And Now For Some Real Comic Relief

The Voice of OCEA, Norberto Santa penned this gem yesterday about a gathering of useless RINOs, government parasites and supposed “insiders.” The thrust of the story is that these creeps predicted a Sidhu victory. Why?

Just check out this image borrowed from The Voice of OCEA site:

The Tool Bank is now open...

Yep, there’s the useless pension spiker Bill Campbell on the left standing next to another useless pension spiker who actually did it twice, the pathetic Tom Wilson, former Supervisor of the 5th District.

Good God! What a collection of RINOs and repuglicans of the worst kind: the ones who champion Redevelopment, and who use other tools like Matthew J. Cunningham to pitch the delusion that discretionary land use entitlements are some sort of “property right.” Hey there’s Lucy Dunn who backed the Hairball, too.

Of course Campbell supported Sidhu as part of his and John Lewis’s master plan to get rid of both Nelson and Hairball.

Everything is for sale!

Apparently Curt Pringle, Anaheim’s sleazy Mayor for Sale was hand to prop up his tottering boy Sidhu; but talk about too little, too late! Pringle sure took it on the chops yesterday, and making fun of the party chairman Scott baugh ain’t gonna win him any Brownie points for that High Speed Rail merit badge he’s been working on for so many years.

Of course for Santana,¬† a last minute, pro-Sidhu piece tinged with a little gratuitous anti-Nelson shit is par for the course. Poor little Norberto! He wants people to think he’s a real journalist instead of what he really is: a toady to a union boss with no reportorial integrity or scruples.

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  1. Geez, that’s quite a collection of RINOs alright. Is that little thing next to Wilson Marian Bergeson? And do my eyes deceive me or do spot yet another pension spiker, Todd Spitzer down toward the end.

    Please keep this image for the 2011 Fringie Awards.

  2. Well said. The Voice of OC coverage really has been nauseatingly pro-union ever since the election got heated.

    Cat’s out of the bag, Norberto. Better hope Berardino’s next check shows up.

  3. CR, thanks for that tip.

    Muir’s been real chummy with the Sidhu/Lewis squad.

    I think I’ll do a post on that headline. Right now, in fact.

  4. Hey, can someone confirm if that is Scott Nelson, Placentia City Council, standing next to the big tall blonde on the far side? I thought he endorsed Shawn Nelson?

    Maybe its someone else.

    1. Not all of those people were for Sidhu. But apparently most of them were – if you can believe Norberto Santana Jr. Oops. Maybe you can’t!

  5. This is going to be a great race, worth watching that is for sure. Your post lost me at the end when you found it necessary to inject a 4 letter word for excrement – cheapens the whole post. Try to regain some class. And, by the way, don’t take the perceived influence of this blog too seriously as in spite of all the heated posts these last few months conveying urgency, outrage and attempts at excitement, 80% of OC voters did not care enough to even vote.

    1. I know! Let’s create a bowdlerized blog that censors comments and is afraid to deploy perfectly good Anglo-Saxon words – four letter, or any other kind.

      “Perceived influence of this blog?” Perceived by whom? By you? We don’t claim to be influential we just have a lot of fun. If there’s influence there, so be it.

  6. Admin, you take my suggestion for avoidance of 4 letter words too far – I am opposed to censorship, but am suggesting to this author a little self-discipline in his or her writing. As for claims of influence, that is my interpretation of your periodic reports on the number of hits on this blog and its ranking among other blogs. My view is that anyone who comes here is influenced, positvely or negatively, by what they read. However, wtih 80% of the voters not voting, the urgent posts here advocating how to vote, who to support and not to support, did not seem to translate into a decent voter turnout. Perhaps the posts are more influential than I think if they turned some potential voters off completely, though.

    1. Oh geez. I can’t believe I missed all that good will and camaraderie.

      Wonder if Lewis was there.

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