Your Water Rates are Going Up

Water Rate Increase June 2019

I’m not going to try and convince you that your water rates shouldn’t go up – that would be a futile effort at this point as too many of you are happy to rob your neighbors for things you think matter despite the costs and associated corruption.

I’m likewise not going to try and convince you of the malfeasance and incompetence of our city council as that too would waste my time on this lovely Taco Tuesday.

Instead I’ll simply point you to what happened the last time the city screwed the people of Fullerton on their water rates:

Ultimately the illegal water rates, along with the Kelly Thomas murder, helped fuel a recall.

Why mention these things? Because Jan Flory was on council when you were being robbed last time, as was Jesus Silva’s wife, Sharon Quirk-Silva. Jennifer Fitzgerald was the heir-apparent of the three recalled council members who were happily robbing us blind. Ahmad Zhara is on the water board (and Poseidon will rob you more when he supports that boondoggle). Bruce Whitaker is the only council member who will voice concern but that concern will likely go nowhere.

They deserve to be yelled at, mocked and ridiculed for their stupidity and corruption. Mercilessly.

Here’s the basic increase schedule. Enjoy. If you live in an older house with a slightly larger intake pipe prepare to eat an additional $182.76 next year (and more each subsequent year) because screw you.

Water Rate Increase June 2019 B

So tonight when staff and the council play the “we as a city NEED this money for rotting pipes” card you’ll know whom to laugh at profusely. The same jackasses that routinely steal your money to pad pensions and payroll for services which have been denied to you and your neighbors for literal generations.

This current water rate increase is another opportunity to raise your rates/taxes to pay for salaries and pensions to the people actively NOT FIXING the things you play them to fix. But this time they’ll fix it all, they promise. Or something. And if they muck it up again and just steal like normal oh well, the next crop of jackoffs in City Hall will wash their hands of the past and start the process of robbing you anew.

Congrats Fullerton, you’re about to get screwed again. You should be used to it by now.

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    1. *Those Wells in Bastanchury must be worth a mint today! Oh well, who needs that Desalination Plant in HB?
      As Butch and Sundance said: ‘I have vision and the rest of the world is wearing bi-focals!”

  1. Deadline on protests against rate increases is today. A written protest on the proposed rate increase must be received by no later than the close of the Public Hearing on June 4, 2019. The Public Hearing is scheduled to occur at 6:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as this matter can be heard, in the City Council Chamber located at City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832. The protest must be received prior to the close of the public hearing. Protests can be mailed, emailed, or personally delivered to the City as follows: By mail or hand-delivered: City of Fullerton Public Works. Attention: Meg McWade, City Hall. Re: Public Hearing on the Proposed Water Rate Increase. 303 W. Commonwealth Avenue. Fullerton, CA 92832

    email: Subject: Public Hearing on the Proposed Water Rate Increase. A valid protest must:

    1. State that the identified property owner or tenant is opposed to the proposed rate increase;
    2. Provide the location of the identified parcel (by assessor’s parcel number or street address); and
    3. Include the name and signature of the property owner or tenant submitting the protest.

    Note that each parcel may submit no more than one written protest per rate action. Protests received by telephone or social media sites, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or myFullerton, will NOT be accepted. All interested parties are invited to attend the Public Hearing and present written protests and/or written/oral comments on the proposed rate increases. However, oral comments at the Public Hearing will not qualify as a formal protest of the proposed rate action unless accompanied by a written protest setting forth the required information.


      So I need to give them my name, address and sign the thing (which all becomes public record) or they won’t accept it and my showing up IN PERSON doesn’t “count” as a protest.

      This city is hilarious.

    2. A written protest just goes nicely into the trash can. The only thing this city council understands is pain.

  2. Is this water raise to cover the 15% pay raise Fullerton PD is asking for under Chief Dunn? The City is already hurting for money, the roads are horrendous and never get fixed, FPD continues to have issues internally with officers making stupid decisions costing taxes payers money, I can go on! This City is not in the right state of mind to be giving employees raises when we can barely tread water.

    1. No, this going to backfill the money that was supposed to go for pipe repair but was instead diverted to payroll and pension benefits during the 00s., so that that money can continue to be used for pay and benefits. That’s completely different. I mean, at least until this money gets diverted for pay and benefits too and the next rate hike is earmarked for road repair, for realsies this time.

  3. Meanwhile, next door in Placentia, cost cutting vis a vis privatizing fire services. I wonder why they didn’t ‘partner’ with Fullerton (TIC)

  4. Basically the City of Fullerton is bending us all forward , giving it to us good, then emptying our wallets with a thank you kindly. Water pipes won’t be fixed, roads will continue to crumble to pieces , and the City in general just going to shit. Just another beautiful day in Fullerton.

        1. Hero crying cause someone with balls, who uses his own name, and calls a spade an spade. Now you FUCK OFF POS!

  5. Who cares, if we have money to pay.
    We live in Fullerton and we have money to pay.

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