness in doing that job do give me some empathy and gratitude that I didn’t have to this degree 5 years ago. Done right, it is a job that comes with physical, but certainly liability risk. But, at the end of the day, public employees work for the people, and the people have a right to manage the organizations for the benefit of the people. Not as a rich jobs program as it has been. I don’t care about matching median salaries. I care about securing the best we can get for $1 more than is required, and preserving the right to improve the average. What a concept.

        If there were viable support in this town for truly defunding, support that looked like majority support, Bruce and Nick would be the tip of the spear in fighting certainly Silva and Zahra.

        Fred is a buddy, but Fred doesn’t know his ass from third base about the true thuggery of union power. I believe he also is driven primarily by bolstering his brand. I do not believe good-government philosophy is his primary driver. Fortunately, he has a handful of key influencers who are sane, along with his core support of union owned dems like Newman and the Party at large.

        Fred lost me when he gave up our right to examine pension alternatives. What he needs to do is go independent or Republican so that he can own more constituencies, bolster his brand, and actually become the brash tough guy he fancies himself to be. Sorry Fred. Call em like I see em.

        1. “The irony is that growing challenges resulting from wokeness in doing that job do give me some empathy and gratitude that I didn’t have to this degree 5 years ago.”

          Growing challenges like not shooting black people in the back? Get a grip.

          And why on earth would Fred Jung want to join your party of traitors, thieves, bigots, know-nothings, xenophobes, mercantilists and oh, year did I mention insurrectionists?

            1. @PYHO, seems to me only one of our grills is out for the world to see. You probably have my number. Call me if you want to debate.

            2. You mean like 200 congresspersons who voted against an infrastructure bill that would have ejaculated over it if Trump proposed it? That sort of philosophy?++++++++

        2. option #1 Choitzgerald

          option #2 brand ambassador Mayor Pro Tem Zahra

          I will have the option that won’t give me the shits.

          Be grateful… none of ’em are perfect.

  4. How ludicrous. The cops and the pot dealers are full on Zahra supporters. Figure it out. He likes it from both ends.

  5. Hahaha.

    Fullerton is overwhelmed by violent crime? That means the cops AREN’T DOING THEIR JOBS!

    The logic is inescapable. Sometimes you have to wonder just how fucking stoopid these protozoa brains really are.

      1. Somebody that dresses up in police uniform and takes out the trash that your too chicken shit to do yourself. Or is it that your scared

          1. The FPD is not trash. Most are hard working decent people. It’s their UNION who’s always up to no good.

            1. Six vs. half-dozen. The “good” ones always cover for the “bad.” No difference. If they choose to be organized by thugs, then they are thugs, too. Logic.

  6. Never ceases to amaze me how disgusting FPD,( union goons, et al )are in the shitty city of FULLERTON

    If Fullerton is overwhelmed with violence, what does that say about the PD? What a bunch of idiots. Didn’t know it was possible to have a such collective of city idiots that run the city for soooooooo long. How the hell is this possible. Everyday is another shit show. Same church, different chair.

    Wise people may choose to leave a city this corrupt. I wish they would be taken over. I don’t care if it’s Bozo the clown, it HAS to be better than the shit show Fullerton is; it has been 25+ years of corruption.

    I’m waiting for the feds. Good things come to those who wait.

    Thanks FFF, for doing the heavy lifting. Much appreciated.

  7. One more reason to shutter the FPPD and contract with OCSD. The FPPD thugs are despicable liars and a good portion of them are criminals — not cops.

  8. It’s obvious FPOA members are selfish. They don’t care about the city or residents who pay their salaries. They are borderline Evil. Let’s DEFUND FPPD and FUND Orange County Sheriffs Department instead!

    1. Notice how CCCP doesn’t have anything to say about his Union Thug Bros? What can he say? They are all greedy and corrupt — birds of a feather as they say.

      1. The cop goons and the fire goons are both getting desperate right now. Fullerton is bleeding red ink right now and the greedy union thugs are trying to rob what’s left of the store. The fire union goons have already started agitating to be sold off to the OCFA cartel. Like petulant children they’re going to start stomping their feet and crying their eyes out until they get their way.

        Time to restructure the fire department – contract 911/ALS paramedic services to the private sector and layoff the excess goons. Or contract with Placentia and save tens of millions of dollars every year.

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