Jan Flory Talks About Sex and Water

Correct. We do not want you to discuss sexy issues.

Okay this post is not about Jan Flory discussing anything remotely “sexy” because the thought of that…well, never mind.

The post is about her latest Facebook scribblings in which she opines on a subject near and dear to the hearts of Fullerton reformers: the illegal 10% tax on your water that the City collected for the past 15 years. $27,000,000 worth.

First I’ll start by stating what you could have already guessed. Jan Flory does not want you to get a refund of the theft. In her world-order the taxpayers are meant to be milked, not refunded.

Her assertion that the collection was “illegal” the past three year is a bad lawyer’s half-truth that amounts to a bald-faced lie, of course. It has been illegal for 15 years, six of them on her watch as a council person. The City has a legal opinion that it is only obligated to refund three-year’s worth of the theft. Not the same thing, is it? Of course Mrs. Flory is desperate to disassociate her name with the tax. Too late. She is on record in the 90s as having known it was wrong and doing it anyway.

Mrs. Flory and her ilk love footling committees, especially when they are selected by ozone brains like Jone, Quirk, McKinley and Bankhead. Even better are the “consultants” selected by staff who give them their marching orders. The “report” cooked up by the water rate consultant was so evidently bogus that it hardly needs to be restated. But I will: their goal was to gin up as much phony cost as possible to keep the bureaucrats greedy little fingers on that 10%. Flory may think this gives her cover, and under the old Culture of Corruption it would have. Not any more.

The 10% was expressly collected  to cover specific City staff costs associated with the water utility. However, it turns out that those departments were already charging directly to the Water Fund. Which is why I am happy to refer to the tax as an illegal theft.

And another point: it’s real easy to say that the illegal tax should be refunded to the Water Fund for capital improvements. That’s convenient, but immoral. The tax that was collected had nothing to do with infrastructure. Nothing. True infrastructure costs should be rolled into an effective rate for water transmission, a correction of years of mismanagement by Mrs. Flory and her cohorts that still needs to be done. Confusing these two issues is simply a convenient way for the perpetrators to hide their crime and their dereliction.

Now, let’s address the issue of the reserve funds, a subject that Mrs. Flory wants people to believe she knows something about. There is no need to empty these accounts to pay refunds. No, indeed. I find it remarkably disingenuous for anybody to assert this, especially given just two of City manger Joe Felz’s most recent “cost saving” measures.

First there was the egregious relocation of former Redevelopment personnel into General Fund departments for which they had no apparent expertise. Most recently the City contracted out your graffiti removal services for $120,000. Yay! Big savings, right? Wrong. The city employees were simply reassigned to other  jobs in the Engineering Department that were vacant. Net cost savings? -$120,000.

The City just missed an opportunity to shave a million bucks off its payroll costs. Of course, my point is that the General Fund is far from depleted.

Finally, in closing, I would submit that Mrs. Flory knows more about witching hours than any of us. However, if she doesn’t like staying up that late every other Tuesday night, then she has no business on a city council. And it’s really too bad that the Council is scheduling special meetings to attend to the people’s business.

Mrs. Flory’s little rubber stamp has been put away and locked up.

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    1. Published: Nov. 17, 2010 Updated: 10:02 p.m.

      O.C. prosecutor criticized for courtroom conduct
      Mike Flory, a deputy district attorney, was chastised in six appeals decisions between 2001 and 2005, a study says.


      A veteran Orange County deputy district attorney has been criticized by appeals courts more than any other prosecutor in the state, a study found.
      Deputy District Attorney Mike Flory has been rebuked for his courtroom behavior in six opinions issued by the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana between 2001 and 2005. One case resulted in a reversal, while in another, the court directed its opinion to be forwarded to the California State Bar for review.
      —WOW I wonder what was passing through the placenta back in the day?

  1. Give the old grey mare a break, she was probably drunk when she wrote that or she is certifiably crazy … a crazy person never thinks they are crazy. Those are the only reasonable explanations I can think of for writing such BS. Or maybe it’s a creative writing piece?

    BTW- how old is Gin? 70’s+??

    Maybe Fluzy should have a talk with the DOC…..
    I consider anything she says, as just babble of a old hag.

    1. Sorry your wrong….I’m just a long time resident, who does not want the City to go backwards. You would be surprised to learn all residents that just read 4F and do not post. The neighborhood is really talking now, I was even surprised talking to my neighbors to find out, how many of them are reading the 4F, and my fellow co-workers that live in Fullerton.

