Joe’s Legacy

Enjoy as our Lobbyist-Mayor reads outgoing City Manager Joe Felz’s out-of-a can valediction.

Heartwarming, huh? There is no doubt Ms. Fitzgerald is sorry to see Joe go, but the reasons may have more to do with exercising authority in Fullerton than in any heartfelt sentiment. The important part of this speech, however, is in her description of Felz’s contributions to Fullerton and his legacy. These are important matters to Fitzgerald, as re-writing history always is to politicians.

Note how she credits Felz with bringing Chief Danny on board to “reform” the police department. And how he has masterfully handled the West Coyote Hills shambles, wherein a City government just gives its resident a big fuck you. Even his role in the everlasting Hillcrest Park embarrassment is embellished as some sort of grand victory.

Some people may be forgiven for refusing to accept this self-congratulatory nonsense as they address themselves to some obdurate facts. Such as refusing to reduce personnel, even as Redevelopment was shut down. For outsourcing graffiti removal but keeping the employees on the payroll. For four years of red ink baths to backfill an unbalanced budget. Hiring “Chief Danny?”  The man who denied the obvious Culture of Corruption in the FPD. The man who claims to have watched the Kelly Thomas video 400 times, and who let the goons who killed him compare notes and re-write their reports? The man who promoted the only target of the Gennaco report – Goodrich. The man who covered up Felz’s Wild Ride Home on his next to last day of work? Is this supposed to be some sort of sick joke?

And yet for us citizens, no word on what really happened in the early morning of November 9th 2016; no word on what sort of “ongoing criminal investigation” is being pursued, if any; no word on what, if anything the DA has been asked to review.

Well, don’t worry Friends. We will be pursuing the details of Felz’s departure to see what sort of specifics may have been memorialized. And we will not give up getting those cop video records of the night when our former City Manager drove off the road, tried to get away from the scene of an accident, was stopped by the cops, and then given both a pass and a free ride home.


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  1. Just how old is this Felz dude? So old that he needs to “retire” and “spend more time with his family as his children are entering high school?” Unbelievable. These people come from a far and distant universe.

    1. Jennifer is just as rotten and corrupt as Felz.

      Her ability to exert control was dependent on Felz rolling over and letting her do whatever she wanted.

  2. “…we will not give up getting those cop video records of the night when our former City Manager drove off the road, tried to get away from the scene of an accident, was stopped by the cops, and then given both a pass and a free ride home.” And put him in his bed, with his favorite blankie…

  3. Is it just me, or were those council members straining to pretend that Felz didn’t leave because of a huge ongoing scandal? How far can they disconnect themselves from reality?

  4. Tears……..police reform…….Hiring Danny Hughes……..and the list goes on…..what insight to the blind eye these clowncil members have for the management and operations of the the City of Fullerton.

  5. I love how Jennifer (and Flory and Chaffee, too) acted as if First Night, the Farmer’s Market, the Sports Complex, the acquisition of parts of Coyote Hills, etc, etc, never would have happened without Joe Felz. Give me a break.

    Those things were the result of community ideas, and, in some cases, YEARS of community pressure. This was not spontaneous brilliance on Joe’s part.

    1. I’m not familiar with Coyote Hills. Wasn’t the land purchased from the city by the oil company subsidiary ?Is the city wanting to buy it now to stop development?

  6. Hughes is gone, Felz is gone….that leaves Lt. Goodrich and Sgt. Corbett. anyone who cares about the City of Fullerton should file a Personnel Complaint regarding the conduct of these current city employees. As per FPD policy, as a complaining person you are required to receive notice of the disposition of your complaint. I have included a list of FPD policy violations which occurred during the handling of the Felz crash and cover-up.

    Personnel complaints consist of any allegation of misconduct or improper job performance
    against any department employee that, if true, would constitute a violation of department
    policy, federal, state or local law.

    (a) A department employee becoming aware of alleged misconduct shall immediately
    notify a supervisor.
    (b) A supervisor receiving a complaint from any source alleging misconduct of an
    employee which, if true, could result in disciplinary action.
    (c) Anonymous complaints and third party complaints should be accepted and
    investigated to the extent that sufficient information is provided
    FPD Policy Violations:
    340.3.5 PERFORMANCE
    (c) Unsatisfactory work performance, including but not limited to, failure, incompetence,
    inefficiency or delay in performing and/or carrying out proper orders, work
    assignments or instructions of supervisors without a reasonable and bona fide
    1. Should such order conflict with any general or special order, provision of the
    manual, or previous order from another supervisor, the employee shall promptly
    and respectfully call attention to such conflict for the benefit of the supervisor(s)
    involved. If the supervisor does not change his/her order to avoid or eliminate
    the conflict, the last order given shall stand. The employee may demand the
    order in writing during non-emergency situations, and the employee involved
    will not be held in any way responsible for disobedience to the previous order(s).
    (d) Concealing, attempting to conceal, removing, or destroying defective or incompetent
    (f) The wrongful or unlawful exercise of authority on the part of any employee for
    malicious purpose, personal gain, willful deceit or any other improper purpose.
    (i) The falsification of any work-related records, the making of misleading entries or
    statements with the intent to deceive, or the willful and unauthorized destruction
    and/or mutilation of any department record, book, paper or document.
    (n) Criminal, dishonest, infamous or disgraceful conduct adversely affecting the
    employee/employer relationship, whether on or off duty.
    (o) Failure to disclose, or misrepresenting material facts, or the making of any false or
    misleading statement on any application, examination form, or other official document,
    report or form, or during the course of any work-related investigation.
    (p) Failure to take reasonable action while on-duty and when required by law, statute,
    resolution or approved department practices or procedures
    (t) Exceeding lawful peace officer powers by unreasonable, unlawful or excessive
    (y) Violating any misdemeanor or felony statute. (failing to collect evidence the blood alcohol content of Felz is in this case is destruction of evidence).
    (ac) Employees shall not engage in any activities or personal business which would cause
    them to neglect or be inattentive to their duties.

