Another Fabulous “First Five” F-up

FFFF has documented how the Orange County version of Meathead Rob Reiner’s First Five Commission known as “The OC Children and Families Commission” has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past several years on PR and lobbying contracts to political operatives. We have shared how the Riverside County chapter of the Tax and […]

Pacific Strategies – Normally Loquacious Hugh Hewitt Needs, Gets Help Organizing Thoughts

UPDATE: Gustavo Arellano has weighed in over at the OC Weekly. Here’s a compilation of  invoiced time Matthew J. Cunningham spent ghost writing for the supposed conservative Hugh Hewitt,who is a proud member of Rob Reiner’s Children and Families Commission. Hewitt is Cunningham’s blog mentor who encouraged him to start what is today called “Red […]

Just Like We Thought

Now that the rodents are leaping off the sinking SS Sidhu, word is starting to leak out from former crew members that the non-paid “volunteer” John Lewis, was neck deep in the Sidhu scampaign for county supervisor in a district in which he doesn’t live. In fact, that way we hear it, The Lewis Group, […]

And Now For Some Real Comic Relief

The Voice of OCEA, Norberto Santa penned this gem yesterday about a gathering of useless RINOs, government parasites and supposed “insiders.” The thrust of the story is that these creeps predicted a Sidhu victory. Why? Just check out this image borrowed from The Voice of OCEA site: Yep, there’s the useless pension spiker Bill Campbell […]


While several county departments have to endure furloughs and layoffs, “Manager of the Year” Tom Daly seems to be on a mission to continue to waste public money the taxpayers be damned. We recently learned that a remodeling project for a “marriage ceremony and passport application acceptance room” is near completion. The cost to tax-payers: […]

The Joke’s On You!

I got an e-mail today from a friend of mine from Anaheim who isn’t all that politically active, but who saw the 4th District Supervisor WAND forum and has seen the videos of Hide and Seek Sidhu on our website. Shock and dismay would be two good words to describe this woman’s impression of Sidhu. […]

When Harry Met Jennifer

Those rascals in the white van have done it again. After a night of hard binge drinking that included shots of denatured alcohol and grapefruit juice, the FFFF Surveillance Unit sprang into action and arrived outside the State College/Katella Denny’s in time to capture part of the conversation between Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu and […]

Gordo Gets Greedy

Andy Warhol once famously said that everybody gets 15 minutes of fame. Apparently Thomas Gordon got his when he popped up on the Red County blog a couple of months ago with a semi-literate attack on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson. Gordon is a low-grade goon from Santa Ana who is evidently acting as some sort of […]

John and Ken, Meet Matthew Cunningham

Last Friday afternoon KFI’s John and Ken got hold of our post on the subject, and shared with their listeners the amusing notion that Matthew J. Cunningham of Red County fame actually got paid $200 an hour to listen to their show one day last year. Here’s what they had to say. More publicity for […]

Another “Grover Cleveland?”

Apparently some Sidhu-supporting John Lewis tool calling himself “Grover Cleveland” has misappropriated my name and is making anti-Nelson squawkings over at the Mauve County blog that seems to have become a haven for the semi-literate backers and hackers of Hide and Seek Sidhu. This is an imposter, make no mistake about it. Grover Cleveland was […]

Sidhu on Defined Benefits

Just in case you missed the recent OCGOP showdown between Shawn Nelson and carpetbagger Harry Sidhu, we generously share a video clip showing Sidhu trying to to talk about defined contributions versus defined benefits. Since this is the major problem contributing to government unfunded liabilities you would think a competent supervisorial candidate would be all […]