Pringle and Fitzgerald
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Fitzgerald Targeted Restaurant D’Vine

While it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody paying attention that the government, at all levels, only works for those who are well connected and make the correct donations. Usually proving this truism is often difficult but we came across an example here in Fullerton that seemed noteworthy. It appears that Mayor Pro-Tem, and […]

Chief Hamel and Wife
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A Hamel Timeline and Conflict Problem

Was Kathryn Hamel’s Settlement Agreement, to bypass disclosure laws, the byproduct or possibly even the direct result of inter-departmental nepotism and favoritism? The following email shows that the Internal Affairs investigation into Lieutenant Katheryn Hamel started on or around August 02, 2018. This smells of a conflict considering the date of that fateful Lady Antebellum […]

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What Happened to School Resource Officer Jose Paez

Something untoward may have been happening at Fullerton High School and the entire community appears to have been once again kept in the dark.  Your children may have had their privacy invaded & may be the victims of somebody they were told to trust. We’ve received what looks like part of a Body Worn Camera […]