Observer Smacked Down

Nobody told us about the depth charges.

Previously we noted the Fullerton Observer’s legal maneuvering in an attempt to add itself to the city payroll. Last week we found out that Sharon Kennedy’s court filing had been met with objections by both the Orange County Register and the City of Fullerton.

The City’s objection is based on the same points we brought up a few weeks ago – namely, the Observer is not printed within the city, it is not printed weekly and it doesn’t have a bona fide list of paying subscribers as required by law. That’s three strikes for the Observer.

City of Fullerton’s Objection

The city calls into question Sharon Kennedy’s own filing, where we learn that the Observer boasts a whopping 598 paid subscribers and a monthly online distribution that rivals FFFF’s daily hits.

Next we have an objection filed by OC Register attorneys, which finds fault with the notice that Kennedy filed for her own hearing. The Register sums up the problem by saying “It is ironic that the Petitioner [Fullerton Observer] is seeking to publish important legal notices, yet cannot even publish its own Notice correctly.”

OC Register’s Objection

Kennedy pushed out her hearing to the end of July. I suspect she will drop it all together rather than suffer further embarrassment.

Bottom line: Kennedy’s dying cause here is to get the Fullerton Observer onto the city payroll. We’ve already demonstrated the paper’s inability to criticize city staff, engage in any kind of investigative journalism within city hall or participate objective reporting all while claiming that it is a legitimate newspaper. It’s hard to imagine any of these conditions improving should Kennedy’s paper wind up on the taxpayer’s dole.

9 Replies to “Observer Smacked Down”

  1. The word “incompetence” does not begin to describe this liberal rag that is erroneously held up as “journalism” in Fullerton.

    On the bright side, her readership and influence appear to be dwindling.

  2. Fullerton Observer staff never realized, until now, that its monthly diary was not a newspaper. I blame this on fellow Fullertonians who were too polite to laugh and tell them the truth.

  3. What a hoot. The observer spends the past twenty years being a running dog for the incompetent city staffers and council and what is Sharon Kennedy’s reward? The cold, hard truth: it is not a legitimate operation.

    If they didn’t hand that crap out for free hardly anybody would even look at it.

    #1, let’s hope you are right. The Observers are yellowing, fast.

  4. There is a short summary in today’s Observer. While Kennedy claims that she expected the Register’s objection, the city’s objection caught her by surprise.

    Sharon, why shouldn’t the city object to you taking our money? We always knew your paper was not illegitimate, but now a court ruling will confirm it. Can’t wait for July.

  5. Sharon’s intelligence rivals a box of rocks.

    Tell us, Sharon, what difference does it make WHO the objectors are? Whether it’s the Register, City Hall, Walt Disney, or my dog, it makes no difference. You don’t seem to comprehend this very well. Anybody can file an objection.

    So instead of pointing fingers why not *truthfully* tell your readers that these objections raise valid concerns as to why your petition must be denied.

    You flat out don’t qualify for adjudicated status and you know it. And the only person to blame is yourself.

  6. petitions are sooo subjective. what is a petition? Is it a petty nuisance or something that is petite? Is it like a bowl of ice-cream?

  7. Now the lefty college professors, aging columnists and frustrated contributors to the Fullerton Observer (who could never get published and paid for their work elsewhere) have been ‘observed’ and dismissed as the amateur hacks they are.

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