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Fullerton ain’t the only city in this world that needs a deep cleanse, but we like to think of this blog as a model to decent people all across this country who wish to start defending their own cities from the corrupt, the callous and the hopelessly inept types who’ve promoted themselves to positions of power at our expense.

Well, it looks like other people share that vision, too. Here’s a letter that came to us today all the way from Atlanta, GA.

I would have never thought or believed the amount of corruption at the city level. I found your website because of Kelly Thomas. I check your blog daily for updates on these police officers hoping they will serve justice one day but I found reading the rest of your blog to be very saddening about what goes on behind close doors. The amount of corruption goes from the top to the bottom and seems endless. I am amazed at how well you guys stay informed on the goings on. You guys do inspire people but I am curious as to how you guys stay on top of everything. I know you attend town hall meetings and such. I am gathering friends and taking an active roll in our community so things can look brighter for our future and our kids future. I just want to say thank you.

Also, I just viewed this video and wanted to share. It gives an inside view of a police officer who was with the New Orleans PD.

This is youtube, video is called “AVTM exclusive: New Orleans cop comes clean on murder, theft, corruption, quits the force”

All the ways from Atlanta , GA

Jeff L

Thanks for the letter, Jeff and thank you for sharing the example of a real cop upholding his oath and breaking the code of silence.

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  1. I’m sure FFFF will find a way to call this honest cop a pig, parasite, GED, etc. go ahead and get it started, merijoe.

    1. Don’t know respond to this garbage or address what he said. He’s just trying to create a diversion away from the video.

    2. Why would we do that? He isn’t any of those things.

      Would you stand him up next to Goodrich, Ramos, Cicinelli, Sllers, Thayer, Mater, Hampton, Blatney, Coffman, Major, Mejia, Rincon and not feel ashamed of what FPD has become?

    3. Thats what Im talking about. Im saving that pig, parasite, GED honor for you anonymous and hope you took notes.

      1. Thanks merijoe. Say, when you were incarcerated in the County jail last year, did the deputies treat you well? Or were they pigs and parasites too? With all bile that flows out of that sewer you call a mouth and all that self-righteousness, it turns out you are nothing more than a petty crook yourself.

        1. Again, we have a ignorant pathetic anonymous spewing shit.. One of these days you will get what you so rightfully deserve. and it will… I just hope all of us are there to see it happen..

    4. Check the Las Vegas daily’s, the cops there are the most trigger happy in the nation. Specifically look at the La Vegas Review-Journal, starting with their series of articles on 12/1/2011. This is law enforcement execution style.

  2. Crazy. Hire ghetto cops and have lacking supervision, you will end up with a majority ghetto police department. Glad I’m in police in California. Yuck.

  3. That was a really good video with a man that should still be a cop, , although maybe somewhere else. It restores my faith that there are good police officers with integrity that refuse to sell their soul and their sworn oath means something to them.

    I especially liked his answer when asked why people don’t trust police officers and he said……..”because they haven’t given them anything or any reason to trust them’………great point, , trust is earned……..

    P.S. someone send this ex officer an email and tell him Fullerton is hiring……. or better yet, , ANY PD in Orange County………..

  4. Funny thing how the GED cop lickers keep saying merinos was in prison for months at a stretch …when in face she was posting on these blogs everyday with different names pissing off the ged’ers! Bwaaaaah! Took the numbskulls that entire time to figure it out. POSTING SLANDER ABOUT OUR MERIJOE! TSSSSSK! TSSSSSK! SHAME ON THE MEAN GED COPPERS!

  5. Not sure why some have to be so insulting towards others on this blog. What purpose is that going to serve in the grand scheme of things? If derogatory comments are necessary, wouldn’t they be better directed towards the corrupt individuals who this blog seeks to expose?

  6. My uncle, who was a good cop, recently passed away this last year. He demonstrated to me police worked for the people, the military worked for the government. Two separate entities.
    He understood he was the muscle for the weakest citizens. He didn’t believe in following quotas. Didn’t have to plant or make up evidence. He was clever and believed in truth would come out. The people of the community could depend on him to be kind, yet his kindness was not weakness. I miss him.
    The most disturbing thing about this video is how many ex-military are cops. Military are not designed and maybe incapable of being police officers. Military are not trained to negotiate, they are trained to kill and use force. And the scariest thing is they are used to following orders from the top: Without question. It’s no wonder our neighborhoods look like war zones.
    Cleverness, intelligence, cunning, courage, these things make good cops;. Never ex-military.
    Sorry it’s so long.

    1. Sorry to her about that old Pig pushing up daisys he sounded like a good old boar. You know what they say a good Pig is a …… Well, one that’s eating donuts and not violation your rights

    2. There was a reason for the “Posse Comitatus Act” in 1878 to limit using federal military personnel to enforce the laws. Using soldiers just doesn’t work in civilian settings.

  7. no worries….I know the truth. He protected rights. The rights of the one that needed it the most….the weakest of society

  8. I usually don’t even read the articles because, since I don’t live there, I don’t know what you are talking about, lol. But seeing your articles and knowing what you do inspires me greatly. There is hope for us still. Keep it up!!! Thank you.

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