      1. When I’m asked by my friends and neighbors about where to find out the source of the best stories in Fullerton, I use my four fingers on my hand to illustrate and recite that the first finger stands for “Friends”, second finger is “For”, third finger is “Fullerton’s” and the fourth finger is for “Future”.

        The thumb is then used for the “thumb’s up” if they repeat it back to me and get it right.

        1. Fullerton Lover :
          When I’m asked by my friends and neighbors about where to find out the source of the best stories in Fullerton, I use my four fingers on my hand to illustrate and recite that the first finger stands for “Friends”, second finger is “For”, third finger is “Fullerton’s” and the fourth finger is for “Future”.
          The thumb is then used for the “thumb’s up” if they repeat it back to me and get it right.

          Four fingers and a thumb up, that’s awesome, you rock Fullerton Lover! ! !

          1. Right – the cult. A “cult” of various individuals from various different persuasions whose only commonality is that they are concerned about local government in the town in which they live.

            If that’s a “cult” – we need a lot more cults.

            1. The truth is a powerful weapon and so is the light of day. Both of which are a nemesis to the blind which lead the blind.

            2. “We need a lot more cults.” Spoken like a true cultist!

              If you were ever, which I doubt, a “Real Liberal” you’re no longer one now, so don’t pat yourself on the back about “from various different persuasions.” What I’ve seen here is purges.

    2. Anonymous :
      I see Kiger and Whitacker have their 4F proxies working overtime on Flory again.

      I have never met either Kiger or Whitaker and trust me I am no fan of Whitaker. But I do know crazy when I see it, and Ms Flory strikes me as more thant a bit touched in the head since her only motivation is for revenge.

      my only claim to fame is being born at St Jude and living in Fullerton for 53 years. There isn’t a soul on this blog that even knows who I am, and if they met/saw me, they still wouldn’t know who I am.

      See…. as hard as it is to wrap your head around this idea…there are caring residents of Fullerton that have no connection to anyone, and their motivations for change are pure. I am sick and tired of this BS that has been going on for years…and Gin Flurry is a contributor(one of many) to the fall of Fullerton from my perspective. Puling back the curtain on the ol regime is exactly what this town needed, I don’t care if Tony did it or Bozo the Clown funded the effort, it is turning this ship around, and that is all I care about. And the fact that it is driving the other side crazy is just added schadenfreude for me.

      1. I agree with karma…some of us are tired of the old boy network which includes Ms.flory …and her sidekick bankhead. Please, if you have any sort of decency left do not vote for either of them.

    1. Please, I can’t take looking at that hollow-eyed rictus. Put up a picture of her dog’s ass instead, it would be a lot easier to look at!

      1. I think insulting her looks is a cheap shot, actually she’s kind of cute. Taking shots at her policies, beliefs, past performance, etc. is legitimate in politics, unfortunately. But taking cheap shots at her is wrong. I’m not great looking, and I’ll bet few of you cheap shot artists are either. Basically all I’m saying is play nice children.

        1. There are facial shots that highlight the best of someone’s features, and then there are …. well. The right side of the face is snarling, the left side side is passively calm. Cover each side one at a time and see for yourself! This woman has internal issues, fer shur!

          1. I agree. Busting on someone because of a bad photo or a authentically gnarly face isn’t exactly sporting. It’s fish in a barrel stuff, really; funny sometimes, but not very nice.

            Having said this, I still feel obliged and compelled to say something about this recent photo. I had exactly the same impression as Damnit Janet and I actually did the one-side-at-a-time experiment. There’s something weird going on here.

            It’s as if someone cut two apples apart and made one complete apple with non-matching sides.

            Try it for yourselves. Smile on the right side, sneer on the left. The eye on the right is significantly higher on the face than the eye on the left.

            I’m not bashing — listen, I’m as ugly as they come — but this photo is odd.

            1. Yep, her “young” photos are nice.

              This last photo made my eyes bleed.

              But remember, time is the fire in which we all burn.

              Our day is coming so be nice.

        2. OK, how about this “She sucks as a City representative, and should keep her nose out our business, because she doesn’t care about the City problems. And she is only running for City Council because she is out for revenge. That means she does not like Tony.” Is that better?

