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Here’s what the people at the “Voice of OC” think is pressing: Santa Ana tops Anaheim in population. Really? Who the hell gives a damn? The writer tried to make it relevant by noting that some funding is allocated by population. Again, so what? the difference is a few thousand people –¬† and a pro rata share differential is negligible.

C’mon you guys! May we humbly share some real issues? What about the repeated malfeasance by County Clerk-recorder Tom Daly? What about an out of control Children and Families Commission that pays a political operative $200 an hour to hand out toothbrushes? What about the County Cemetery District that paid Anaheim Mayor-for-Hire Curt Pringle $72,000 per year to find a graveyard site? Sweet Jebus, you guys, what’s wrong?

Do you folks really want to be taken seriously, or not?

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  1. just like Cunningham, it’s what most writers do to put food on the table and I’m sure Nick has Norberto by the short hairs.

    Nothing different than a schooled jazz musician playing top 40’s in a cheesy nighclub, when it’s time to pay the rent, a mans got to do what a mans got to do.

  2. I looked at this thing.

    It’s another USELESS space. Just like the impotent LOC, The self congratulatory (and SELF INTERESTED) Red County.

    These guys would do well to take a page out of your book, but since they appear to be beholden they never will.

  3. where isthe polish peashooter and his minion,prevatt the pimp? oh yhea they run that blog with little readership fibby oc

    1. Hey! Stop calling our blog names or I’ll sue you for defamation and harm to my business! Let me pencil you in on the paperwork, right here next to Does #135-207 …

      While you people over here are clowning around and being mean to innocent Supervisorial candidates, the Liberal OC is way out in front on news that REALLY MATTERS to the people of Orange County — BIG news, like the 53rd update on my lawsuit against Art Pedroza, articles about my daughter’s soccer team, and republished press releases from Loretta Sanchez.

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