Foto Fun Wednesday

It was like getting hit with a broomstick all over again…

There is an old axiom among you humans that birds of similar plumage tend to congregate. It seems to have a strong element of truth.

Here is a disturbing image of former Fullerton councilwoman Pame Keller, beneficiary of the scam called “Fullerton Collaborative,” posing with Paulette Marshall – confessed thief, perjurer, and shameless campaign laws violator.

Please provide a caption.

P.S. My inebriated former mistress used to walk me by the Chaffee place everyday and encouraged me to relieve my bowels in their driveway. Was that so very wrong?

9 Replies to “Foto Fun Wednesday”

  1. Good to see Pammy’s been working on her fashion sense. But how Paulette only has three polyester pansuits? I mean jeez, she’s got lots of money.

  2. Scamming Pammy. Standing proud with Paulette Chaffee Marshall, or is it Marshall Chaffee now? All this time she is also supposedly supporting Calhoun by standing way way way in the background of a group picture taken of Vicki and her volunteers. What a gal! More of a traitor than a friend or supporter.
    And Pammie, what is with those ankles?
    Paulette needs to go back to taking care of Dougies needs, I have heard the road to dementia is looming in front of him.

  3. FFF lawsuit progress going well i presume.. not sure the benifits are worth the prolonged battle

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