More on Pacific Strategies and The Greenhut Lunch

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day.

In the comments thread to our post this morning on Matthew Cunningham billing the taxpayers $200 an hour to have lunch with former Register editorialist Steve Greenhut in September, 2008, an observant Friend “nobody” drew our attention to a July 2008 blog article written by Greenhut. In the article Greenhut calls for getting rid of the Children and families Commission altogether.

Well that wouldn’t do! So what does the Commission do? It sends its Ambassador to Conservatives, Matthew J. Cunningham and its Executive Director, Michael Ruane to lunch with Greenhut. Did Greenhut learn the errors of his ways? I wonder. Steve?

What I don’t wonder about is how much this lunch cost the taxpayers.

Oh, and for extra fun, read the one and only comment on Greenhut’s post. It’s by a guy named “Michael” and he’s he’s defending the Commission from State budget raids, calling that a new tax. Here’s the money quote from “Michael’s” comment:

“Granted, there are always imperfection and waste when government doing anything, but at least with Prop 10 the money returned to the counties where anybody could see if there is a misappropriation and fix it.”

Ho, ho! Imperfection and waste? Hoo boy, he nailed that one! But anybody could see if there is a “misappropriation?!” If by anybody, “Michael,” you really meant almost nobody, then we are agreed. How many people know the Commission has a $195,00 a year contract for PR with Pacific Strategies? How many people knew the Commission was paying Cunningham $200 an hour to read blogs, Facebook, recycle the same “op-ed” piece over and over again, and do all those lunches? For the love of God, Michael, please tell us you were only joking!

Hmm. Come to think of it now I wonder if Pacific Strategies didn’t write that comment for “Michael.”

4 Replies to “More on Pacific Strategies and The Greenhut Lunch”

  1. I was wondering the same thing when I linked to the Greenhut post and read “Michaels” comment.

    I suspect, we’ll see another $200. entry for “Jubal” to reply as “Michael”.

  2. What a scammer, he is paid nearly $200,000.00 a year to write right wing editorial opinions for the local republican newspaper then responds to the blog comments at $200.00 per hour. He is taking from both ends.

  3. Al,

    Matt likes it from both ends, thats why his “Mexican” speaking wife is so involved with Prop 8, if he were outed, the gravy train would end!

    This is this guys MO, As Jubal, he wrotye about how “prolific” Matt Cunningham was. But when he was posting as Matt Cunningham, he would spray “JUBAL” with accolades.

    This guy is a minor league player, at best a scam artist.

    RED COUNTY is losing whatever credibility the ever had rapidly. As if they needed any help.

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