Friday Photo Fun

Every now and then I look down from doggy heaven and see something entertaining. Then I ask you humans to come up with a caption for the image. Here’s an picture that just cries out for a caption. Your councilman Ahmad Zahra, beloved by my former mistress, Jan Flory, and others of her ilk. My canine instinct senses something is off-putting about this man, but, arf. I’m only a dog, and a dead one at that.

Please give it a whirl. I am informed the best effort will receive special FFFF recognition.

29 Replies to “Friday Photo Fun”

  1. For a man who is allegedly a “doctor” and thus earning a health “doctor’s income”, Ahmad dresses like a homeless man who recently did some pro bono shopping at Salvation Army and got everything in the wrong size.

  2. This guy spent over $100,000 for a $10,000 a year job. Otherwise I might donate to a clothes GoFundMe.

  3. Why’s he wearing house slippers? Or are those medical boots for aspiring filmmakers who once were doctors? So many questions.

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