        1. Oh, I like that name!

          What “phony petitions”? I’m not currently involved in petition-signing at all. Last ones I did were, I think, Prop 30, marijuana legalization, and health insurance premium regulation.

  3. It seems an ordinance requiring candidates to use photos taken within the past year would quickly end the Flory campaign. Why do I have the feeling more than 10 years later we will see campaign brochures with photos of Mrs. Folry that predate her last campaign?

  4. Ms. Flory needs to realize that demanding truth in fees for services is not radical extremism. Refunding illegal taxes doesn’t make you a right-wing nut job. It just shows that your allegiances are to ratepayers, not to bureacratic self-perpetuation. Seems entirely reasonable and commonsensical to me.

      1. No, there’s a photo similar to this with a background when you Google. This photo on Google only shows up as being 3 hours old. If I’m wrong though, so be it.

    1. perhaps she is the ritual sacrifice? The other (non-incumbent) candidates haven’t said much; what happened at the candidates’ forum last week?

        1. Please listen to us.
          You must stop.
          Whoever is paying you to sit in the democrat office all day and night writing this crap needs to read your work.

          1. “Whoever is paying you to sit in the democrat office all day and night writing this crap needs to read your work.”………. Hmmmmm

            No democrat office for Golem!

            He is writing from his wife’s the bedroom or bathroom, I am not sure now.

    2. That’s all part of the plan. Make FFFF and Tony lose focus and then slide one right in your backdoor just how you like it. Back door entries. Ha

  5. If money was stolen via an illegal tax those who were victims of the theft have a right to reclaim their involuntary stolen contributions – just like with any other theft. If somebody broke into your home and stole your video recorder and later it was found – you have the right by law to reclaim that item. It should be NO DIFFERENT with money that was illegally confiscated from you by the government. One does not have to have a PhD in Ethics to understand this. As long as you completed kindergarten and know that it’s wrong to take things that aren’t yours – it’s an easy concept to grasp. The Fullerton taxpayers should be livid. And you should DEMAND that the city government return the stolen goods! And I applaud Mr. Kiger for bringing this subject up at the last meeting. He made it VERY clear that the water tax was theft. And he is the only council person that I have ever heard with big enough nads to make such a public comment. Mr. Kiger is working for you! Make sure you elect him for the second time in November!!!

    1. Right, it’s like having a thief break into your house (think Mejia or Major) and steal your stuff.

      Then Jan Flory comes along and says that you can’t get your stuff back because the City needs the money to overhaul the police station.

    2. Exactly! She’s on dope!!! Or, should be…. How ridiculously STUPID!!! Gee, the city forcibly stole funds from the taxpayers, the taxpayers want the money back. I wonder what we should do???? What moron can’t figure this out. The taxpayers should be refunded all the funds stolen from them PLUS INTEREST.

      Will this old bag not just go away???? OMG. She definitely shows that she’s NOT on the side of the people, and this should definitely help NOT re-elect her.

      1. They should just vote to refund every penny. I mean that’s what a smart person like these people would do with their main goal being to bankrupt the city and go Sheriffs. Simple.

        1. Refunding the stolen money will not bankrupt the city; however, perhaps moving to using the OCSD WILL save them a out $10m/year, so that should help replenish the stolen “water” funds….

        2. Why just 3 years worth? I agree every penny should be returned, to every property holder, whether still there or moved and to the estates of those who’ve passed away.

  6. “Then Jan Flory comes along and says that you can’t get your stuff back because the City needs the money to overhaul the police station”

    That Flory statement is about as stupid as someone saying that the home burglar get’s to keep the stolen video camera because he needs to feed his family.

    Flory is a complete imbecile. I watched her on tape at the Council meeting. She talks like she’s possessed. Like she’s not playing with a full deck. A real piece of work. If she were ever successful in gaining a seat Fullerton would take 3 steps backwards.

  7. If the three “bald tires” were removed from their lofty perches, does that make Flory just another retread?

  8. #17 by Greg Sebourn on August 7, 2011
    First step in helping the homeless: protecting them from police brutality.
    Second step: help out at a soup kitchen.
    Third step: help provide clothes and shelter.
    It’s not rocket science or politics; just the right thing to do.

