Did Fullerton Police cut a deal with Kathryn Hamel?

We’ve been told that Kathryn Hamel was allowed to resign from FPD.

In exchange for her not suing for worker’s compensation the city dropped not one but two internal affairs investigations into her conduct.

Did her husband being the Irvine Police Chief play a role in this deal? Did FPD know that she was guilty and cut a deal anyways?

Time will tell as more details are uncovered.

*Update. This post originally stated she was allowed to retire, she was allowed to resign.

5 Replies to “Did Fullerton Police cut a deal with Kathryn Hamel?”

  1. Don’t be stupid, of course they got a deal. There DA, however, was not part of the deal and will likely get an indictment from OCGJ.

  2. There was a proposed “deal” discussed from the beginning of Hendrick’s short career as FPD Chief. Hughes knew it and the in-between interim chief knew it too. God help us all if the entire story ever came out. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Sex, Lies, and Retirement: FPD’s Culture of Dodging Responsibility.

  3. Great story to bad it’s real!
    Her last case before she was fired was her decision to arrest the police officer from another department on elder abuse…..when there was none…..and opened up the city to potential liability.

    Standard protocol in a case like that is that you run the case by the DA first to make sure everything is good to go before obtaining a warrant and making an arrest. Word is that when the case was run by the DA, the DA said there wasn’t enough evidence to file charges and she couldn’t get a warrant. She made the decision to arrest anyway. Right after the arrest the parents taken out of family care both died. Sad story under her watch!

    Thus the lawsuit. She is listed as one of the named defendants.

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