The John Lewis Poll & The Voice of OC

Harry, the numbers are looking good!

I had some hopes for “The Voice of OC” as a source of information in Orange County, even though it was started by a former Democratic officeholder and funded by the County employee’s union.

Then on Friday I read Norberto Santana’s follow up to an earlier post about a poll repuglican John Lewis supposedly did that included results showing Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt within 1% of Sandra Hutchens. The problem was that neither the undecideds nor a % for Craig Hunter were released. How come? Lewis said he was restrained from saying. But it rendered the numbers pretty meaningless.

Instead of telling Lewis to cram his bogus “poll,” Santana gave the guy some more free publicity – whether there was even a real poll or not. And almost no inquisitiveness into who Lewis was working for or even if (as is quite likely) he’s just working for himself.

Well Santa was too incurious to press the matter, but I’ll speculate freely. I’m pretty sure Lewis is not working for Hutchens or he wouldn’t have released the numbers at all; ditto Hunter. Is he working for Hunt? Pretty unlikely since the unindicted members of Team Carona still show little but disdain for Hunt who would be unlikely to pay Lewis to do a poll in any case.

So who has the money and the resources to hire Lewis? The AOCDS union does, and since they are backing Hunt it would make sense – although the missing Hunter data would remain odd indeed – unless he, too were catching up with Hutchens. It would also make sense since the union is also backing a candidate in another important June race.

If Lewis were working for the his old Measure D pals the Lewis poll results in the 4th Supervisor’s race will indeed be interesting. If they are even released, it’s a safe bet that Harry Sidhu will miraculously receive credible numbers despite a campaign marked by perjury, carpetbagging, ignorance, and general buffoonery. Shawn Nelson is bound to come out badly since neither the AOCSD nor Lewis can tolerate a Nelson victory. Or are we too cynical about Lewis doing a phony “push poll”? Maybe. But we do recommend counting your fingers if you ever have to shake  his hand.

Anyway, Lewis also has a way of working on spec so he can make lobbying calls later, so  maybe he’s just trolling. What his motivations for hiding the Hunter data might be will become clear by early June.

But c’mon Norberto. Why wait?

“OC Watchdog” Gets Award; Pats Self On head

Sic 'em!

Hooray! The OC Watchdog of the Orange County Register has been given some sort of “public service” award by some newspaper publishing organization or other. Teri Sforza is crowing about it, here, and sharing some of the important watchdoggin’ they’ve been doing. Well, okay, they’re all in a precarious employment situation over there so a little self-promotion can be forgiven.

On the other hand, when we consider the stories that the Watchdogs have serially ignored, we have to wonder with the Roman poet Juvenal, quis custodiet ipsos custodes? or in English: who guards the guardians?

Here’s a partial list of stories missed, dismissed, or glossed over by the OC Watchdog:

Perjury by Harry Sidhu, candidate for Supervisor.

Janet Nguyen hiring staffers for the 4th District office.

Tom Daly talks Supes (including Nguyen) into buying 2.1 million dollar money pit.

Tom Daly puts do-nothing Sacramento statistic-for-hire on $1700 per month retainer, paying out well over $100,000.

Tom Daly gives $48,000 to campaign contributor Brett Barbre to study sports hall of fame (first reported and then ignored – Jennifer Muir distracted by shoes).

Tom Daly turns Clerk-recorder Department into make work office for relatives of campaign contributors.

Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle paid $72,000 per year to find new graveyard for OC Cemetary District.

Pringle paid $250,000 to lobby for OC Children and Families Commission; Pacific Strategies awarded contracts of half a million dollars in three years to run a blog and write PR pieces for politicians; Commission gives “The White House Writers Group” $150,000 to proclaim the good works of the Commission on a bigger stage.

Etc., etc., etc.

The main problem seems to be lack of curiosity and/or tenacity. Then there’s the rather disturbing possibility that some folks in authority just gets less scrutinized than others.

The Lorri Galloway Residency Comedy Rolls Along

At the WAND candidate forum the other day Lorri Galloway asserted that she has lived in our district for seven months.

Not quite right. According to her voter registration she only started carpetbaggin’ the 4th District a mere 5 months ago. So who cares? She’s a politician and they just love to fuzz up the facts.

Hi, I'm your new neighbor. I know I haven't been around much.

But wait. The really fun fact is that she began her so called 4th District residency by “living” in Anaheim’s O-P zone – on the corner of Lincoln Avenue And East Street. And even if she did actually reside there, which is extremely doubtful, that residency was illegal per Anaheim’s zone code; she was busted (by us) in January and she had to “move.” So even if the most credulous person believes that she is now actually living in the “5 Points” area, she’s only been a legal resident of the 4th District for a couple of months.

More Register Fail

Here’s a link to a Register article by Tony Saavedra that starts out with the breathtaking news that the OC Cemetery Board voted to hold a meeting to talk about raising it’s stipend 5%. That’s 5% of $100 per meeting, or a whopping five bucks per member. If they meet once a month that would total a mammoth $300 per year. Thanks for that earth-shattering news, Tony.