    Irony Meter Needle Jumps Into Red
    Posted by Mr. Peabody in Dead heads, Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, Law ‘N Disorder, Patdown Pat McPension, Setting The Bar Low, Union Goons on August 7th, 2011


    1. #34 by FIRE THEM NOW on August 7, 2011
      In 2002, two Inglewood police were captured on video punching a developmentally disabled 16-year-old in the face and slamming him onto the hood of a patrol car. After two juries deadlocked in the criminal case, it was dropped. A civil jury later awarded the officers $2.4 million for being unfairly disciplined.

      1. Sounds like some folks on the jury were afraid to convict those thugs, and the civil jury was too afraid to say no!

      2. This is how Kiger and Whitaker will learn the hard way. They will step on their peepee’s and the cops will make millions this same way. Watch and see.

        1. We ARE watching. And we see what’s going on and who’s going to go — most likely you and your band of thugs.

  9. #32 by Greg Sebourn on August 7, 2011
    Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley need to do everyone a favor and actually retire…FOR GOOD. They can step down now or fight the citizens and their inevitable recall.

    1. #87 by Respect on August 7, 2011
      Comes down to the childhood basics. Respect the law, respect the cops, don’t talk shit to them, and don’t run from them. Then no one has any problems. Simple. I’ve never known one person that had a single issue with cops that didn’t do one of the above. It’s just a new era where everyone wants to push the limits, push the law, and push their rights. Cops don’t get paid to be disrespected and assaulted. Every one of us would do the same thing if someone did any of the above to us. Human nature. Look at reality.

      #88 by Mark Thompson on August 7, 2011
      Unadulterated horseshit. You work for us.

      BTW, respect is earned, not given. The ‘reality” is you have been given a free rein. But that’s over now, big boy. Suck it u

  10. I Read her post as, I want all that money in my friends and my pockets, what do you think, giving away the cities properties and assets, for mere bobbles and hidden favors isnt enough. We are much better than everybody else rules and laws dont apply to us.

  11. No chance the City will go bankrupt. All of our debt service is paid for by state (for the redevelopment and housing bonds), or the Water fund (reservior construction bonds). After paying the Verona slope judgement, and refunding the water franchise fees, there will still be plenty of income, just no savings account. But as the City loses more lawsuits, or settles out of court that money will be increasingly re-directed. Same with increasing pension, and benefit cost which will continue to rise, more money re-directed away from services. And what about the $200+ M infrastructure deficit? My street is turning to gravel already, with no rebuild in sight. Say goodbye to the Fullerton that was. Welcome to Garden Grove…..

  12. I guess Jan Flory must be a concern to the operators and friends of this blog. For that alone I will be offering my support to her since I don’t agree with much of what is written here as articles and comments.

    1. umm, ok…. what about the fact that she doesn’t want to return the funds stolen from the citizens in the form of “water tax?” would that do it for you???

    2. Why do you base your vote on what you read in a blog that is populated by likes of FFFF; or any blog for that matter?

  13. According to Ms. Flory actually giving back money illegally taken by the city from its citizens is not the right policy. I guess to Ms. Flory this refund sets a bad precedent.

    The next thing that might happen if you elect me this November, is a council that always stands up for the people of this city and not the special interests.

    I guess Ms. Flory would find that distasteful as well. After all she did vote to give all our safety workers a huge retroactive pension increase the last time she was on our council. I guess she only likes taking money from the taxpayer but not giving it back.

    I know when I am overcharged, I expect an honorable business, person or even the government to pay me back what I am owed. This sounds fair to me. How about the rest of the FFFF readers?

    By the way Ms. Flory, the consultant (MFSG) admitted to me at the AD Hoc Water Presentation that their report was based on what our city asked them to do. Namely, to find every last dollar that could possibly be associated with the Water Dept. in order to protect as much as possible the former 10% water fee.

    An objective study requires objective directions from the city.

  14. I’m happy to allow any Fullerton residents, including Jan Flory, refuse a refund so that the city can keep their money. Personally, I’d like what was stolen from me returned.

  15. I consider the money collected from the illegal 10% water tax to be money deposited into the reserve fund. This money could not be credited to any other account,legally.
    How much money $$$ does the city have in the embezzlement fund??? oh yeah, thats covered by insurance.
    Keep digging on those bond tranactions and see who got those referral fees and commissions!

  16. Don’t forget about me, I voted for that illegal tax for several years as well………..I’m also running for office in November…………..

