The John Lewis Poll & The Voice of OC

Harry, the numbers are looking good!

I had some hopes for “The Voice of OC” as a source of information in Orange County, even though it was started by a former Democratic officeholder and funded by the County employee’s union.

Then on Friday I read Norberto Santana’s follow up to an earlier post about a poll repuglican John Lewis supposedly did that included results showing Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt within 1% of Sandra Hutchens. The problem was that neither the undecideds nor a % for Craig Hunter were released. How come? Lewis said he was restrained from saying. But it rendered the numbers pretty meaningless.

Instead of telling Lewis to cram his bogus “poll,” Santana gave the guy some more free publicity – whether there was even a real poll or not. And almost no inquisitiveness into who Lewis was working for or even if (as is quite likely) he’s just working for himself.

Well Santa was too incurious to press the matter, but I’ll speculate freely. I’m pretty sure Lewis is not working for Hutchens or he wouldn’t have released the numbers at all; ditto Hunter. Is he working for Hunt? Pretty unlikely since the unindicted members of Team Carona still show little but disdain for Hunt who would be unlikely to pay Lewis to do a poll in any case.

So who has the money and the resources to hire Lewis? The AOCDS union does, and since they are backing Hunt it would make sense – although the missing Hunter data would remain odd indeed – unless he, too were catching up with Hutchens. It would also make sense since the union is also backing a candidate in another important June race.

If Lewis were working for the his old Measure D pals the Lewis poll results in the 4th Supervisor’s race will indeed be interesting. If they are even released, it’s a safe bet that Harry Sidhu will miraculously receive credible numbers despite a campaign marked by perjury, carpetbagging, ignorance, and general buffoonery. Shawn Nelson is bound to come out badly since neither the AOCSD nor Lewis can tolerate a Nelson victory. Or are we too cynical about Lewis doing a phony “push poll”? Maybe. But we do recommend counting your fingers if you ever have to shake  his hand.

Anyway, Lewis also has a way of working on spec so he can make lobbying calls later, so  maybe he’s just trolling. What his motivations for hiding the Hunter data might be will become clear by early June.

But c’mon Norberto. Why wait?

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  1. My friends. This push poll was done by John Lewis on behalf of Michael J. Schroeder’s candidate for Sheriff, Craig Hunter. That is precisely why his numbers were not shown. They are so horrendously low it would have been an embarrassment. If Hunter was closing the gap, they would have released that to assist in Hunter’s fundraising. Please, go to

    to learn more about this facinating push poll.

    1. Guy, I hear what you’re saying but if Lewis is working for Schroeder then why publish the partial results at all? Why not just clam up and avoid provoking embarrassing question?

      Plus the poll supposedly includes other races. I was told the Jerb posted on the Clerk race (Lewis is working for Daly, of course) and Treasurer. Presumably the 4th District race results are in, too.

      Last summer it became apparent even to me (novice that was) that Lewis was assembling his Measure D gang for Daly. I still suspect the clumsy hand of Wayne Quint – who loves to waste his member’s dues on futile elections (Cynthia Coad and Lance McClean being two good examples of political drones – but Sidhu takes the cake – an absolute cypher).

  2. While the poll may not be bogus, the fact that it was done by Probolsky should say loads about its credibility….you dont see big name clients using probolsky do you? that goes to the direct question of credibility. thiswas done for a client that has very poor polling numbers…they arent surprised…they cherrypick what they have released…

  3. I see nothing from the polish peasucker (aka the galloway peashooter or Galloway’s little poochie, prevatt the pimp….hear the prevatt is pimping out Bella on Harbor Blvd this pasr weekend

  4. Sorry, Joe, but I think you may be overanalyzing this. To find out what Lewis wants or whom he is working for, one need only observe the opinionating of on Matthew J. Cunningham, who is a perfect bellweather for the ambitions of his boss.

    If Lewis were working for the AOCDS the jerbal would be told to dial down the anti-Hunt propaganda which he has not done.

    Therefore I tend to agree with Guy that Schroeder is a likely player here, but lean to your own supposition about Lewis freelancing. I also agree he is a bottom feeding, betentacled slimer. We’ll be getting the results of his anti-Nelson “push poll” just in time for the absentee ballots to arrive – just as Sidhu mails out hit pieces.

    It won’t help Hide and Seek. He’s going to finish third. Or worse.

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