Fitzy Fire Sale. Everything Must Go!

It’s easy, just lift your leg and piss…on ’em

My human Friends have learned that your former Mayor-for-hire, and the best bestie of my former mistress, Jennifer Fitzgerald, is jumping ship from the Fullerton boat of which she spent years drilling holes in the bottom. But before she skips town she has planned at least one last scam to separate the gullible bipeds from their dough. This borders on some sort of abuse, and believe you me, I know a lot about abuse! 

Can you please repeat that? Hard to believe any of you humans would pay a hydrant pee to listen to Fitzgerald opine on any subject, but this topic is so funny that it’s even funny up here in doggie heaven.

What qualities make a good city manager? Well, let’s ask.

How about refusing to reform a criminal enterprise known as the FPD?

How about letting millions of gallons of expensive MWD water leak out of Laguna Lake with zero accountability?

How about years of unbalanced budgets leading to the brink of fiscal disaster?

How about serial neglect of the city fragile infrastructure?

How about getting drunk and running over a tree, and then trying to drive off?

How about covering up a Parks N’ Rec vehicle crash?

How about turning a blind eye to serial code violations?

How about continuing to foster the myth that downtown Fullerton is some sort of financial asset?

How about turning a blind eye to forgery of official city documents?

How about stonewalling on required release of public documents?

How about wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on crony “consultants”?

How about mismanaging construction projects as simple as wooden stairs and elevator additions?

How about enabling vanity projects like unused ceremonial bridges and dry duck ponds?

How about wasting a million dollars in state money on an idiotic and unpopular Specific Plan?

How about acceding to the demands of regional agencies for housing demands?

How about developing an entire Specific Plan behind everybody’s back – except the housing bureaucrats and do-gooders?

Arf! That’s only some of the stuff I can remember happening under the watch of Fitzgerald’s two city managers – the drunken stumblebum, Joe Felz, and the equally incompetent, likely sober, Ken Domer, neither of whom could run a dog kennel, as well I know.

For Jennifer Fitzgerald the only skill that mattered from a city manager was to accommodate her desires, desires that often as not ended up costing the citizens and taxpayers of Fullerton one way or another. She was a “master” all right. A master of manipulating a feeble system of political hacks and corruptible bureaucrats.

Hopefully some female human attending this gathering will be smart enough to ask some of the specifics of Fullerton’s city management disasters, but I doubt it.



12 Replies to “Fitzy Fire Sale. Everything Must Go!”

  1. How does brag about leading two fired loser city managers and then go around telling the story for money? This lady has balls.

  2. As an ambitious female “student” I will happily pay $50 to learn how to hire and train a city manager to do whatever I want no matter how unethical. Or maybe even to become an unethical city manager myself.

    Thanks Women Leading Government!

  3. similar to McKinnley She Bear self defence class he was teaching to women after Kelly Thomas beating in which the Police he hired / promoted …claimed they were defending themselves by crazed drugged homeless man trying to find a place to sleep. Fitzgerald is just putting on a show void of reality just like she did every city cancel meeting.

    1. Whenever I read the name of retired Fullerton police chief and recalled councilman,Pat McKinley, I remember he went on CNN and a few other popular media sites and said Fullerton police officers did not beat to death homeless, malnourished, schizophrenic Kelly Thomas. Linked to this memory is when McKinley was putting on his women’s self-defence, she bear skit a woman in the audience confronted him on the molestation of female detainees by Fullerton Police Officer Rincon and with the fact that while he was chief of police when these incidents occurred, McKinley defended this officer and refused to remove him from his police force. McKinley’s told the woman in the audience that those women who accused Officer Rincon were not women like her or other women with the inference that their exists ladies who don’t deserve to be molested and sluts who deserve to be molested by the long arms of the law. The city of Fullerton ordered by the courts to pay monetary damages to these “sluts” molested by Rincon.

  4. Note to California Franchise Tax Board: Audit the shit out of this woman the next few years. She’s going to hide all kinds of garbage from you. Nearly all of her griftjobs will be taxable from her new kleptokave in Texas.

  5. Don’t miss your chance to buy some Sparkyfitz used furniture. Available on the Nextdoor app now. Yes, it’s just as tacky as you can imagine.

  6. The myth that downtown is a financial asset. I’ve often wondered why they allow so many bars there. The place is a complete shit show every weekend. Is it even possible to get the bars out of there if they cost more revenue than they provide the city? PS I’m still bitter the Hub is gone at Slidebar is there.

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