A Tree Grows in Fullerton

You humans always slayed me with your strange priorities and need to celebrate something. Me? When I was on Earth all I wanted was two squares and no broomstick.

Your Tommy Lasorda Day has come and gone. The ovations and fanfare are over. But lest you move on to other business please pause to reflect on the occasion.

A new addition to Fullerton’s urban forest!

12 Replies to “A Tree Grows in Fullerton”

  1. Somewhere some landscaper who plants 50 trees a day is laughing his ass off at this self-congratulatory “accomplishment.”

      1. I get the feeling there is an underlying satire at work here at Mayor Whitaker’s expense. But the post was written by a dog so…

        1. How many councilmembers can claim they presided over a Sister City deal? Not many, that I can tell you! Most can’t accomplish anything!

  2. Any bets on what city department the guy that drunkenly drives over Tollo McTree will be from?
    Police, city management… Maybe a council member!? What fun!

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