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Headman Barney Enjoys FFFF with Family
Headman Barney Enjoys FFFF with Family

Papuan highlands headman B’rni (Barney) Wewak, former international exchange student at Troy High School in 1974 and well-remembered for his fondness of pop tarts and synthesized jazz, shares an enlightenting FFFF blog post with clan members just prior to the traditional head gathering foray that marks the beginning of the taro harvest and grub hunt.

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  1. Fullerton Harpoon, thanks for the reassurance, I wish he would have gone out for basketball, we really could have used a good forward thinker.

  2. I knew him. Remember when he started that rock band “Abracadaver”? Those guys knew how to get down.

  3. Right on Brozzer man Jerry. I too began The Strand with Mr. Freddie Taccone before I went to start Adracadaver, we had a real groove: I’m very happy to stay in touch with my Fullerton Brozzer and Sister Friends.

    Peace Out

  4. So, is this really a picture of a headhunting, grub eating, taro cultivating culture or is this just pure racism?

  5. #7, you’re joking, right? This post is a parody on OUR culture – not some anonymous stone age tribe who knows where.


  6. #9, I believe you have hit upon the author’s intent. The juxtaposition of Western culture with an alien one -even if stereotyped – is a literary device withan impressive pedigree. It was extremely popular in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in both literature and political writing.

    Please note that the writer mkes no judgement regarding the relative moral value of eating a pop tart instead of a grub. Instead, the later is used to heighten the ridiculousness of the former.

    Underlying this trope, a suitably sensitive observer may also detect a subtle critique of Western technology with its pop tarts and laptops, as well as the inexorible consequences of globalization.

  7. Yes, I get it. I always think of jokes like this one as trying to hit a fast ball in a narrow strike zone. If you can do it you can belt one out of the park, but most of the time you strike out.

  8. I remember that dude from Troy! I swear to god we were in band together. he had some kind of a bagpipe thing he played.

    1. You Sidhu supporters sure like throwing that word around.

      Instead get a sense of humor. You have an excellent subject to practice on.

  9. Well whether this is a stupid attempt for a some sarcasm or to enjoy a little humor, you should see something in here. They are at peace of who they are while surfing the net to see how the smart world destroy the world and each other.

  10. lets really look at the racist issue on this site. no minority writers, irrational hate (way beyond a healthy policy discussion) towards sidhu and choi. distasteful jokes like this and several others, referring to sidhu as “harish” in an insensitive way. just makes you wonder.

  11. No post on this site has ever referred to anybody called “Harish.”

    Choi lives in Irvine. Do a search on the name. Can you find it on a single mention of him on this site? Thought not.

    No “minority” writers? Now how on earth woud you even know that?

    The only thing I wonder about is how you Billy Turners of the world find employment apart from dumb assclowns like Sidhu who have more money than sense.

  12. “No “minority” writers? Now how on earth would you even know that?”

    Yeah, no one teases Sipowicz about being a polock and Jan Florys Dog is at least 2/3 sassy latina. And a dog.

    And dead.

    1. Sassy? Well, yes. Genetic/ethic origins? Speculative. But I was 100% all normal boy-dog when I watered the fire hydrants along Brea Boulevard.


    2. And that reminds me of a funny exchange my dad had with his.

      “Dad,” asked my father. “How do I keep people from calling me a dumb polack?”

      Old Stan Sipowicz, who was born in Lodz, promptly replied: “Don’t be one.”

  13. Friends Around The World is now a component of the Fullerton News Tribune; send them a photo of you holding the throw away and they’ll publish your photo in the Thursday edition. I think it’s lame they are copying FFFF.

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