Barney Wewak Opines on Prop 1F

Former Troy High foreign exchange student and Friend of Fullerton B’rni (Barney) Wewak, current headman of a Papuan highlands tribe, recently sent us an e-mail. It seems that Barney not only follows the doings in our humble little burg, but he also keeps abreast of California politics. We reproduce his e-mail wherein he shares his thoughts on Proposition 1F. […]

OC Weekly Author Gustavo Arellano to Speak at Fullerton Library

  Author Gustavo Arellano, will be speaking at Fullerton’s Main Public Library on Monday, May 4,  at 7:00 p.m. Gustavo is the author of “Ask a Mexican” and “Orange County: A Personal History“. FJC’s 2009-2010 curriculum will include Gustavo’s Personal History book for its One School, One Book program. Participating Hornet students and faculty will read and discuss the meaning of […]

Fullerton Friends Around the World!

Four-and-a-half year old Yoshii Kawamura of Minamiechizen Village, Nanjo District, Fukui Prefecture, and penpal of Golden Hills Elementary’s March Citizen of the Month, Trevor McGrath, takes a break from precalculus class at the Nanjo Normal School to enjoy a riveting FFFF blog post by the Fullerton Shadow.