The Less Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Here’s a link to a video we recently received, depicting some of the fine patrons of Downtown Fullerton on a typical week-end evening:

It’s sort of fun to watch this mob enjoy a brief bout of fisticuffs between two of their own, especially when one of the pugilists gets cold-cocked and further beaten while lying helpless on the ground. What simian fun!!

Look familiar? This crap has been going on for almost 20 years thanks to our craven politicians who were bought and paid for by bar owners.

Speaking of bar owners the fight scene above (not apes) takes place in the fight ring/parking lot behind the Matador bar, whose owner, Mario Marovic is opening two new saloons on the corner of Harbor and Commonwealth, and who still hasn’t give back the sidewalk fraudulently acquired by the Florentines way back in 2002.

25 Replies to “The Less Things Change the More They Stay the Same”

  1. Well, somethings are impervious to change – like pretending Downtown Fullerton is a success when it loses millions every damn year.

    1. It is not a family friendly downtown.

      If the sidewalk thief is opening two more bars he should name them Hormones, Pukerstown.
      Better yet for him to pay for two police , street cleaner and maintenance.
      He already is paying for city council

  2. I wish Jung and Dunlop would show some courage and do something. Whitaker’s a lost cause. He’s been coddling JP23 and the other downtown douchebags for 10 years.

  3. Heard Marovic withdrew his application (that he won at the Planning Commission but was being appealed) for an updated CUP.

    1. He’s sacrificing his stoopid breezeway patio “dining” to save the pop-out. And the City is going along with it. Why?

      1) they want to cover up F. Paul Dudley’s bump-out scandal
      2) they know Marovic is not on the hook for the bump out and want to avoid another successful lawsuit against the City.

      This is a big test for Jung and Dunlap. Who’s side are you on? Ours or the City staff/bar owner. Profiles in courage Nick and Fred.

  4. Come on you guys, quit ragging on City people. Without their failure to uphold the law, we would be missing out on all that entertainment. I especially like the part at the end with the drunk chicks falling over each other.

  5. It’s easy to paint Marovic/Matador as being responsible, and no doubt Matador patrons were probably among those present, but to be fair that fight was the result of the *entire* downtown bar scene emptying into the parking lot at the same time. The same thing goes on most weekend nights downtown, both in that lot, the lot behind Chomp and Marovic’s new properties, behind Bourbon Street, Heroes, JP23, etc. This fight just happened to be recorded and posted somewhere. Anywhere you have high concentrations of alcohol and testosterone you see this. At least FPD was on scene fairly quick.

    1. I wonder what the cops say. I’d like to hear what our resident authority Cold Chillin’ Cops’ Balls who has an opinion worth hearing.

      1. I’d like to hear what Chief Dunn thinks about adding more fuel to the fire.

      2. I think the best way to tamp down on this sort of thing is to have all hands on deck on at least Thurs, Fri & Sat nights at about 30 minutes before the most common closing times until 2:30AM, stationing a patrol car in each parking lot trouble spot for visibility and deterrence. This also makes people think twice about driving while intoxicated. All hands on deck means no officers at the station for report writing (there should be exceptions for arrests/reports with deadlines) or on breaks and the watch commander should be in the field as well. Visibility helps a lot. I worked in a city with a lot of the same types of problems and this is what we did. Unfortunately, if this is done, then people (this blog) will accuse the cops of being lazy and just parking instead of working, but this is the best way to not only discourage the fights, but to also be on top of things when fights do break out (and they still will).

        1. Because that is *exactly* what they always do — work the least amount possible. It’s the Fullerton PD way!

        2. Haha. Parking instead of “working.” That’s funny. Working would be walking a beat in DTF and quelling the shit BEFORE it starts. But NOOOOOOOO.

          You should have said parking instead of driving. Or maybe parking instead of meeting with female colleagues in the ladies room for a few minutes.

        3. You park for visibility and presence. If something breaks out, you want to be in a car in order to get there quickly, because if you’re stuck on foot away from your unit it’s gonna take awhile to get back to your unit so you can drive somewhere. You can supplement the parked officers with foot patrol, but with every additional unit/officer you assign to downtown, the rest of the city has less coverage and response time increases. The PD does not have unlimited resources, money is tight and they have plenty of open spots. You can’t have it both ways…..cutting their budget and expecting officers to be everywhere at once. Fact is they were on scene for this fight fairly fast. Having a unit parked in the parking lot might have prevented the fight from happening in the first place. How many of those obviously intoxicated people then drove? Probably plenty. People definitely think twice about driving when they see a patrol car parked nearby with officers watching. You people will always find something to complain about and ridicule the PD while ignoring common sense effective policing techniques just because you can’t stand the thought of a patrol officer parking for a little while. Presence is a big part of public safety.

          1. “money is tight” because the Safety Union Thugs harassed, threatened and extorted politicians to agree to unsustainable pensions and other benefits. Remember your mob-like lawyers, Lackie, Dammeier & McGill? We do!

            1. Exactly! I don’t know which is worse – punks fighting in the alley or the thugs who took an oath to serve and protect. That oath meant squat to them.

    2. Easy to paint Marovic as responsible? Nobody said he was. The author noted this took place behind Mario’s bar. And it point out correctly that the guy is opening 2 bars.

      And he’s obviously trying hard to keep the illegal “bumpout” a rather obnoxious euphemism for “stolen sidewalk.”

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