10 Replies to ““At Least She Ain’t Shy””

  1. Four cops spend an hour fondling a pig while I can’t get one to show up and write a report from my vehicle burglary.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I was robbed all I got was fingerprint dust that couldn’t come clean and a post card from Chief She Bear telling me they were dropping it for lack of evidence. Of course they didn’t bother to interview the fat fuck downstairs who was home all day.

  2. There must be some way FFFF can cut and splice this video with the Felz catch and release video. Hell, the pig is innocent and Felz was guilty.

  3. Did see get a signing bonus without even attending the Fullerton College Police Academy? We need to put an end to nepotism in the FPD.

  4. More proof that Fullerton PD is disinterested in real crimes because they are incapable of solving them. However, they positively excel at committing crimes themselves including assault, theft, child molestation and murder!

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