    (a) Failure of a supervisor to take appropriate action to ensure that employees adhere to
    the policies and procedures of this department and the actions of all personnel comply
    with all laws
    (b) Failure of a supervisor to timely report known misconduct of an employee to his or her
    immediate supervisor or to document such misconduct appropriately or as required
    by policy
    (c) The unequal or disparate exercise of authority on the part of a supervisor toward any
    employee for malicious or other improper purpose

    Within 30 days of the final review by the Chief of Police, written notice of the findings shall
    be sent to the complaining party. This notice shall indicate the findings, however, will not
    disclose the amount of discipline, if any imposed.
    Any complaining party who is not satisfied with the findings of the Department concerning
    their complaint may contact the Chief of Police to discuss the matter further

  7. What is wrong with everyone? No one said boo about all the horrible crap Floozy voted for or Fitzy too? Her term was a shambles for Fullerton. They wouldnt let us sit in the front 4 rows for what? Nobody showed up. I sat there and waited for people to go up and speak some truth to power last night. Not one person had the decency to get off theirs and call it? No one. I was looking right at Whitaker and he looked like he was ready to start speaking a couple of times and he kept changing his mind. What a chicken. Where the heck was that nutter Imbriano last night when you needed him? I would have paid to see him go at it on these jokers in front of all these lickers that were standing and sitting all around me. I almost threw up over this humongous butt kissing fest. Good thing I didn’t because Sharon Quirk Silva was standing right next to me. Anybody else notice why there were so many cops in the room? I still cannot believe what kind of people we have running the city now. Nothing is surpising me anymore. I dont know what is worse now with Silva or Flory before becuase Silva has to vote dem party line with his boss in the capital now.

    1. Silva will be better than Flory because he can’t be any worse. What Flory is pleased to call her mind is and always was, closed. Completely. No light ever got in. No fresh air. Sealed like Lenin’s tomb.

      But Silva is a public employee union guy so there’s a lot of truth to your comment.

    2. They had their families there. Hard to call someone a manipulative liar in front of their families. The worst was Fitzgerald telling her two boys ‘Mommy is doing this to set an example for you ‘. She is manipulative to the core. Had to suppress the urge to scream. Guess she is setting an example for her boys–use people anyway you can.

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    It wasn’t a meeting about the issues. You know how these events are….Who had good words for Flory? The Chamber of Commerce and the CSUF guy. Only one or two residents spoke to praise her. The rest of our neighbors were absent or silent. Silence is a way to speak too. …And the colleagues have to be diplomatic among them. What else? That Flory’s husband is intimidated by the strong woman she is ,and lets her do anything she wants with plenty of space? That Fitzgerald Jr earns some votes for her mamma because some irresponsible people vote “on a cute pie” basis? Everything said and done-and a dead body doesn’t come back to life at a funeral….

  9. “I can’t thank him enough for his decades of hard work in the city,” Councilman Greg Sebourn said.

    Um, anyone else?

    1. Sebourn wants to get along with the very people who have been working to get rid of him for four years. You have to wonder about his level of intelligence – or his desire to go along to get along.

  10. You are missing the point. I was retiring in January anyways. They just upped my severance package for a few months and now I get my maxed out pension and also my $150,000 check for my remaining time on the books. Plus I get to save the vacation I was going to use over the Holidays. Win win for all!! Well, kinda.

    i’ve enjoyed my time here. Anyone know what my pension is now that I’m leaving? Someone told me I’ll make more in retirement than I did working here. That’s awesome!

    1. Ha,ha. You are a genius, Joe. Maybe in two years if you get kinda’ of boring between cocktails, you could do some consulting work for the city.

    2. Felz has been using up his PTO since early November and his severance only applies if he’s terminated by the city. It’s right there in the contract. Wow, you are a dipshit.

      1. I get full retirement at 95%. I get $150,000 check for my time on the books. Does it get any better? I didn’t get terminated moron. I retired.

  11. $150kfor early retirement. Once his hangover is gone he’lll do consulting. Say total $250k/month. I heard the guy has tons of assets. He’ll be ok. Cheers

    1. Consulting? On what? How to fuck up your downtown? How to dodge a DUI. What a skill set. Might almost be a cop!
      But hey! It’s all good lol.

      1. You would be surprised the consulting jobs people like me get. Interm city manager jobs too. I’m set for life. Thanks Fullerton!

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