In the meantime, not a squeak about this opaque public district paying Anaheim mayor and general fixer/influence peddler Curt Pringle $6000 per month to locate a new graveyard site for the boneyard boys that we reported about here; a task that could have been handled by a realtor for the price of a commission paid by the seller. Of course Pringle was also supposed to grease the skids – which seems to be his only marketable job skill. No word yet on whether he accomplished anything at all, although this seems not to be a requirement to get a lucrative contract with one of these little known but apparently well-heeled public agencies.

Pringle's cup runneth over.

But Saavedra seems to think his readers are more interested in the $5 per month scandal that’s he’s trying to brew up into something potable. Sadness.

And by the way, here’s a choice nugget from The Register’s OC Watch Dog, Teri Sforza, inviting whistleblowing news tips that I recently stumbled across. Maybe the Register reporters should (re)read Ms. Sforza’s stirring words. Here’s the kicker: “…we’ll put together a blogroll of local muckrakers like ourselves.”

Yeah. Right. Anything you say, Teri.

Thanks, Krusty!

A commenter calling himself “Krusty” (among other assorted names) asked this morning how come we hadn’t posted anything about some lawsuit filed by some disgruntled investor who bought out Shawn Nelson’s stake in a Brea lounge.

And that reminded me that I did indeed want to post something about it. A story was posted by the Fullerton News Tribune replacement for Barbara Giasone on April 14th about this lawsuit. This intrepid newshound is called Adam Townsend.

I found it very odd that one of the Register’s do-nothing employees would suddenly become interested in Nelson’s personal business affairs, especially during an election campaign. After all, they have serially ignored real stories of political and management malfeasance like Tom Daly buying a 2.1 million dollar money pit or the fact that Harry Sidhu perjured himself twice on voter registration documents; or that Curt Pringle made a small fortune looking for a new graveyard site for the Cemetery District.  Nary a peep.

The other shoe dropped this morning (it took a couple of days), when Mauve County blogger Jubal Cunningham, the “conservative” hypocrite who makes his living sucking at the welfare state teat, put this two-day old post on the top of his “Today’s top stories in OC.” Well, okay. Cunningham is just a limp tool who takes his orders from John Lewis and Lewis works for Hide and Seek Sidhu. So I guess for him and Lewis it’s a “top story.”

But why would this Adam Townsend guy let himself get used by the Sidhu campaign to publicize a private business deal of Nelson’s during a campaign – especially when he seems unable to get his keyboard to tap out the words: Harry Sidhu carpetbagging perjuror? Can he really be that dumb? Sadly, it appears so.

Either that, or something fishy going on here. And I really wonder – can we ever expect this Townsend guy to start writing about real public issues in Fullerton?

Register/News Tribune Fail

I lift my leg on them...

Well, they’re at it again. Another on-line “article” in the Register by a Fullerton guy named Dennis Bode who is listed as a “columnist,” but who is, in reality, a local realtor making a sales pitch. They tried that before. Apparently I didn’t sufficiently chastise them.

The piece starts out by belaboring the obvious: termite inspections are helpful and then morphs into an advertisement for Mr. Bode.

The appearance of an ad masquerading as a news story must violate every precept of professional journalism, but hey, times are tough! And I’m just a dog. What do i know?

‘Tamnation. OC Register/News Tribune Really And Truly Hits Rock Bottom

Every week they insult my intelligence all over again. Why do they do that?

I really thought the OC Register/Fullerton News Tribune had gone about as far south as was humanly possible. I was wrong. Yesterday they produced an on-line “piece” by a “columnist” named Dennis Bode.

It was dressed up to look like an article about remodeling your house – which is about as newsworthy as tulips in the front yard. Pretty soon the article started talking about house prices and foreclosures and REO’s, etc. Upon closer inspection it turns out the thing is nothing but a real estate come-on by Bode who, it turns out, is a real estate agent.

Sweet Emancipator, are they joking? Was this an infomercial that somehow missed the “advertisement” label and got put in the news tab, instead? Or has the Register/News Tribune descended to printing ads under the guise of news? Other ads on the page are clearly labeled “advertisement.”

Did Mr. Bode pay for that ad? I have to wonder.

This is beyond incompetent and lazy. This is unethical. But what do I know? I’m just a dead dog with a bust-up eye socket and a bad under bite. Arf.

Fullerton News Tribune As Worthless As Ever

How about some news?

Just in case anybody thought the Fullerton News Tribune might somehow become more, you know, relevant, with the departure of Barbara Giasone, they had better think again.

Let us contemplate this week’s edition. In a week when the City Council held a special meeting to discuss millions in projected budget deficits, the Thursday News Tribune’s big story (by a guy named Bruce Chambers), was about – drum roll – tulips.

Okay some guy grows tulips in his front yard, and that’s great. Tulips and daffodils are pretty and I love digging up flower beds. But is that news?

I don’t think so, but, what do I know. I’m just a dog.