Inside Source: Felz is Out

Auld lang syne…

One of our well-placed sources in the City administration has informed us that on-leave City Manager, Joe Felz will be quitting permanently soon, even as conversations now spin around who will replace Felz. Is this true? It has the ring of truth to it.

Speaking of spinning, Felz spun off the Glenwood Avenue in the early morning hours of November 9th, ran over a tree and tried to drive away. The cops on hand smelled alcohol but for reasons that have not yet been revealed, administered no breathalyzer test and instead drove Felz home.

The voice wasn’t soothing, but the words weren’t clear.

The City Attorney has been trying to protect Felz with illegal bogus claims of “personnel matters,” so that excuse would soon be gone if Felz flees the scene. Then there’s the matter of the rather bizarre “ongoing criminal investigation,” that some folks reasonably think is nothing but another dodge to avoid releasing incriminating video and audio records that were made when the cops arrived at the crash scene. No one has even bothered to explain to the public what possible crimes were committed, or who may have committed them. And of course our City Council members have not expressed any curiosity about that, either. Sooner or later our mush-mouth City Attorney is going to have to admit a big problem with his “criminal investigation” yarn, to wit: nobody was arrested that night. No evidence of drunk driving was collected. We don’t even know if a citation was issued.

When Felz goes, he will save the the taxpayers the cost of that so-called “independent person investigation” that the City Attorney thoughtfully cooked up to stall and obfuscate the matter. If so, it will be the one and only time Felz ever saved the taxpayers anything, and that going out the door.

Of course the open question is this: what sort of windfall will be offered by our ever-helpful council to grease the skids of Felz’s departure? If he quits he won’t get his guaranteed payola, but the circumstances of his Wild Ride may make that a moot point.

Whatever happens, rest assured, we will told as little as possible, as late as possible.

31 Replies to “Inside Source: Felz is Out”

  1. Fitzgerald loses her council majority and her slithering city manager all on the same election night. Bad evening all the way around for Curt Pringle and Associates.

  2. Our council seems content to do nothing and let the problem work itself out. Every once in a while, it works.

    1. No, it hasn’t worked. Felz is going to get away with committing a dangerous crime and covering it up. The FPD is going to get away with the corrupt act of letting him go. Chief Hughes is going to get away with looking the other way.

  3. The names for the city manager job are no doubt being circulated by Jones himself. Right now he is on extremely thin ice and may well need a friend to keep his super-sweet gig.

    He should have been gotten rid of in 2012. Oh, well. Never too late to be smart.

    1. “he is on extremely thin ice”

      Yeah right. The council has no chief and no manager to guide them. Jones is the “steady hand at the helm” that they need right now. Scary.

  4. “he will save the the taxpayers the cost of that so-called “independent person investigation” that the City Attorney thoughtfully cooked up to stall and obfuscate the matter. ”

    I forgot about that. It’s been a month. Has Jones found the right “independent person” yet? Has the investigation begun? What the hell is going on?

      1. There was an eyewitness. Police arrived at the scene. Not charges pressed =corrupt police & /or D.A. City Attorney’s law bologna = hiding, differential treatment

        1. No DUI. No evidence.

          Leaving scene of an accident? Maybe. But the fact that the cops on the scene chose not to arrested him right then and there means no case.

          1. Exactly! At the very same time alcohol loaded J. Felz made clear to officers who he was, a simple peremptory DUI departured to nowhere. Cut off from the onset. Bravo FPD!

  5. Felz is a classic example of the “Peter Principle,” the advancement of an individual until he gets to a job he can’t do.

    1. Maybe, but I bet you could find people willing to swear that he was a rotten parks director, too. The Brea Dam situation suggests that Felz was in over his head doing anything but passing out volleyballs at the rec center.

      Felz was the sole creation of Shawn Nelson who is not known for his judgment when it comes to promoting competent people.

  6. Its official. Joe will be spending time for his family. Mayor Fitzgerald praised his performance. Sappy could not be reached for comment.

    1. Wow, that’s great. I think a high visibility video loop of that admission is in order – for the Lobbyist’s move up the ladder.

      1. Some already know. It’s like with the general elections in the past when the same big donor gave money to the two parties.

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