  17. Well # 71, you certainly proved your worth at the last council meeting.

    You are hands down the best canidate to monitor the toaster in the teachers lounge this year.

    Has it occourred to anyone that if Sharron is a teacher, and they are so OVERWORKED and under paid, how does she have time to be the mayor too?

    I think she is working on her campaign on the CHILDRENS TIME!

  18. I don’t really know if Travis is sincere or not, I do believe he is a polarizing individual and very mean spirited. Why do most of the people who comment on this site act in such a base manner? I believe it’s because they are either sad, sick, or deranged. There are civil ways to project one’s thoughts and opinions, to attack is not the way to curry goodwill, promote progress, or educate. Think of a growling pit bull, it will have your attention but never your affection or support over time.

    1. I like the idea of a growling pit bull looking after the public’s business. Especially after the last crowd let the bad guys loot the place.

    2. To Pat Wilson:
      Your very post acts well to polarize. You call all posters without your viewpoint to be “either sad, sick or deranged.” Since I do not know you personally and you call me names, I find that I have now placed you as just another Troll. Too bad. I might have actually listened to your contributions.

    3. Dear Pat — you are definitely at ther wrong place for civil discourse. Welcome to the internet!

  19. Jan Flory immediately argues “the Tea Party Cabal” is composed of Fullerton city council memebers Kiger , Sebourn and Whitaker. Hoping to persuade the public with lies, Flory claims these three men want to return the 7.5 million dollars stolen from the good people of Fullerton by Flory et al because they conspire to promote their selfish interests to the detriment of Fullerton’s community.
    The truth is 7.5 million dollars was stolen from the good people of Fullerton using an illegal water tax that was approved and supported by Flory and her partners in crime, Jones, Bankhead and most recently McKinley.
    Flory deflects her culpability in this illegal tax by pointing the finger away from her and at Kiger, Sebourn and Whitaker .
    Without any proof to support her claim, Flory accuses Kiger, Sebourn and Whitaker of insidious evil because they support the rallying cry of the Tea Party, “no taxation without representation” and “cut taxes, not deals”.
    Falsely accusing Kiger, Sebourn and Whitaker of membership in an evil occult, the cabal, Flory hopes the public sees her as the opposite of these three current Fullerton city council members.
    If Kiger, Sebourn and Whitaker are evil, and Flory opposes these three, then she, Flory, must be good.
    Flory still insults the intelligence of the good people of Fullerton by promoting her grossly flawed logic as fact and assuming the good people of Fullerton are too stupid to see her deception .
    Flory’s above post on her facebook is significant because she reveals her desire to restore the old corrupt regime of Fullerton’s city council. The old regime, of which Flory is a member, was authoratative, self-serving and abused the community with illegal taxes, siphoned this water tax from maintenance of Fullerton’s water supply into bloated salaries and pensions for city of fullerton employees, misuse of redevelopment, eminent domain, favoritism towards developers and protected a police force notorious for abusing the civil rights of Fullerton’s community.
    Flory would better spend her time concocting charms to cast upon Fullerton’s community because her concoctions against Kiger, Sebourn and Whitaker are impotent.
    just my opinion

    1. Good analysis.

      What puzzles me the most is these individuals’ obsession with supposedly saving money (getting the checkpoint grant) while also being devoted to spending more money (no OCSD competitive bid) and at the same time hording money (no return of the illegal water tax).

      Actually all of these issues are about principle.
      DUI checkpoints are needlessly intrusive and should be banned for that reason.
      Illegally charging ratepayers is theft and stolen money should be returned.
      Getting a bid from OCSD makes economic sense, and possibly moral sense.

  20. I think the cops charged are going to do just fine with all their $$$$. Thanks to Ron Thomas and his demand that someone pay for KT’s demise. If RT had not been so demanding that somebody be blamed and that the cops be charged (falsely) there would be no issue of money to the cops and the city would be off the hook and the FPD would not be paying all the extra $$$$ for officers to stay home while receiving paychecks, for a year or more.

    Oh yeah… then Ron would not be able to get a paycheck for himself, I lost my head for a moment. What was I thinking?

    1. He lost his son, you are a total jackass. Do us all a favor and get lost will ya? You are a thug cop yourself or a sympathizer, either of which is a complete ZERO. Your thug buddies will hopefully do some serious time with the folks they have arrested in the past, and how lovely that will be for them. YOU are one of the reasons we don’t trust cops.

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