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You're right Julie, these people are suckers

I first became dimly aware of Fullerton politics back in 1993 when I saw a performance of then councilwoman Julie Sa. Sa was incapable of communicating in English, understood nothing, and was completely at the mercy of the City Manager, Jim Armstrong. The worst part of her reign of error was the evident truth that she was just using the office to promote herself.

In 2000 she was busted for not living in Fullerton and she gave up on running for third time. Fullerton had set the bar so low that any idiot with money could get over it. But at least Sa was gone.

So why am I bringing up Sa now? Because those folks who remember Sa have a useful frame of reference to assess the potential of one Harry Sidhu, who wants to be our Supervisor.

Like Sa, Sidhu doesn’t live in the jurisdiction he wants to represent. Sidhu cannot communicate his thoughts to his would-be constituents in English. Although I presume he can read English better than he can speak it, his grasp of simple grammar doesn’t portend a great understanding of the language. His well-documented manglings of simple statements has been nothing less than embarrassing – not for him, he doesn’t seem to possess the faculty of shame – but for those of us who have been subjected to it. His public admission that he didn’t know the impact of defined benefits was pitiful; his statement that he wasn’t taking union money was the closest thing to a million dollar lie that you will ever witness.

Sidhu’s self-interested supporters just love to accuse his critics of racism; nuh uh. Like Sa, Sidhu is an immigrant who made some money in the fast food business – more power to ’em (although Sa went bankrupt). But this economic success in no way qualifies Sidhu to run for elective office, and it certainly doesn’t make him immune from honest assessment of his abilities – or lack of same.

In 1992 the unknown Julie Sa ran for Fullerton council by sending out a bunch of slick, well designed mailings that masked the fact that she was utterly unqualified for any public office; and her subsequent performance proved this assessment true. In 2010 Harry Sidhu is running a vicious and hollow campaign lubricated with a million dollars of union money to in an office that he is patently unfit to hold.

Let’s not make that mistake again.

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  1. Didn’t Julie Sa run off to North Korea and take a job for Kim Jong Il? Talk about an opportunist.

    I can see where Harry is heading. Thanks for the comparison.

  2. I remember hearing a rumor that Julie hired Asian women to walk precincts all of them telling voters they were Julie Sa, there were like 10 different SA sightings all at the same time.

    We must be real dumb to have ever elected either one (SA/Sidhu), but when I think of the rest (Jones, et al), I realize we (the electorate) are dumb.

  3. No matter how many times you guys write it, it simply isn’t true. Harry Sidhu does live in the district. He is registered to vote in the district. Yes, he moved into the district to run for Supervisor. But he already represents a significant chunk of the district as an Anaheim city council member. Harry has broken no law.

    And Harry is hardly dumb given his business expertise and established successes. You seem to equate Harry’s lack of proficient English with a lack of intelligence which is incorrect as Harry probably can communicate in multiple languages. Since your own intellect is limited to English only, I’d say Harry is considerably smarter than you guys. The fact of the matter is Harry appeals to a significant chunk of Republican voters in the district. Nelson doesn’t appeal to voters in Anaheim period.

    You guys remind me of the birthers; no matter how many times Hawaii says Obama is a citizen, you refuse to believe it. Confronted with evidence to the contrary of your belief, it must be forged. A lack of evidence means there’s a cover up.

    1. Harry Sidhu currently lives in the District, where he was forced to relocate after being busted for lying about living in the Calabria Apartments. He is now surrounded by the flatlands residents he has been screwing over, by dumping his affordable housing projects into our hood, leaving flatlanders to live next to his slums of the future, built by the developers who donate to his perpetual campaigns, while Harry hurries back to his home in the hills, behind TWO sets of gates, where he does not have to live with the mess he creates! If you think the people in the flatlands are voting for that man, you are delusional. I cannot keep Nelson signs on hand, they are snapped up by flatlands residents as fast as I load them into my car. The sad thing is that by sending Nelson to the Supe seat we now have to KEEP Harry and Lorri here in Anaheim for another 2 years. Anaheim is willing to take one for the team, since we were the idiots who elected those two in 2008, but it is going to be a tough life in Anaheim until 2012. Unless of course Harry keeps approving subsidized housing, in which case we can recall him.

  4. #4, the evidence of Sidhu’s perjury is indisputable, and it has nothing to do with where he lives right now. You have obviously not read the law.

    How could you watch that video of Harry bumbling about pensions and not question his intelligence?

    Harry cannot properly communicate in English. That is an observable fact.

    Harry represents the voters in Anaheim Hills. That’s who voted for him last time. Unfortunately they don’t get to vote for him next week. The flatlanders have never been kind to Harry, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  5. “Yes, he moved into the district to run for Supervisor.” This action makes him a carpetbagger. The fact that he curreny represents a portion of this district on the Anaheim City Council is irrelevant. What his expedient relocation says about his lack of character or shame is relevant to this election.

  6. Gilligan,

    What the stuff that makes my spyware SCREAM: Waring Malware intrusion…..Loading Trojan Tracker?

  7. God help anyone who bases anything off what they read on the OC Liberal. Libelous trash and empty-headed leftist spin from the union base camp. How embarassing to cite such a source. It’s like admitting that you watch TMZ. Please keep your dirty pleasures to yourself.

        1. Hollis, If you are saying this is a settlement great, but why would the check from Feb 2010 say rent and why would the email from April 2010 say Sky Lounge rent. I also thought he said he sold his stock in the Sky Lounge in Dec of 2008 so why would he still be paying rent or as you mentioned pay a settlement?

  8. “Wake up”, right and Nelson shits gold according to everyone on this blog. No spon here at all.

  9. Does anybody remember when Julie Sa went batshit crazy with election signs???

    I remember going up Brea Blvd toward Bastanchury and there must have been HUNDREDS of signs on both sides of the street. I’ve never seen anything like it. You couldn’t see the mountains or even the top of Bastanchury (toward the Summit House) because the signs were spaced so closely together.

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