Phriday Photo Phun – Early Edition

It was like getting hit with a broomstick all over again…

I don’t know about you humans, but I always find it amusing when a politician tries to look good on campaign material, but ends up really looking funny.

My former neighbor, Paulette Marshall is pretending to be a school teacher to run for County School Board. Actually she was just a typical bad local lawyer for years. In 2018 she created a phony address to run for your city council and then got busted, prosecuted, and eventually pleaded guilty to trespassing and theft charges. You would think that would be an instant disqualifier for future elective office, but in a county where her senile and crime abetting husband Doug “Bud” Chaffee can get elected County Supervisor, anything is possible if you blow enough of your kid’s inheritance. Of course spending dough doesn’t equate to success.

Here’s a piece Mrs. Chaffee sent out. Humans with opposable thumbs cropped it to get rid of the stupid, misleading verbiage.

See! That’s me with the sign! That’s how I ended up being here today for this community service photo opp. Crime does pay, boys, especially for rich old, white people…

I couldn’t think of what this reminded me of at first. Then I did”

Oh, Magoo, you’ve done it again…

10 Replies to “Phriday Photo Phun – Early Edition”

  1. Funny stuff. Just what’s needed headed into election season. If pilfering Paulette pulls off the ‘Big V’ on election night and is allowed to decide the fate of our children the system’s FUBAR. Hope is gone. Go get wasted and join the boys at the Armory.

  2. “See! That’s me with the sign! That’s how I ended up being here today for this community service photo opp.”

  3. The little brown faces sure contrast with her pallid alien complexion. Heck, who knows with an orange wig and cheating lessons from Paulette our children could fool Stupid America and become president.

  4. I’ve never seen a less authentic person. And that even counts her creepy, lying sack o shit husband, Bud Chaffee,

  5. Wait. Was this picture of her taken during her community service for the sign pilferage? Is that the message here?

    I’d like to claim credit for the Pilferin’ Paulette moniker. ‘Twas me or one of my other ‘noms de plume’ (Walter Sobchak, Karl Hungus maybe one or two others) who coined it.

      1. Wrong you are. It was I. Posted under one of five different names. Probably SoDoNoCha, i can’t remember which name I used. Figure that name out and I’ll buy you a slice at Woppo’s. My singular contribution to the circus that is Fullerton politics…

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