Monday Photo Fun & Caption Contest!

I knew trouble was brewing when I saw this picture. My former mistress and her drinking buddies. Normally when the drinking began I would crawl under the sofa.

Well, what the hell. You humans provide the caption. I mean really, what can I, a poor dead dog add to this?


35 Replies to “Monday Photo Fun & Caption Contest!”

  1. ‘Til the roof comes off, till the lights go out
    ‘Til my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth.
    ‘Til the smoke clears out and my high perhaps
    I’m a rip this sh*t till my bones collapse

  2. I don’t know who that woman on the left is, but she really needs to be more discriminating about who she drinks with.

  3. Grown ups aren’t afraid to identify themselves, that’s the M.O. of spineless, big-mouthed, bully wanna-be’s. So WHAT if adults of legal age have a celebratory moment? I am sure all who responded to this are puritans. Get over yourselves. You are posting to a blog built on nothing but a total loser with an attitude who has nothing better to do than tear down people who actually try to do their best for this city. Post something helpful for a change. This blog seems to attract people who have lots of criticism, no solutions, and no personal accountability. That’s why you hide behind fake names. You are worthless.

          1. Aren’t you supposed to be a Commissioner? Looking for another harassment complaint?

            Cause the cover-up of your last one was a doozie.

    1. If these people are trying to do their best, and this is the best they can do, we need someone else to try.

      Yes, there is lots of criticism here. Those people who are supposedly trying have earned every bit of it. As far as solutions, maybe you haven’t been reading this blog. The solutions espoused by this blog have been fairly consistent – don’t spend money on stupid things when the city is for practical purposes bankrupt, stop lying to the people of Fullerton, quit covering up all of the garbage in the police and fire departments as well as the rest of the city administration.

      As far as grown ups not being afraid of identifying themselves, the current little dust-up between Mr Ferguson and the city shows why many people aren’t interested in giving out their names.

      1. Sums it up nicely. This is the woman who used her position to attack a citizen of Fullerton. She and Fitzgerald actually started an astroturf group to help COVER UP all the incompetence and mismanagement in Fullerton. She has no credibility at all.

    2. Worthless, coming from you? That’s thirty pounds of useless skin right there containing a whole lot of evil.

    3. Thank you for taking the time the visit our humble blog. Obviously you think the City of Fullerton is being well-run, so I would like to invite you to write a post that I will publish, verbatim. I’d like the Friends to hear your opinion about why criticism of the City is unwarranted by Joshua Ferguson, or anybody else; and also, why it is incumbent on critics to come up with “solutions” to problems created by highly compensated and pensioned bureaucrats.

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